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At a time when fraud, sexual harassment, and other forms of workplace misconduct are making daily headlines, ethics has become as indispensable a tool for the modern workplace as technology or finance. In TAKING ETHICS SERIOUSLY , author John Hooker, provides an intellectual framework for deciding whether an action is ethical. Hooker brings his extensive background in philosophy, logic, and management science to the rigorous analysis of ethical dilemmas.


Coaching Tip

At a time when fraud, sexual harassment, and other forms of workplace misconduct are making daily headlines, ethics has become as indispensable a tool for the modern workplace as technology or finance. In TAKING ETHICS SERIOUSLY , author John Hooker, provides an intellectual framework for deciding whether an action is ethical. Hooker brings his extensive background in philosophy, logic, and management science to the rigorous analysis of ethical dilemmas.


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Finding Virtue in the Finance Industry

Harvard Business

Economics & Society Finance & Accounting Ethics Digital ArticleYou can do well and do good.

To Understand Complexity, Use 7 Dimensions of Ethical Thinking

Leading Blog

T HE BOTTOM LINE is that there is no “good leadership” without ethical thinking. The thinking that powers leadership choices must be grounded in ethical values or the impact on important constituents will be overlooked. When my book 7 Lenses was first published, I wrote a guest post about it called “ The 7 Lenses of Ethical Leadership ” for this blog. This book helps leaders “see” the ethical impact of their choices through 7 Lenses of Ethical Responsibility.

Ethics 245

3 Steps Towards Improved Communications in the Workplace

CEO Insider

Imagine the following scenario: A business leader is excited about a project, and he calls someone into their office to talk about it. After they have enthusiastically shared their thoughts, they say: “Okay, go take care of it.”

Why Finance Needs More Humanity, and Why Humanity Needs Finance

Harvard Business

Mihir Desai, professor at Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School, argues for re-humanizing finance. He says the practice of finance, with increasing quantification, has lost touch with its foundations. But he says finance can be principled, ethical, even life-affirming. Desai is the author of the new book, The Wisdom of Finance: Discovering Humanity in the World of Risk and Return. He also writes about finance and the economy for

A Yogi’s Take on Stress and Burnout

CEO Insider

CEO Insider Entrepreneurial Finance Insider Entrepreneurial Management Insider Entrepreneurship Insider Ethics Insider Executive Compensation InsiderWith the normal pressures of work compounded by the pandemic, stress and burnout are proliferating in the business world.

Stress 110

Developing a Strong Work Ethic Takes Work

Your Voice of Encouragement

We were all about the same age and from similar economic backgrounds, so it wasn''t a difference in generations or finances. It’s rooted in the development of a strong work ethic in childhood. Each one of us developed a strong work ethic because of the tone and expectations my parents set. Denny Coates and I recently devoted one episode of our Strong for Parenting Podcast to this topic A Strong Work Ethic – Prepare Your Child for the Challenges of Life.

Finance Can Be a Noble Profession (Yes, Really)

Harvard Business

When I ask students graduating from Harvard Business School what they’re doing next, I often get some version of “I’m going into finance but…” Then they quickly explain that finance is just a way station on the route to nobler goals. Recently, I asked a few students how people react to their choice to go into finance, and I was greeted with nervous laughter. The usual reactions to misbehavior in finance are outrage or regulation.

Ethical Viewpoints & Environmental Investments: Helping Your Business Profit Emotionally (Without Wasting Profit)

Strategy Driven

With this in mind, are there any ways for us to embody a more ethical outlook while also keeping our finances down? The best place to begin is by looking at your business and how compliant it is from an ethical standpoint. For those companies that don’t think about it, you’ll soon see that your customers won’t align with your ethical viewpoints or you may have financial penalties.

How To Offset Cost Increases Without Driving Customers Away

Strategy Driven

The shift in a more ethically aware customer culture is also a powerful new force to be reckoned with. Managing Your Finances business management Profit Optimization strategydrivenThe cost of doing business is increasing.

