What Private Equity Investors Think They Do for the Companies They Buy

Harvard Business Review

PE firms typically buy controlling shares of private or public firms, often funded by debt, with the hope of later taking them public or selling them to another company in order to turn a profit. We also ask questions about the organization of the private equity firms themselves.


How Facebook Uses Empathy to Keep User Data Safe

Harvard Business Review

The ways those people interact with technology and each other can completely change the effectiveness of your security strategy. So security products and tools must take into account the human context of the problems they’re solving — and that requires empathy.

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American CEOs Should Stop Complaining About Uncertainty

Harvard Business Review

This month, the chief executive officers of America's biggest companies went on a media blitz to decry the uncertainty caused by the fiscal cliff. I departed Washington in the midst of these rumblings to attend a forum of Africa's leading CEOs. Mo Ibrahim, founding CEO of Celtel.

Morning Advantage: Can Markets Cure Cancer?

Harvard Business Review

"With proper financial engineering, I am absolutely convinced we can solve cancer," MIT professor Andrew Lo says. Most of the money tied to cancer research comes from the federal government via the National Institutes of Health, and like many programs facing financial scrutiny, the NIH’s budget is on the verge of being trimmed. One cancer trial costs about $200 million and has fairly low odds of success. businesses, fill 16 percent of seats on U.S.

The Comprehensive Case for Investing More VC Money in Women-Led Startups

Harvard Business Review

Only 8% of venture capital (VC) firms in the U.S. But what much of the VC world might not realize, is that female-led firms may have a higher rate of return on average than male-led firms. According to First Round Capital’s review of their own holdings, female founders’ companies out-performed their male peers’ by 63% in terms of creating value for investors. of VC funding in 2015 went to firms founded by women of color.

Could a Four-Year-Old Do What Carl Icahn Does?

Harvard Business Review

I have my own version of this. Every time investor Carl Icahn makes headlines with another of his activist campaigns, I wonder, “Could my four-year-old do that?”. I do have a 15-year-old who could not in a million years be bothered to send Apple’s Tim Cook a letter urging him to “meaningfully accelerate and increase the magnitude of share repurchases.” Yet the simplicity and almost child-like nature of Icahn’s approach still begs examination.

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