The Strategic Leader’s Roadmap

Strategy Driven

Neither a restructuring strategy nor a turnaround leader alone could have engineered Nissan’s historic rebound. It required an individual who could both think and act strategically, a person who brought a strong sense for strategy and a personal capacity to lead its execution.

Corporate Writing Doesn’t Have to Sound Like It’s Written by Committee

Harvard Business Review

If everyone agrees on these values, you won’t have the legal department wordsmithing the life out of marketing documents, or engineers padding out white papers with inappropriate technical detail. A marketing manager’s job, for example, might be to ensure strategic fit, while a compliance offer needs to flag regulatory violations. Today, it’s your job to draft an important document.

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Deciding to Fix or Kill a Problem Product

Harvard Business Review

And the engineers and developers working on the product are too close to it or have a much higher tolerance for complexity than the customer will. Situation Three: It Does Not Have Good Strategic Fit. How does your product fit into it?

How Microsoft Avoided the Peter Principle with Nadella

Harvard Business Review

For starters, he will be running a $75 billion+ enterprise with some 100,000 employees, an army of software engineers and many moving parts. The projects all touched on areas of great strategic concern to the company, and the directors required each of the candidates to report their appraisals and plans to the board.

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