Using Negative Examples to Teach Ethics? Why It’s Not Enough.

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By Linda Fisher Thornton How many times have we tried to teach people about ethics by explaining every detail of what it doesn''t look like? We describe laws and regulations and ethics guidelines in great detail, then ask attendees if there are any questions. We can''t teach ethics by giving people negative examples. Ethical Leader Ethical Organization 7 Lenses business ethics complexity ethical business leadership ethical leadership leadership development

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To Understand Complexity, Use 7 Dimensions of Ethical Thinking

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T HE BOTTOM LINE is that there is no “good leadership” without ethical thinking. The thinking that powers leadership choices must be grounded in ethical values or the impact on important constituents will be overlooked. When my book 7 Lenses was first published, I wrote a guest post about it called “ The 7 Lenses of Ethical Leadership ” for this blog. This book helps leaders “see” the ethical impact of their choices through 7 Lenses of Ethical Responsibility.

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Six Guidelines for Resolving Intergenerational Conflict

Coaching Tip

Generational Signposts shape ideas about everything from expectations and perceptions about what the working environment will provide and how people should behave as employees, to company loyalty and work ethic. . . Here are some guidelines for resolving intergenerational conflict: . . By Larry and Meagan Johnson.

Ethical Business Management In The Online Gambling Industry

Strategy Driven

Social and ethical considerations of online gambling. In keeping with the heavy industry regulation, the advertising of gambling products also comes under close scrutiny and must be conducted under regional guidelines and requirements.

How Should We Allocate Scarce Medical Resources?

Harvard Business

Three guidelines for policymakers and physicians making life-or-death decisions. Ethics Policy Health Digital Article

Great Leaders Draw Lines In The Sand

Joseph Lalonde

They’re guidelines and they’re there to protect people. Leadership boundaries Ethics moralsO ne thing I look for in a leader worth following is whether or not they’re willing to draw a line in the sand for the right reasons. To the average person, this may seem odd. Why would someone want someone leading them who does this? For me, the answer is easy. By drawing a line in the sand, this type of leader is telling you what they believe.

Great Leadership Trains

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Leaders’ honesty and ability to follow a set of ethics in all of their work affects their ability to influence their followers. Set and maintain strong corporate responsibility guidelines, if you’re in a position to make such decisions. “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” Jack Welch Dianne had always felt like more of a wallflower than a leader.

Leaders Lessons from an Outward Bound Wilderness Instructor

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Mark Brown: Leaders in the outdoor leadership space are quite familiar with a wilderness ethic and organization called Leave No Trace.

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The Ethics of Using Paid Content in Journalism

Harvard Business Review

But what are the ethical lines this paid-for content should not cross? The public relations and communications company Edelman definitely has a horse in this race, but it has issued a useful paper on the relationship of paid content and journalism, which ends with "An Ethical Framework" that makes some unexpected points. Which brings us to the ethical guidelines proposed by the Edelman report. But the guidelines are not just the ones that one would expect.

Why Should Companies Hire New Graduates?


And while one article ungraciously claims “ Millennials’ Work Ethic Is In The Eye Of The Beholder ,” you’ve been a hiring manager long enough to know the same could be said of many people, regardless of age.

Challenge Up: A Key to Organizational Integrity

Marshall Goldsmith

Organizational guidelines aimed at encouraging upward challenge and preserving corporate integrity are not a reinvention of the wheel, and they certainly are not all encompassing. If the last two years have taught us anything, it should be that ethical violations can kill even the most successful companies. The cost of preventing ethical problems will never exceed the cost of dealing with ethical problems. “We want people to challenge the status quo!”

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When Competition Between Coworkers Leads to Unethical Behavior

Harvard Business

At the same time, the need to win can blind us to ethical considerations. In one study, we asked 164 MBA students to read a hypothetical scenario (based on a true story) about an investment banker facing an ethical dilemma, and to estimate the likelihood that this banker would indulge in unethical behavior. We investigated people’s ethical behavior in self-reporting their performance. Organize ethics hackathons. Make ethics part of culture.

3 Steps To Self-Awareness For Leaders

Joseph Lalonde

A strong work ethic? If you’d like to guest post on this site, check out the guest posting guidelines. In the midst of being put on trial for corrupting the youth of Athens, Socrates uttered the famous line, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” He was well aware of the fact that, in order to truly live and lead as we ought, we first have to know who we are. As leaders, this is especially true since, by definition, we are going to influence and impact other people.

3 Things Healthcare Organizations Do Differently When It Comes to Advertising

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That is because there are legal restrictions in health care , such as insurance guidelines. The guidelines limit the healthcare organizations’ ability to offer special pricing discounts to their clients.

