What can you do with a software engineering degree?

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First, let’s talk about software engineering. The main objective of studying this career is to know the tools, techniques, and methods to develop quality software and solve all the problems that arise during its development. Software and systems engineering.

6 Ways Entry-Level Engineers Can Get an Employer’s Attention

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You are about to graduate with that coveted engineering degree. Referrals and professional networks are 1st and 3rd in order of what CEOs consider sources of quality. If you met an engineer or other tech staff member from that company at a seminar, conference or other event, namedrop that in your letter. Practices for Professionals Talent Management career cover letter engineer engineering Radu Reit resume strategydriven

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Complexity and Quality: Using the most appropriate problem-solving process

Mike Cardus

Complexity and Quality: Using the most appropriate problem-solving process from Mike Cardus. From the interactive workshop I received a nice email from one of the quality engineers in the audience: I was at the Buffalo ASQ Meeting last night.

6 Qualities of a Good Boss

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If you are concerned about whether your employees view you as a good boss, here are some useful qualities that you should aim to work towards. It is easy to distinguish what makes a bad boss, but describing what makes a good one can be difficult, with many bosses being mediocre.

Impact of Process Tampering on Variation (Experiment), presented at Engineering Education Conference

Deming Institute

Guest post by Mustafa Shraim , ASQ Fellow and Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering Technology and Management, Ohio University. The aim of the experiment was to introduce the concept of tampering to engineering students at the undergraduate level.

Fueling Their 5-Stroke Engine: How to Win Lovers and Influence Co-workers

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Cars have a four-stroke (or “four-cylinder”) engine, and lawn mowers have a two-stroke engine. But did you know that people have a five-stroke engine? “It I like to think in terms of a five-stroke engine that needs to be fueled, because it’s not just about love.

Deming Podcast with Scott Dalgleish, CEO at Phase IV Engineering

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Scott Dalgleish is the CEO at Phase IV Engineering. Scott first encountered Deming’s ideas while an engineer at Proctor & Gamble in 1986. Phase IV Engineering’s quality policy: We Care. What engineering projects do you have going on at home right now.

Deming Lecture by Dr. Jeff Wu on Quality Improvement from Autos to Nanotechnology

Deming Institute

Deming Lecture at the 2012 ASA Joint – Quality Improvement: From Autos and Chips to Nano and Bio” by Jeff Wu, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Four Factors for the 21st Century

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A volatile environment requires some very specific qualities from the coworker who wants to be sustainably employed. Not only because knowledge on any subject is much easier to come by (think of using your favorite search-engine on the internet, for example), but also because the knowledge base is ever expanding and changing. Your coworker of the future needs the following four qualities for sustainability: Analytical capacities.

Restaurant Week (An elementary look at quality culture fundamentals)

Deming Institute

Guest post by David Kachoui (previously published in Quality Progress, August 2014): Director of Business Development at Natech Plastics. Edwards Deming, the father of the quality movement, defined quality as “pride in workmanship.”

Rethinking Statistics for Quality Control with George Box

Deming Institute

George Box shared a presentation on Rethinking Statistics for Quality Control at our 2008 Deming Institute Conference in Madison, Wisconsin. Guest post by John Hunter , author of the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog (since 2004).

The Subtle Stressors Making Women Want to Leave Engineering

Harvard Business Review

Female retention in engineering remains a persistent problem. To build a deeper understanding of these experiences and how women deal with them, we interviewed and surveyed more than 330 engineers in the U.S. (43% Our interviews with male engineers confirm these beliefs.

3 Ways to Boost Your Company’s SEO Ranking

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When your company succeeds in building an efficient website, you may still feel the strain of having too few visitors to your website, with your website appearing low down on search engine rankings. So, you have a great company, with an even better product.

