Goodbye, Micromanagement! Hello ‘Ownership Culture!’

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One common explanation is the prevalence of micromanagement. Abound in today’s organizations, micromanagement – when pushed in aggressively - can be quite counterproductive. It may be tempting to deny but the cost of micromanagement is rarely noticed by micromanagers. Above all else, the negative effects of micromanagement do not only diminish productivity on a short-term; the effect can be sadly prolonged when employees lose faith in the company.

To Avoid Micromanagement, Minimize Unnecessary Rules and Excessive Controls

Michael Lee Stallard

A leader who micromanages his people will not engage or energize them. Micromanaged employees are more likely to feel disconnected because it is a universal human need to have a reasonable degree of autonomy or freedom to do our work. Example of a Micromanager in Action.

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How to Stop Micromanaging Your Team

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Micromanaging is a hard habit to break. If you’re the kind of boss who lasers in on details, prefers to be cc’ed on emails, and is rarely satisfied with your team’s work, then—there’s no kind way to say this— you’re a micromanager.

If You're Not Micromanaging, You're Not Leading

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The executive responsible for the deliverable (but not the software engineering itself) felt something amiss. Is this micromanagement? There's both a cultural and personal difference between this kind of micromanagement and being a control freak. The best micromanagers (like Dimon) go to the source, so they can see, listen, and understand better; the control freaks do it to remind people that they run the whole show.

Do You Make These 3 Delegation Mistakes?

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Here are a few examples: We need a new product prototype that meets these engineering specifications…. Don’t delegate the process – that’s micromanaging or training. What You Already Know. If you’ve been leading for any length of time, you know you should delegate.

Coach those who want to help themselves


Your rational brain whispers “But the sales……are up” Scenario 2: You have a brilliant engineer on your team that you’ve recently promoted into management. And her direct reports are close to mutiny with the way she micromanages their work. Do one of the following scenarios hit close to home for you? Scenario 1: You’ve been watching one of your regional managers closely for some time, and gosh, can he ever generate sales.

How Inspiring Identity Fuels Team Performance

Michael Lee Stallard

Feynman asked Robert Oppenheimer, the technical leader of the scientists and engineers working on the project, to let him inform the technicians about the project’s purpose. To Avoid Micromanagement, Minimize Unnecessary Rules and Excessive Controls.

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3 Valuable Insights Leaders Can Learn From Neuroscience

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Because micromanagement, the opposite of autonomy and the default behavior for many managers, puts people in a threatened state. He has experience working in financial services, energy, engineered products and services, and consumer goods.

Managing Remote Employees: Lessons Ancient Rome and Today

Great Leadership By Dan

Search Engine Optimization Specialist. Great employees don’t need to be babysat, monitored, checked on, micromanaged, and shouldn’t need to fill out daily and weekly activity reports. The Colosseum. ?This

Taking Your Business Forward: The Best Practices To Follow

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You could keep up to date with industry updates by following the mega publications like Search Engine Land , Search Engine Watch or the smaller, more actionable update blogs, such as local SEO specialist Jon Monk’s Max Your Web.

Instead of looking for the Problems. Start looking for the Exceptions

Mike Cardus

Or, “The engineers are always so smug and condescending to us; don’t they understand the pressure we are under!?” This is an edited repost of an idea I shared earlier.

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Leadership Development Carnival: June 2014 Edition


Karin Hurt of Let’s Grow Leaders says, “ Micromanaging is a dysfunctional behavior that most leaders fall into from time to time. and presents her post “ The Insiders Guide to Micromanagement ”. ( @LetsGrowLeaders ). Namaste!

Intellect…an Asset or Liability? | N2Growth Blog

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Always appreciate your insights Peter… [link] mikemyatt Hi Elliot: The four items mentioned in your list regrettably happen to exist in many domains far beyond the engineering field.

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Within Work Nothing Happens All The Time, There Are Exceptions

Mike Cardus

OR “The engineers are always so smug and condescending with the sales team, don’t they understand the pressure we are under!?” There is a false-belief that the actions and behaviors we are seeing in the present have always happened. This brings us into a problem-focus.

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Research: When Employees Work on Multiple Teams, Good Bosses Can Have Ripple Effects

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high empowering leadership) or 2) micromanaging the employee and never asking for advice or input (i.e., Worse, what if some of them tend to micromanage their direct reports? Charlie Cordier/Getty Images.

When a Leader Is Causing Conflict, Start by Asking Why

Harvard Business Review

Despite his challenges, all of which hadn’t improved much despite several previous coaching interventions, the company hadn’t fired him because he was considered one of the industry’s most brilliant engineers, responsible for several of the firm’s most profitable patents.

