Ethical Leadership: Beyond Insight to Action

Leading in Context

While listening to a speaker, you hear a new idea that strikes you as important, and you jot it down to follow up. But do you ever follow up? By Linda Fisher Thornton Have you had an insight while attending a conference?

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Ethical Leaders Care Part 2: In Action

Leading in Context

Author's Note: As a follow up to the post "Ethical Leaders Care", this post explores what demonstrating "Care" looks like in action. Leadership is fundamentally about relationships and ethical behavior. It's about accomplishing the mission of the organizations we serve in ways that enhance trust and relationships with people and honor ethical principles.

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5 Principles for Ethical Leadership in Times of Crisis

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Jason Richmond : Leaders are, by definition, role models, and employees naturally follow their lead. Answering questions is also critical; be honest when you do not know the answer and be sure to try to find out as soon as possible and follow up.

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Loyalty vs. Tenure | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Think of any organization that has mediocre talent, where management has frustrated you with consistent under-performance, or where cavalier attitudes and a sense of entitlement overshadow a focus on productivity & performance, and I’ll show you an organization that embraces tenure… An old business saying that sums-up my feelings about tenure goes like this: “The only thing worse than an employee who quits and leaves is an employee who quits and stays.&#

Passion or Work Ethic? Which Comes First?

Steve Farber

My good friend and work-ethic expert, Eric Chester , (author of the fantastic Reviving Work Ethic: A Leader’s Guide to Ending Entitlement and Restoring Pride in the Emerging Workforce ) recently shared with me his perspective on the relationship between passion and work. Passion doesn’t fuel work ethic; work ethic fuels passion. He has still improved his reputation for adding value to a job, made himself more hirable, and developed his work ethic in the process.

Employee Complaints – 5 Questions to Ask

Let's Grow Leaders

Your first task when your team members bring up a complaint is to listen. It could be anything from unclear instructions on your part to a problematic process or even a serious ethical problem like harassment. At times, a follow-up question might be appropriate.

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Wal-Mart Leadership Sweeps $24 Million of Bribes Under the Rug

Coaching Tip

Is Bribery an Ethical Condition of Doing Business in the Global Economy? Munich wrote, “it would seem more prudent to develop a follow-up plan of action, independent of Walmex management participation.”. Robert Hoyk: The Ethical Executive: Becoming Aware of the Root Causes of Unethical Behavior: 45 Psychological Traps that Every One of Us Falls Prey To. Today, Wal-Mart de Mexico ("Walmex") is one of Wal-Mart's most profitable units. .

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How do we grow leaders as teachers? (Video) with Dr. Sydney Finkelstein

Let's Grow Leaders

Creative people who create a following because of their deep talent. Grounding in integrity and ethics. The follow-up book, The Superboss Playbook, has exercises that can help develop these skills. Have a mindset of giving people guidelines and see what they come up with.

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If You’re Loyal to a Group, Does It Compromise Your Ethics?

Harvard Business Review

Next, we broke up the groups and asked all of our participants to individually solve a series of math puzzles on a piece of paper that looked like a test sheet. In a similar follow-up experiment, we also allowed participants to pay themselves in cash for completed puzzles. As our research shows, loyalty highlights the importance of ethical principles, bringing people’s attention to the fact that behaving ethically is the right course of action.

How to avoid Employee absenteeism to freak work policies?

HR Digest

According to Circadian, the cost of unscheduled absences amounts to up to $3600/year for each hourly employee and appx. The others in the team have to pick up the slack of frequent absenteeism. . For the employer, the production and resource cost goes up.

So You Think Your Boss Is Breaking The Law

Strategy Driven

Downside : You do have to consider what will happen if your complaint is followed up on by law enforcement or local government. Practices for Professionals business ethics strategydrivenPhoto courtesy of Pixabay. In the movies, if someone suspects their boss is breaking the law, the conclusion to the story is pretty standard. The employee – sometimes after a crisis of confidence – reports their boss and ultimately triumphs.

Team Entanglement, the interactions are what makes progress

Mike Cardus

Write it down, answer it, or ask your team members that question and allow their answers to be – no need to follow up. Your responses and the interactions are what drive ethics and progress inside the organization.

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Is the “Silent Killer” Sabotaging Your Performance?

Michael Lee Stallard

Chuck Schwab inspired people who worked at the company he founded, Charles Schwab, by establishing a mission to provide the most useful and ethical financial services in the world. Costco has a reputation for doing the right thing and its employees rightly feel proud, knowing that they are part of an ethical organization. Be sure to follow up by recognizing them for their contributions. Is your energy level lower than you’d like?

If Your Boss Has a Lot of Integrity, You May Be More Likely to Compromise Yours

Harvard Business

The idea that leaders should follow a set of sound principles and support policies that reflect their own values is a widely held standard, and for good reason. In our research , we have found that when leaders behave with high integrity, their followers may compromise their own. Finally, the leader/facilitator asked each participant to write a follow-up statement summarizing their point of view on the controversial topic. Ethics Managing people Digital Article

If They Understand, They Will Do

Marshall Goldsmith

Over the years our knowledge of the importance of diet and exercise has gone up dramatically. All were trained to respond to co-workers on their feedback using a very simple follow-up process. They almost all vowed that they were going to follow up with their co-workers, work on their “areas for improvement” and get better. They were all given some very simple instructions on how to follow up with co-workers and how to become more effective.

