Six Guidelines for Resolving Intergenerational Conflict

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Generational Signposts shape ideas about everything from expectations and perceptions about what the working environment will provide and how people should behave as employees, to company loyalty and work ethic. . . Here are some guidelines for resolving intergenerational conflict: . .

What Marketers Should Know About Personality-Based Marketing

Harvard Business Review

Communicators and marketers can now adopt a personalized approach to their work, ideally one based on behavioral science. But the execution lags behind the science while the claims of some marketers as to what personality marketing can do far exceed it. Moreover, public controversies like the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica story threaten personality marketing’s potential before it has really matured. We believe that includes personality marketing.

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The Ethics of Using Paid Content in Journalism

Harvard Business Review

Nowadays, marketers are inserting their content in much more effective ways. But what are the ethical lines this paid-for content should not cross? The public relations and communications company Edelman definitely has a horse in this race, but it has issued a useful paper on the relationship of paid content and journalism, which ends with "An Ethical Framework" that makes some unexpected points. Which brings us to the ethical guidelines proposed by the Edelman report.

Successful Fundraising: getting chosen over the competition

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or your organization; It’s not the strength of your relationship or who you ‘know’; It’s not the market, your competition, your return potential or your marketing materials. Ultimately, investors choose opportunities based on their own idiosyncratic choice criteria; your marketing efforts may be entering the wrong way, with the wrong goal, offering the right data and asking the right questions at the wrong time. And then the problem with marketing materials.

Guest Post: Leadership Lessons from a Kindergarten Class

Lead on Purpose

Jim’s passion is enabling product marketing teams. Do you set the example by following the team, department or company guidelines without failure?

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What’s Your Leadership Marque?

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Our world is saturated with advertising, marketing and branding, but are you missing the big picture? Look to the headlines on any given day and you will find a CEO who has fallen from grace because of a decision to stray from the moral, ethical or legal path. Logos, Brands, Slogans.

The Prisoner’s (Hedge Fund) Dilemma


When your focus is strictly on making money (not serving a larger, more selfless purpose), the rules seem to be more like guidelines and ethics is simply a class you took in college. If you speak to most hedge fund managers, they will tell you what they create is efficient markets.

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7 Steps To Foster Emotional Intelligence In Your Team

Tanveer Naseer

When these guidelines support both your business and your team members beliefs, they’ll be more inclined to jump to support and back these rules. John Rampton is an entrepreneur, investor, online marketing guru and startup enthusiast.

Your Bad Leaders Are Driving Away Good Employees

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In the modern job market, frequent relocations seems to be how employees get the titles, responsibilities and perks they crave. Non-specific — failing to provide clear instructions or guidelines for a project or situation. These days, it’s hard to keep a good employee in your ranks.

Case Study: Can an Ethical Bank Support Guns and Fracking?

Harvard Business Review

As the founder and president of a new ethical bank focused on environmental sustainability, Jay McGuane realized that he and his board needed to set guidelines about which loans to approve and which to reject on “values” grounds. Without clear ethics rules, Jay worried that his already divided directors would fall into bitter squabbling, which could lead to resignations, negative media attention, and a flight of investors. What is ‘green’ if not an ethical principle?

Interns to the Rescue! :: Women on Business

Women on Business

Here are my guidelines: Identify a specific job or two that an intern might do.

Vision vs. Mission | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Madoff Investment Securities LLC, the financial derivatives market collapse, Toyota concealing owner reports of sudden acceleration (resulting in a USA man sentenced to prison) and the BP Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon oil spill? Our responsibility is to respect the ethic.

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Win 2 Tickets to PLAY DEAD in NYC

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If a winner does not respond with his or her email address to receive the prize voucher within 72 hours of the notification email being sent, he or she forfeits the prize and an alternate winner will be selected (same guidelines apply).