Digital Marketing Tactics You Must Avoid

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The intended purpose of this is to boost one’s search engine rankings. Focus on quality over qu. Online Marketing and Website Development business management Digital Marketing Tips search engine optimization seo strategydriven

Why SEO Is The Driving Force For Your Business

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Good SEO will help you gain high-quality traffic to your website. Online Marketing and Website Development business management digital marketing Keyword Research search engine optimization strategydriven

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What Engineering a Reverse Innovation Looks Like

Harvard Business Review

For example, clean cookstoves, many versions of which have been designed for developing countries to reduce harmful emissions from the combustion of biofuels, have had questionable impact on the quality of life for many users. Engineers are very good at solving problems they know are problems.

Simple SEO Strategies for Growing Your Business

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That is why we prepared some tips regarding the whole process of search engine optimization, both what to and what not to do in order to grow your business! A few years back, search engine optimization was almost synonymous to keywords. Focus on your links’ quality, not quantity!

Here’s Why Your SEO Strategy Isn’t Working

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For this reason, it is very important to keep on track of Google’s and other search engines guidelines. Yes, the quality and ‘technical’ backdrop of your website actually have a big impact on your SEO and subsequent rankings.

Can You Manage Your Website’s SEO Strategy?

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Whether you choose to build your own site or employ a specialist to do it for you, all your efforts will be in vain if you don’t get your website to the top of the search engine rankings. This is a fundamental requirement, and algorithms place significant weight on the quality of your content.

Bell Labs Designing a New Phone System Using Idealized Design

Curious Cat

I remember hearing this same story when Russ Ackoff spoke at the Hunter Conference on Quality (which was named in honor of my father ) in Madison, Wisconsin. Innovation Management Process improvement Systems thinking Ackoff case study engineering webcast

How the Imagined “Rationality” of Engineering Is Hurting Diversity — and Engineering

Harvard Business Review

Just how common are the views on gender espoused in the memo that former Google engineer James Damore was recently fired for distributing on an internal company message board? Research we’ve conducted shows that while most people don’t share Damore’s views, male engineers are more likely to. ” Students are taught engineering purity, Cech found , so their commitment to public welfare declines significantly over the course of their engineering education.

VW’s Problem Is Bad Management, Not Rogue Engineers

Harvard Business Review

“This was a couple of rogue software engineers who put this in for whatever reason.” Put aside for the moment what this testimony implies about the auto giant’s purported culture of engineering excellence.

Great Digital Companies Build Great Recommendation Engines

Harvard Business Review

Recommendation engines (or recommenders ) force organizations to fundamentally rethink how to get greater value from their data while creating greater value for their customers. “Build real recommendation engines fast” is my mission-critical recommendation to companies aspiring — or struggling — to creatively cross the digital divide. Laura Schneider for HBR.

How Systems Engineering Can Help Fix Health Care

Harvard Business Review

When an aircraft manufacturer decides to create a new model, it doesn’t ask pilots and crew to identify the best cabin, wings, jet engines, and other parts, and then put all the pieces together. The result is a constellation of technologies that rarely connect, to the detriment of patient safety, quality, and value. At Johns Hopkins, we experienced how powerful systems engineering can be when we set out to improve patient safety and quality of care in intensive care units.

Personalized Recommendation Engines Are Coming to Health Care

Harvard Business Review

Once that happens, conditions like diabetes might become less prevalent in the population and the quality of people’s lives, overall, would be improved.

The Talent Crisis in U.S. Engineering

Harvard Business Review

I joined Memorex Corporation in the early 1980s as a mechanical design engineer. The same delivery, recorded and played back on a Memorex audio tape, makes a structurally similar wine glass shatter, proving the high quality of reproduction of Memorex's tape. For example, if engineers don't possess the know-how needed to limit the material and energy cost of setting up and operating cloud services, IT can't scale as it needs to.

Teaching Students How to Use Better Management Practices

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This month Edwin Garro writes about the Quality and Productivity Technical Program for high school students that has been adopted in Costa Rica. With that mindset the value of quality tools and concepts is clear (and can be tested). Use quality practices to improve education.

Big-Project Engineers Have to Deal with Too Much Red Tape

Harvard Business Review

Nineteen days later, as rescue crews grew desperate, a 24-year-old field engineer named Igor Proestakis decided to travel to the site with what he hoped was a breakthrough idea: using a particular drilling technology, called cluster hammers, to cut through the collapsed rock. HBR STAFF.