15 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Candidate

HR Digest

The following were the conclusions: The job interview process which was 10% tougher received 2.6% Although this has been written on the resume, it assists in asking follow up questions covering the candidate’s competency and accountability.

Case Study: Follow Dubious Orders or Speak Up?

Harvard Business

” Still unsure of how to respond—or how frank she could be since her father had also told her that direct confrontation was frowned up in most Asian cultures—she simply said, “OK.” ” She asked a few follow-up questions about the information she was supposed to get, and then hung up. When Susan woke up the next morning, she already had several e-mails from Mr. Moon with contact lists and sample inquiries attached.

10 Ways To Guarantee Clients.

Rich Gee Group

Smile, approach the prospect, be the first one to speak, welcome them, smile, look into their eyes, be interested in them, stand straight and tall, stand up/no sitting when meeting, don’t carry a lot of bags and SMILE. Remember, once you say it to a potential client, shut up. Follow up and send them a thank you email and mail a personalized, hand-written card. These are two areas that you can remedy pretty quickly with some basic follow-up sales questions.

3 Ways To Grow Your Business. Today.

Rich Gee Group

Do lunches, coffee, drinks after work, breakfast, dinner, show up with a pizza. Then I add in a follow up question: “Really. That is the magic question – getting them to delve deeper into their experience while you just SHUT UP and LISTEN. ask them a key probing question, follow up with &# Really. How To Pick Yourself Up After You Fail.

Skills for the Introverted Leader: 6 Ways to Expand Your Comfort Zone

RapidStart Leadership

We may tend towards introversion, for example, but that doesn’t mean we lack the ability to speak up or work effectively with groups when we need to. When someone strays from the path, it’s up to the leader to do something. If you are headed into a social situation, come up with three interesting anecdotes that others would be interested in hearing about. Set a follow-up schedule and stick with it; meet one-on-one or in small groups. •

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How Adversity Affects the Backbone, and Soul, of a Leader

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Bernie Swain : Leadership requires all sorts of qualities: judgment, character, confidence, an unshakeable commitment to a work ethic guided by a moral compass. The answer, of course, was and is no, and that coach wound up rehiring him. You have two choices: you either stay down or pick yourself up.” You can’t simply wrap it up, leave it behind, and move on with your life as if it hadn’t happened.”

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Dogged by a Daydream

Marshall Goldsmith

At the end of my sessions, I ask leaders (who have received 360-degree feedback) to follow up with their co-workers and ask for ongoing ideas about how they can continue to become more effective. A year later about 70% end up doing some version of this recommended follow-up (not as reported by them, but as reported by their co-workers). I have good news – the 70% that do their follow-up are seen as becoming better leaders.

Why delivering feedback is a two-way street

ReImagine Work

He had an admirable work ethic. If you looked at their inventories, you would know if the operators were using SAP right, or if they needed some follow-up training. Employees aren’t going to follow your “script.” We know it’s important to present feedback so others hear you. You want them to leave the conversation hopeful about going forward with something to act on. It’s also important to not blurt everything out at once.

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Why Networking Is Dead – Part Two.

Rich Gee Group

Ask a lot of questions and follow up questions. Ask follow up questions, “You live in Stamford? I grew up near Rippowam High School!&#. Each subsequent question, follow-up question, and connection will build a stronger friendship bond between you. You look down and see the mailbox, you look up and see your whole family waving to you, leaning out the top windows of the house. How To Pick Yourself Up After You Fail.

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How to conduct pre-employment background checks?

HR Digest

One has to be aware of the likely pitfalls, including being compliant with the equal opportunity acts and ethical standards. Follow up on the performance and behavior issues with colleagues or acquaintances in the trade. Negligence in follow-ups.

Does your firm have the wrong type of leaders?

Lead on Purpose

and then follow up with A Follow-Up to My “Evil Leaders” post: Your Firm’s Values Have No Teeth.

Guest Post: The “General” Manager – Soldier Lessons for the.

Lead on Purpose

As you wait behind the door, you hear your team line up, boots scuffing the ground, weapons cocked. You still set goals for others to follow and make sure everyone performs to the best of their abilities. Some may need specific instructions and constant follow up, whereas others are able to work independently and take initiative. To be a strong leader, you need to show an unshakeable work ethic. This can be giving another company a chance to rise up past you.

Become a More Effective Leader by Asking One Tough Question

Marshall Goldsmith

At the end of my sessions, I ask leaders (who have received 360-degree feedback) to follow up with their co-workers and ask for ongoing ideas about how they can continue to become more effective. A year later, about 70% do some version of this recommended follow-up (as reported by their co-workers, not by them); 30% do absolutely nothing. Their answers had nothing to do with integrity, ethics, or values. Not 'when I get caught up.'