How to Surface and Align Team Values

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

These questions and guidelines will help you surface the right values for your team. They provide guidelines for decisions and daily behavior that will help fulfill your purpose. 7 Guidelines for Identifying Team Values. No matter what your team’s purpose is, if some form of integrity or ethical behavior is not identified as a core value, you will eventually find yourself in a downward spiral.

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Stranger in a Strange Land, Indeed …

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In the military, clear lines of command and subordination, along with clear and detailed guidelines for almost every situation, exist side-by-side with the critical need to act independently when one of those situations call for it. If I misrepresent a property to someone or take unfair advantage in a business transaction, I am acting out of accordance with my own ethics.

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Weekly Round-Up: On Effective Speaking, Taming Email & Being a Purposeful Leader


Before you send out your next email or have a difficult conversation with an employee, take the time to review this guideline.”. It’s beyond policies and even beyond what many organizations would consider organizational ethics…”. Welcome to my weekly round-up of top leadership and communication blog posts. Each week I read and tweet several great articles and on Fridays I pull some of the best together here on my blog.

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How to conduct pre-employment background checks?

HR Digest

One has to be aware of the likely pitfalls, including being compliant with the equal opportunity acts and ethical standards. There are certain obligations under the FCRA and EEOC guidelines: FCRA. EEOC guidelines.

Conflict-of-Interest Rules Are Holding Back Medical Breakthroughs

Harvard Business

Conflict-of-interest management of promotional interactions between industry and prescribing physicians has moved beyond the realm of institutional guidelines into state and federal legislation. Guided by a refreshed ethical framework, pharmaceutical companies, in partnership with researchers and clinicians, can help accelerate the spread of knowledge of new clinical science, which now is notoriously slow.

Effectively Influencing Decision Makers

Marshall Goldsmith

Here are 11 guidelines that will help you do a better job of influencing decision-makers, whether these decision-makers are immediate or upper managers, peers or cross-organizational colleagues. “Challenge up” on issues involving ethics or integrity—never remain silent on ethics violations. I hope you will never be asked to do anything by the management of your corporation that represents a violation of corporate ethics.

The Prisoner’s (Hedge Fund) Dilemma


When your focus is strictly on making money (not serving a larger, more selfless purpose), the rules seem to be more like guidelines and ethics is simply a class you took in college. by Gary Cohen. SAC Manager Arrested for Insider Trading at Hedge Fund. Most businesses actually produce something. If you speak to most hedge fund managers, they will tell you what they create is efficient markets.

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What’s Your Leadership Marque?

Lead Change Blog

Look to the headlines on any given day and you will find a CEO who has fallen from grace because of a decision to stray from the moral, ethical or legal path. Your leadership marquee will always be first defined by your adherence to these basic guidelines, but it is more than that. Logos, Brands, Slogans. Our world is saturated with advertising, marketing and branding, but are you missing the big picture?

How To Develop Employee Handbook

HR Digest

An employee handbook could be quite simple if you take some time to put together a few key guidelines. Code of ethics . Employee handbooks serve as an important player in a company’s success.

What’s Your Leadership Marque?

Lead Change Blog

Look to the headlines on any given day and you will find a CEO who has fallen from grace because of a decision to stray from the moral, ethical or legal path. Your leadership marquee will always be first defined by your adherence to these basic guidelines, but it is more than that. Logos, Brands, Slogans. Our world is saturated with advertising, marketing and branding, but are you missing the big picture?

Communicate This and Stick it Here – Corporate Team Building Activity

Mike Cardus

Have the guidelines written on flip chart paper. Here are the guidelines; One person per puzzle piece. The color symbols mark the edges of the puzzle ( sometimes I leave this guideline out ). For any violation of the guidelines the ethics board requires a penalty of 2 minutes removed from the planning time.

Case Study: Can an Ethical Bank Support Guns and Fracking?

Harvard Business Review

As the founder and president of a new ethical bank focused on environmental sustainability, Jay McGuane realized that he and his board needed to set guidelines about which loans to approve and which to reject on “values” grounds. Without clear ethics rules, Jay worried that his already divided directors would fall into bitter squabbling, which could lead to resignations, negative media attention, and a flight of investors. What is ‘green’ if not an ethical principle?

The Leader within Us – Developing Our Self-Leader

Great Leadership By Dan

Values such as self-respect, positive attitude, achievement oriented, social relations oriented, focused, strong work ethic and other leader values support the conclusion that this person demonstrates self-leadership attributes and these same attributes, with more development, are attributes of successful leaders. The book offers readers guidelines to follow on building self-worth.

How Does An Organizational Culture Develop?

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We typically associate these values with ethics, morality, honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, fairness, justice, respect, compassion, and responsibility. Many organizations have specific guidelines for employee behaviors. . How does organizational culture affect team performance?