Why Agile Goes Awry — and How to Fix It

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These companies have become agile in name only, as the process they’ve put in place often ends up hurting engineering motivation and productivity. These requirements were put into a ticket queue as tasks for the next available engineer to start working on.

How to Know If Someone Is Ready to Be a Manager

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Micromanaging in a way that doesn’t allow team members to expand their own capabilities. When you’re hiring a new manager, the stakes are high.

In Praise of Peacocks, Nerds, Dorks & Dweebs | You're Not the Boss.

You're Not the Boss of Me

Our brains are difference engines, trained to find and deal with patterns and their disruption. Those jobs I found myself micromanaged nearly all the time, but I feel more productive and creative now than ever before.

Research: We Are Way Harder on Female Leaders Who Make Bad Calls

Harvard Business Review

Brescoll and her team looked at two other traditionally male jobs with considerable power – the CEO of an engineering firm and the chief judge of a state supreme court. Tech CEO Marissa Mayer and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have it tough right now.

The Promise of a Truly Entrepreneurial Society

Harvard Business Review

Large corporations are devoting serious attention to becoming “ambidextrous,” combining robust exploitation capabilities for existing businesses with new exploration-driven business engines inside and outside their organization. laura schneider FOR HBR.

Why Being a Middle Manager Is So Exhausting

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Don’t micromanage your middle managers. Google infamously tried to eliminate their engineering managers only to learn that managers mattered — a lot. There is no shortage of advice for how to navigate power dynamics within organizations — from managing toxic or exceptionally gifted subordinates to dealing with unpredictable and narcissistic bosses.

The Mistakes PE Firms Make When They Pick CEOs for Portfolio Companies

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He was very smart and polished but didn’t see how his pointed words and micromanaging ways were affecting his management team. After making numerous changes in the way the company was led (including shifting from an engineer-driven to a professionally managed organization and replacing some members of the top team), Hall learned after his first six months on the job not to run roughshod over his direct reports. But that set off the field engineers’ alarm bells.

5 Basic Needs of Virtual Workforces

Harvard Business Review

You don’t have to micromanage them, just provide clear, high-level direction. As David Fullerton, VP of Engineering at StackExchange, writes , “There’s no halfsies in a distributed team.

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The Tangled Web of Net Neutrality and Regulation

Harvard Business Review

Even the term “net neutrality” was coined not by an engineer but by a legal academic, in 2003. Then there are the businesses in the internet ecosystem, often unhelpfully divided into “edge providers,” such as Google, Facebook, and Netflix, and “infrastructure” providers, including engineering groups, ISPs, and companies that support the backbone of the internet. Net neutrality is a basic, but notoriously squishy, principle.

Dealing with a Bad Boss

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Bad bosses come in all shapes and sizes: abrasive and insensitive, indecisive, inconsistent and unfair, the micromanager who stifles your ability to perform and grow, and "matador managers" adept at sidestepping every tough issue that comes their way. Clearly, however, these tactics aren't foolproof — and in some cases you may need to try to engineer a move to a new position within your organization. It's often said there's nothing certain in life except death and taxes.

A Short History of Radio Explains the iPhone’s Success

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Engineers gave it rave reviews, and investors were lined up. He then maneuvered nerdy engineers to build his sexy devices. “Interference” need not require micromanagement of devices, networks, or applications. When regulators micromanaged markets, blocking such interference was the goal. The iPhone roared into the marketplace 10 years ago today, and overwhelmed the wireless world. The smartphone’s iconic social significance has been duly noted.

The Downside of the FCC’s New Internet Privacy Rules

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ISPs will instead be subject to the FCC’s more formal micromanagement; what former FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell refers to as the “mother may I” approach to regulation. BANKSY. There may soon be a new cop on the privacy beat — the Federal Communications Commission.

How Spotify Balances Employee Autonomy and Accountability

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At their best, companies realize that not everything is easily measurable, or should be measured, and that constant temperature taking and micromanagement are inefficient and demoralizing. Culture plays a big role in keeping the innovation engine firing on all cylinders. Autonomy may be the single most important element for creating engagement in a company. How can anyone feel engaged, let alone inspired , if she feels that some supervisor is always looking over her shoulder?

Is Your Sales Organization Good or Great?

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In addition, the senior leadership team typically does not micromanage their sales teams below. The sales organization tends to blame the other areas of the organization (engineering, marketing, support, etc.) What separates great from good sales organizations? After working with over two-hundred different companies, the evidence suggests that the best business-to-business sales organizations share specific patterns of organizational structure and behavior.