Six Steps to Hiring Exceptional Talent

Great Leadership By Dan

Too many managers do not follow up with references thoroughly. Dee Ann believes people are the most powerful commodity in any organization, and companies that recognize the value of individuals can succeed not just ethically, but financially as well. Guest post from Dee Ann Turner: The best business leaders have a keen sense of purpose that drives their work. Ideally, they also have superior products and services that support that purpose.

Fallacy of ‘If They Understand, They Will Do’

Marshall Goldsmith

All were trained to respond to co-workers using a simple follow-up process. Almost all vowed they were going to follow up with their co-workers, work on their areas for improvement and get better. They were all given simple instructions on how to follow up with co-workers and how to become more effective. Their answers never have anything to do with ethics or integrity.

Five Mistakes We Make at Networking Events

Women on Business

Once you have their card, you control the follow up. 5. We don’t follow up. What’s the point of going to events to meet new people and then not following up? Following up is how you begin to build relationships that will bring you business. Determine who the key people were that you met and send a personal note and set up a time to talk or meet them again.

Embrace, then apply

Lead on Purpose

If possible the company or people responsible for the training should have a follow-up mechanism through which they can provide additional services and direction.

Tips for writing a recommendation letter for promotion

HR Digest

Open to any follow-ups: Let the person you’re writing know that you’re willing to answer any follow-up questions or make clarifications on what you’ve written. Time and again, she has taken up the slack and seen that projects meet their deadlines.

Should CEOs Have Term Limits? | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

You should know from the outset that I fundamentally disagree with the concept of CEO term limits, and quite frankly I cannot really come up with a valid reason for supporting such a regressive concept. Furthermore, last time I checked a CEO can always be removed for lack of performance, or moral and ethical indiscretions, so what purpose do CEO term limits serve other than to disincentivize the CEO?

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How to get an entry-level human resources job?

HR Digest

If they aren’t followed, it can result in legal problems. Honesty and ethics are among the best character traits an employer looks for. These individuals help clients by following up after leaving a home health care provider.

5 Leadership Signals that Turn Culture into Advantage

Skip Prichard

I followed up with the authors to learn more about their leadership philosophy. A Vanity Fair feature article chalked it up to a “cutthroat culture that (allegedly) drove bankers to fraud.” On that score, the company’s Code of Ethics claimed that “gaming” (the manipulation and / or misrepresentation of sales or referrals) was against the rules and grounds for dismissal. How they show up informally. How about the fourth one “How they show up informally.”

Want to be taken seriously at work? Here are three things to do

HR Digest

Then there is a need to examine your own behavior on how you conform to some sensitive ethics in a corporate environment. Also, you need to follow up with everyone to ensure they know their responsibilities and do whatever you have promised to do. Do you feel you have difficulty being taken seriously at work early in your tenure with a new company, career or communication with a new client or customer?

Compliance Alone Won’t Make Your Company Safe

Harvard Business Review

Consider the following examples: In 2007-2008, a former Credit Suisse Group AG trader committed wire fraud and manipulated the books on mortgage-backed securities to enhance performance and boost year-end bonuses. Despite some early warnings, both the regulators and the company did not really follow up the case until it was too late. We rationalize our bad behaviors to such an extent that we do not realize we are crossing ethical boundaries until it is too late.

Why We Don't Always Tell the Truth

Harvard Business Review

When I was growing up, one of the principles in our house was that we had to tell the truth, no matter how painful it might be. I recall a manager whose key project was behind schedule, largely due to his lack of discipline and follow-up. Communication EthicsLying, we were taught, wasn't something you could get away with. Like Pinocchio's nose , it would be apparent to others. Children of course need clear rules to learn the difference between right and wrong.

When Trust Is Easily Broken, and When It’s Not

Harvard Business Review

In a follow-up study with 258 participants, we explored this result in more detail. In much of our research, we focus on how people react to a single violation, but we have also found that mindsets influence trust following multiple violations. Psychology Ethics Article

Definition of Leadership | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Since one of the leadership qualities I noted in the laundry list above is wisdom, I thought I’d leave you with the wisdom of others…Spend a few minutes pondering the quotes below as you consider some of the qualities which play into the make-up of great leaders: “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.&# - Abraham Lincoln “There can be no power without mystery.

Who is the real decision maker? Find out or lose the sale.

Strategy Driven

Do it any (ethical) way you have to. AND YOU FOLLOW UP WITH THE QUESTION: “Then what?” If you enjoyed this article, let us keep you up-to-date on other newly published insights by signing up for our complimentary StrategyDriven Newsletter. The prospect tells you, “I only need one more approval and the order is yours.”. For joy, for joy - the order is mine! - Eh, eh, eh - don’t celebrate too soon. The one last person needed to approve, is the real decision maker.

Can Light Make You More Honest at Work?

Harvard Business Review

If waking up this past week was harder than usual for you, you are not alone. Since we were interested in whether darkness affects cheating rates, we left it up to the participants to score their own work and to pay themselves from a supply of money they had received at the beginning of the study. In fact, follow-up research has found that brightness increases self-awareness, reflective behavior, and self-control. Ethics