Cost 70

CEOs Who Began Their Careers During Booms Tend to Be Less Ethical

Harvard Business

For instance, people who entered adulthood during economic depressions tend to be attuned to economic and national security throughout their adult lives , and particularly cautious with their personal and professional finances. Based on these previous findings, we wondered: Would CEOs who began their careers during boom times be less ethical? Our question stemmed from the idea that prosperous times are often linked to ethical missteps.

The Problem with the Profit Motive in Finance

Harvard Business Review

It was an event packed with prominent people who work (or worked) in finance, but seem to come from a different, more genteel world than the bulk of modern Wall Street: Bogle, Swensen, former Fed chairman Paul Volcker, former TIAA-CREF CEO John Biggs. You can make a lot of money in finance doing things that are bound blow up in someone's face a few years down the road. Compensation Ethics Finance

A Crisis of Character – A Book Excerpt

Lead Change Blog

Medical doctors are considered one of the most respected professions, yet the incidence of violations of ethics, misconduct and more appear to be higher than what one would expect from a profession that goes by the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. Since the recession, corporations have been under a microscope, with significant blame leveled at Wall Street and companies in the finance, banking and insurance sector. Community Involvement book Book Excerpt ethics Leadership

Crisis 266

Company Gone Well? Here’s What to Do With the Cash

Strategy Driven

Apart from that, you might have certain ethical requirements like wanting to avoid tobacco or fossil fuels, which are requirements you need to discuss with your wealth manager. Managing Your Finances business management Capital Gains Tax strategydriven

How to Fix Financial Capitalism? Focus on Ethics

Harvard Business Review

It has forgotten, as economist Robert Shiller writes in Finance and the Good Society , that "financing is really creating the architecture for reaching a goal. The goals served by finance originate with us. Finance is not about making money per se. Restoring trust and confidence requires commitment to and investment in professional and business ethics. Here are a few examples: Commit to a gold standard code of ethics and professional conduct.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Ant-Man And The Wasp

Joseph Lalonde

You can’t be an ethical leader while doing unethical things. Reel Leadership Abby Ryder Fortson Ant-Man Ant-Man And The Wasp boundaries budget Business Captain America emergencies Evangeline Lilly experience Family finances Hannah John-Kamen helping people leadership Michael Cerveris Michael Douglas Michael Pena Michelle Pfeiffer money movies Paul Rudd pride progress Randall Park relationships repercussions risk size skill technology Walton Goggins wonder work

Why Are Some Sectors (Ahem, Finance) So Scandal-Plagued?

Harvard Business Review

Ethics Leadership Risk management LIBORIn the past 25 years, the size of settlements, fines and penalties for individual corporations found guilty of wrongdoing has escalated from millions of dollars, to tens of millions, to hundreds of millions, to billions. Think Siemens and widespread bribery — about $2 billion. Or, bigger yet, think BP and the gulf disaster — almost $20 billion to date, with another $20 billion-plus likely in the future.

How to Speak Up About Ethical Issues at Work

Harvard Business Review

You suspect that your finance colleague might be fudging numbers, your boss isn’t telling his manager the truth about an important project, or your co-worker is skipping out of the office early but leaving her computer on so it looks like she’s just down the hall. “Ethical situations at work can be cause for alarm, and are also a normal part of doing business,” says Detert. A useful skill when it comes to ethical situations is perspective-taking.

April 2021 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Stephanie Skryzowski of 100 Degrees Consulting provided How to Create a Monthly Finance Routine. Stephanie shares: “ In this post of the 100 Degrees of Entrepreneurship Podcast I’m sharing the monthly finance routine you can use to grow your business and your bottom line. We’ll explore the reasons you really need a finance routine and how it can be both a measure of progress and a crystal ball into your business’ financial future.

Breaking Through | A New Frontier of Technology and Innovation

N2Growth Blog

While under enormous time pressures to produce solutions quickly and tackle modern needs during an ongoing crisis, these challenges have revealed cybersecurity issues, legal and regulatory issues, and socio-ethical dilemmas caused when applied in real-life situations.

It's Your Country.Lead It!