Integrity: conversation with a teenager :: Women on Business

Women on Business

By Webster’s definition it means “the steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code; incorruptibility.&# As I researched the topic and definition I found some great guidelines and best practices that I’d like to share with you here.

Win 2 Tickets to Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating and.

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If a winner does not respond with his or her email address to receive the prize voucher within 72 hours of the notification email being sent, he or she forfeits the prize and an alternate winner will be selected (same guidelines apply).

The Big Picture of Business: Corporate Communications – Correctly Positioning Your Company

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Business development has occurred primarily by accident or through market demand. Some people in your organization will devote much time to promotions, public relations, marketing and advertising. Guidelines and Customs to be Observed in Corporate Communications.

Corporate Entrepreneurship: Turn Irony into Opportunity

In the CEO Afterlife

Corporate giants dominated markets and gobbled up competitors; along the way they failed to cope with rapid change. The change-makers are small- to medium-size enterprises that either lead niche categories or are hell-bent on knocking the big guy from the top rung of a mass market.

If the Auditors Sign Off, Does That Make It Okay?

Harvard Business Review

Fastow suggested that to avoid falling into an ethical trap he should have asked himself the right questions: Am I only following the rules or am I following the principles? Mark-to-market accounting can lead to more transparent financial statements but, if abused, can put a company in a hole that it can't climb out of. The market must value transparency. Ethics Finance Risk management

The Big Picture of Business – Think Tanks to Strategize

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Sales or marketing support. Without visioning, other functions (marketing, human resources, financial, production, quality control, public relations, etc.) Organizational purpose, vision, quality of life, ethics, longterm growth. Guidelines for conducting Strategic Planning.

Are You Working Over the Thanksgiving Holiday?

Harvard Business Review

12:53 PM Tuesday November 23, 2010 by Edward Hallowell | Comments () Email Tweet This Post to Facebook Share on LinkedIn Print If youre working — either from home or the office — over Thanksgiving, Im not sure whether to say, "Congratulations on your work ethic!" If youre working — either from home or the office — over Thanksgiving, Im not sure whether to say, "Congratulations on your work ethic!" We ask that you adhere to the following guidelines.

How Competitive Intelligence Rules Encourage Cheating

Harvard Business Review

They can design guidelines that satisfy both sides, those who need competitive information to do their jobs and those who have an obligation to prevent any illegal or unethical conduct. In a recent ethics survey, Fuld & Company asked competitive analysts from more than 100 large firms worldwide to gauge their potentially risky information-collection behavior. Those numbers reflect a largely failed attempt to control how employees inquire about their company's market.

The Right Way to Use the Wisdom of Crowds

Harvard Business Review

Maybe it’s estimating how much a market will grow next year, or finding the best strategy to beat a competitor. We also asked participants how intelligent or ethical they perceived the other person to be, based on their recommendation. Paul Taylor/Getty Images.

Narrowing the Chasm Between PR Professionals and Wikipedia

Harvard Business Review

Consider: Employees, entrepreneurs, and agency partners have flooded the site, pasting in marketing copy for every company product, adding the official bio for each and every senior executive, and including voluminous details of every CSR initiative to their organization’s corporate page. The statement , published today, commits our organizations to act in adherence to Wikipedia’s guiding principles, policies, and guidelines.

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It’s OK to Move Down (Yes, Down) the Value Chain

Harvard Business Review

defend against “attack from beneath” and maintain your reputation for ethical operations. Often, they are the very firms that have honed their capabilities by operating in low-end markets or by performing outsourced work. Ethical supply chains.

Google Glass Isn’t the Future of Wearables

Harvard Business Review

Aren’t Head-up Displays (HUDs) like Google Glass where the market is going?”. However, as I suggest in my HBR piece, we should vigorously question the ethics and effectiveness of any “asymmetrical” uses of HUDs. The challenge: Research shows that 70 percent of these infections could be prevented or made less severe by following basic hand-washing guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO), though only about 4 in 10 hospitals effectively comply.