Understanding Variation and Appreciating Variety

Deming Institute

Beginning in 1951, the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) has awarded the Deming Prize to honor organizations, and later, individuals, for extraordinary accomplishments in quality management. By John Hunter and Bill Bellows.

Assess Whether You Have a Data Quality Problem

Harvard Business Review

While there are thousands of variants, their basic question is, “Do I have a data quality problem?” The method helps you to easily measure the current level of data quality, develop a high-level estimate of its impact, and synthesize the results.

Cost 16

How We Reorganized Instagram’s Engineering Team While Quadrupling Its Size

Harvard Business Review

When I joined Instagram in 2015 as head of engineering, the company had been part of Facebook for three years. It had 115 engineers, but we would soon scale to 300, and later grow to over 400 in 2017. The engineering department needed better organization and management, and its employees were craving more career development. Performance, stability, and code quality have owners. Andy Crawford/Getty Images.

How to Kickstart Your SEO Strategy in Five Easy Steps

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Search Engine Optimization offers multiple benefits. The first is within the name – you want your website to appear at the top of certain search engine results. Doing this the right way will boost organic traffic and your search engine ranking.

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Your Brand Is the Exhaust Fume of the Engine of Your Life

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Your brand is the exhaust created by the engine of your life. Goncalo have proven that "minority viewpoints" aid the quality of decision making by juries, by teams, and for the purpose of innovation. "How do you manage your brand?"

Three Qualities Every Leader Needs to Succeed on a Team

Harvard Business Review

So John and I defined a list of qualities a great leader should have, like expertise in their field, strategic thinking capability, common sense intelligence, powerful communication skills, problem solving prowess, and similar traits.

Outside Of SEO, Why Is Your Content Gold?

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It’s impossible nowadays to launch your online presence without considering the importance of SEO – Search Engine Optimization – in your business growth. High-quality content can help to establish your brand and showcase your expertise.

What Kind of Innovator Are You?

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Jeff DeGraff writes in The Innovation Code , “ Your dominant worldview is your biggest strength —the quality that makes you stand out from other people.” Your defining quality is also your greatest weakness. The Engineer The Engineer constantly improves everything.

What To Look For When Choosing An SEO Company

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Quality should and must speak for itself. Online Marketing and Website Development business management search engine optimization strategydriven website trafficBusinesses have every right to be nervous when it comes to SEO.

Exploring Measurement, Presentation by Ian Bradbury

Deming Institute

The idea of the importance of a perceptive observer intentionally paying attention to the process and results of the process is captured extremely well in a presentation by George Box: Quality and the Art of Discovery.

Integrating Maintenance of Board Certification and Health Systems’ Quality-Improvement Programs

Harvard Business Review

Part IV of the MOC requirements addresses physician competence in quality improvement. The ongoing program has allowed Mayo to do the following: Review and approve (or reject) quality-improvement projects (QIPs). A quality review board assesses QIPs.

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Jobs to be Done

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Because it means that perfectly satisfying someone’s job likely requires not just creating a product, but engineering and delivering a whole set of experiences that address the many dimensions of the job and integrating those experiences into the company’s processes.

Why I Bailed on My STEM Career

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There’s been a lot of talk lately in the US about building more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) capability in the workforce, and related conversations about how to increase the number of women in STEM programs, and how to keep women in those jobs once they have them.

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Featured at Forbes: What Employers Can Do to Improve Employee Well-Being

ReImagine Work

Companies that provide an improved quality of life for employees, whether with skilled management that makes the work environment better or through flexible work schedules, will likely have better retention rates and easier times hiring.” Forbes, Nov.

Fond Farewells: Remembering Bill Latzko, Tom Nolan, and Bill Ratcliff

Deming Institute

A chemical engineer by training, Dr. Latzko spent most of his career in quality control as a manager, consultant, and educator. A Fellow of the American Society for Quality Control and certified quality engineer, he published multiple books and more than 20 papers on management quality.