Coaching Tip

For our children's future, America needs to get better by reengineering our shared values and implementing a united ethical purpose. Despite waitressing to supplement her 20-year career as a support specialist at a cable company, the woman said that her finances are strained as utility bills, gas prices and the expenses of her two daughters keep growing. The American Dream is dying. .

Class 97

So You Think Your Boss Is Breaking The Law

Strategy Driven

Your career is on the line; the personal finances of your family are on the line. Practices for Professionals business ethics strategydrivenPhoto courtesy of Pixabay. In the movies, if someone suspects their boss is breaking the law, the conclusion to the story is pretty standard. The employee – sometimes after a crisis of confidence – reports their boss and ultimately triumphs. They stand at the end credits, a paragon of virtue and Doing The Right Thing.

How Goldman Sachs Drifted

Harvard Business Review

Ethics Finance Organizational culture Steven G. Mandis of Columbia Business School discusses his book, What Happened to Goldman Sachs: An Insider’s Story of Organizational Drift and Its Unintended Consequences. Download this podcast.

Management Futures: The best people make the best managers

Chartered Management Institute

For the past few decades, the matters of ethics and social responsibility in business have been put firmly in their place: a short section near the end of the annual report; a few minutes before the close of the Board meeting. It has been – and often still is – seen as very much junior to the big beasts of finance, strategy and marketing.

PR 82

Case Study: Can an Ethical Bank Support Guns and Fracking?

Harvard Business Review

As the founder and president of a new ethical bank focused on environmental sustainability, Jay McGuane realized that he and his board needed to set guidelines about which loans to approve and which to reject on “values” grounds. Without clear ethics rules, Jay worried that his already divided directors would fall into bitter squabbling, which could lead to resignations, negative media attention, and a flight of investors. What is ‘green’ if not an ethical principle?

Conflict-of-Interest Rules Are Holding Back Medical Breakthroughs

Harvard Business

Equally troublesome, almost all policies focus exclusively on payments and finances but ignore the powerful influence of careerism and other non-financial motives that may compromise objectivity far more than financial incentives. Guided by a refreshed ethical framework, pharmaceutical companies, in partnership with researchers and clinicians, can help accelerate the spread of knowledge of new clinical science, which now is notoriously slow.

The Leadership Blind Spots at Wells Fargo

Harvard Business

Senior leaders were so focused on financial impact that they couldn’t see the ethical damage. Pushing back against members of Congress last week, he asserted, “the culture of the company is strong” and is “based on ethics and doing what’s right.” In the worst cases, whistleblowers claim they were fired after reporting violations to the bank’s ethics hotline or trying to alert supervisors to illegal behavior.

The “Maximize Profits” Trap in Decision Making

Harvard Business

Somehow, a theoretical assumption, widely used in a one cluster of academic specialties — economics, finance, econometric modeling, and the like — became transformed, primarily in the United States near the end of the 20th century, into a supreme decision principle. Decision making Leadership Ethics Digital ArticleWhat’s the right way to make hard business decisions?

ROI 47

Some Ideas To Help Accelerate Your SWOT Analysis

Six Disciplines

Products and Services (price, quality, Finances (stability, profitability, debt to equity ratio). Cultural (values, ethics). A SWOT analysis is a tool used to assess an organization''s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The purpose of using the SWOT tool is to uncover or reveal the organization''s competitive advantages, and what opportunities (sales, profitability) to capitalize upon.


How can I start my own business?

Strategy Driven

Your finances: Nothing works without investment. You need to manage your finances and be aware of all that you will have to invest in shortly. Consider a legal check and get your hands on your permits to start your business ethically.

How to Become a Wealth Manager: Skills & Duties for Portfolio Management

HR Digest

Sometimes wealth managers choose to specialize in one aspect of finance like estate planning or corporate or tax/insurance planning. To become a wealth manager, one needs to have an in-depth knowledge of investment markets business and personal finances to manage clients’ funds effectively.

If the Auditors Sign Off, Does That Make It Okay?