January 2016 Leadership Development Carnival

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Here are 5 guidelines to create a ‘Dynamic Strategic Plan’ that will enable you to respond quickly and to be creatively proactive.” There is never a moment when the characters ‘arrive’ and are exempt from ethical challenges. Welcome to the January 2016 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival! 2016 has been declared the International Year of the Pulses by the United Nations General Assembly. Why would a year be dedicated to a beans?

Creating Strategic Roadmaps for the Future: Dawn Jones

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Today, the Alliance has doubled in size, while collectively developing and committing to adopting a set of guidelines to encourage board diversity through set metrics, transparent reporting and additional recommended practices.

7 Steps To Foster Emotional Intelligence In Your Team

Tanveer Naseer

When these guidelines support both your business and your team members beliefs, they’ll be more inclined to jump to support and back these rules. These types of relationships fuel open communication, a good work ethic, flexibility and a better understanding of each person’s roles and expectations. The following is a guest piece by John Rampton on behalf of The Economist Executive Education Navigator.

Role of HR in supporting mental well-being at work

HR Digest

Only implementing programs and courses of mental well-being isn’t sufficient; there should be a supporting part of the ethical business culture too. Mental health in the workplace is an important aspect.

The Importance of Human Resource Policies and Procedures

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This way basis of termination as defined in the job agreement helps in the termination of an employee who does not follow the agreed guidelines and restrictions. Human Resource Policies and Procedures are an integral part of present-day organizations.

9 Warning Signs of a Failing Employee

Leading with Trust

If you have an employee that demonstrates severe emotional mood swings on the job and in their relationships with others, you need to pursue the proper legal and ethical guidelines in dealing with the employee and getting them the support they need. “I’m sorry, we need to let you go.”. Oomph!

Your Bad Leaders Are Driving Away Good Employees

Strategy Driven

Non-specific — failing to provide clear instructions or guidelines for a project or situation. Plus, office politics always comes with ethical concerns , which certainly won’t boost your brand perception. These days, it’s hard to keep a good employee in your ranks. Messages across the web tell young workers that the only way to get ahead is to hop positions frequently, even as much as once per year.

Influencing Up

Marshall Goldsmith

To influence upper management and convert good ideas into meaningful action, follow these 10 guidelines: 1. Challenge up on issues involving ethics or integrity--never remain silent on ethics violations. Enron, WorldCom, and other organizations show how ethics violations--only one violation of corporate integrity--can damage or destroy even the most valuable companies. Organizations suffer when key people can't effectively influence up.

Effectively Influencing Decision Makers: Ensuring That Your Knowledge Makes a Difference

Marshall Goldsmith

The eleven guidelines listed below are intended to help you do a better job of influencing decision makers. Challenge up” on issues involving ethics or integrity – never remain silent on ethics violations. Enron, WorldCom, and other organizations have dramatically pointed out how ethics violations can destroy even the most valuable companies. An important guideline in influencing up is to always remember your goal – make a positive difference for the organizations.

Possibility Maximizer: The Leadership Quarterly

Sales Wolf Blog

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (1978) Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Walk The Talk The Dash, The Race, and Management, Training and Development Resources Workforce Management: information on employment law, human resource development and human resource management. You will find articles on topics like leadership development, succession planning, strategy and vision, and ethics -- just to name a few.

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How to Handle Employee Gossip?

HR Digest

While addressing guidelines on ethics-related matters in the employee handbook, gossip should be emphasized. Employee gossip in the workplace is a very common issue despite not having any real positive effect in the workplace. In the worst case, a small group of workplace gossipers can seriously impede a company's morale. Even in its comparatively harmless case, it’s a huge time waster and can spread as fast as a bad cold.

The September 2011 Leadership Development Carnival - Back to School Sale

Great Leadership By Dan

BTW, if you're wondering why your submission was not included - pay attention to the guidelines. Aisle Six: Textbooks: Linda Fisher Thornton presents Ethical Grey Areas: Our Choices Define Us posted at Leading in Context LLC. Welcome to the September, 2011 Leadership Development Carnival - Back to School Sale! Yes, it's back to school shopping time, and this month's Carnival gives leaders and aspiring leaders a shopping cart full of leadership development supplies.

Vision vs. Mission | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Our responsibility is to respect the ethic. Furthermore, the enduring anchor of an organization is found in its values and ethics, not its mission. While values and ethics remain consistent, delivery models must change with time to in order to endure. " 3) Clear values – the guidelines for daily behavior and decision-making.

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Interns to the Rescue! :: Women on Business

Women on Business

Here are my guidelines: Identify a specific job or two that an intern might do.

How to Create Outstanding Customer Service in Your Company

Strategy Driven

Good service is more than a facade, it needs to be the work ethic of the company if it’s to be successful. There also needs to be guidelines in place that tells the employees how long they have to reply to the customer and what they can do to help them. Every company in the world needs customer service; whether it is the job of the owner or a dedicated team, it is the lifeblood of the business.