Harvard Business Review

Fastow suggested that to avoid falling into an ethical trap he should have asked himself the right questions: Am I only following the rules or am I following the principles? Fastow said we can begin by understanding that structured finance is like steroids: a little can cure many illnesses, but a lot can destroy your organs. Ethics Finance Risk management

Know Your History, Purpose and Direction


My career from that point has almost always been in leadership roles within the retail, hospitality, finance and contact centre industries in Australia and overseas. My last two senior roles were as National Customer Experience Leader with GE Money and Head of Customer Service for Toyota Finance Australia. Do you think that your previous work history had a significant role in your thought processes leading up to the setting up of CoachStation? Why do you do what you do?

Hammer 112

The Future Is Where Brands Must Focus

Great Leadership By Dan

And the actions that these brands take to demonstrate their credibility must clearly illustrate a blend of corporate ethics and brand authenticity. Therefore, it includes issues such as the ethical sourcing of ingredients, to environmentally sound production methodologies, to paying a decent living wage to production line workers, to adhering to animal-welfare, to pricing in a transparent manner, to communicating totally honest claims, etc.

Brand 164

3 Ways To Successfully Attain Any Goal In Life.

Rich Gee Group

A better way to break up your steps would be to have three segmented goals (with sub-goals) that build up to your main goal, ownership of the Z4: Finance – a. When are the Finance and Research steps complete? Initiate the finance process. home about rich our team news our fans services executive coach business coach speaking inspire media knowledge books affiliates contact Rich Gee Group 203.500.2421 3 Ways To Successfully Attain Any Goal In Life.

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Psychopaths on Wall Street

Harvard Business Review

Citing Richard Peterson, managing partner of MarketPsych (a firm that provides psychological and behavioral finance training for the industry), DeCovny notes that these are some of the traits that also predict success on Wall Street. Consistent decisions in their self interest, even where it is ethically questionable. Ethics Finance HealthPsychopaths are the subject of endless fascination.

What It Will Take to Change the Culture of Wall Street

Harvard Business Review

One of the changes I document in the book is how Goldman drifted from a focus on ethical standards of behavior to legal ones — from what one “should” do to what one “can” do. This kind of interdependence has the potential to move the focus back to ethical standards of behavior instead of just legal ones. Compensation Ethics Finance William C.

The Libor Scandal and the Price of Prosperity

Harvard Business Review

Now, let me couch this for you in the human terms of political economy — the terms in which you and I should rightly conceive of an "economy" as the sum of the enduring human good; not merely as a set of pipes for the grease of finance to be injected into. Economy Ethics FinanceTo the long, dismal list of fatally broken institutions — GDP, governments, schools, corporations — we can add the mysterious Libor , and its conveniently comfortable calculation.

Hamel 17

How Share-Price Fixation Killed Enron

Harvard Business Review

Were the rating agencies aware of Enron''s oft-maligned financing structures? In essence, these financing structures were a "fail safe" designed to ensure that Enron''s balance sheet remained investment grade. The financing structures built to protect Enron in just such an event were unwound. Ironically, the company''s bankruptcy might have been avoided had Enron lived up to the promises in those oft-maligned financing structures. Ethics Failure Finance

Why Everyone Needs to Know a Banking Expert Witness

Strategy Driven

Unfortunately, many criminal or ethically questionable actions are taken in the name of money every single day, and in today’s increasingly litigious world this often leads to a trip to court. The complexities of banking and finance involve a lot of moving parts as well as regulations and systems that are constantly in flux. Think about some of the most heated arguments of your professional and personal life. Odds are, a good percentage of those disagreements were about money.

These Are the People You Need on Your Startup Team

Chart Your Course

Business leadership researchers tell us that the best traits for your CFO are emotional stability and global ethics. The finance department is your business foundation so you need it to be one that you can trust. New ventures, especially tech startups, have a character of their own. Often the leader is brilliant and quirky and the team is passionate and driven. This is one reason that the Zuckerberg centered movie “The Social Network” made more than $200 million.

CFO 100

Why the Fed Is So Wimpy

Harvard Business Review

Ethics Finance Government Regulatory capture — when regulators come to act mainly in the interest of the industries they regulate — is a phenomenon that economists, political scientists, and legal scholars have been writing about for decades. Bank regulators in particular have been depicted as captives for years, and have even taken to describing themselves as such.