The Threat of Workplace Automation in Future

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John Maynard Keynes warned in 1930 “about the new scourge of technological unemployment”, which he termed as “unemployment due to our discovery of means of economizing the use of labor outrunning the pace at which we can find new uses for labor.”

In Defense of Responsible Offshoring and Outsourcing

Harvard Business Review

In the State of the Union , President Obama declaimed: "No, we will not go back to an economy weakened by outsourcing." Offshoring and outsourcing today are like sex in the Victorian era: repressed or criticized in public discussion, much practiced in private behavior. Similarly, companies must be more forceful in explaining the uses of revenues and margins derived from offshoring/outsourcing's competitive cost structures and local appeal.


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10 Steps to Creating a Talent Advantage

N2Growth Blog

You may have technology or a product that gives you an edge, but your people determine whether you develop the next winning technology or product.&#. Outsourced recruiting is very effective and affordable if managed properly. People, their traits, attitudes, and work ethic (or lack thereof) are contagions. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. Creating a talent advantage begins with smart hiring.

Why Everyone's Working So Hard

Marshall Goldsmith

While IBM would always fire employees for ethical violations, almost no one was fired because of poor performance. Overall, the professional work ethic has increased in a world where the value of performing can bring greater rewards, while the cost of nonperformance can bring severe and immediate punishment. As recently as 10 years ago global outsourcing was largely limited to manufacturing or lower-level service jobs. Instead, new technology has created a "24/7" mindset.

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The “Business in Society” Imperative for CEOs

Harvard Business

On the one hand, protectionism, populism, and wide-spread distrust of business’s role in politics is threatening international corporations (think Carrier, Boeing, and tariffs/taxes for off-shoring and outsourcing). In virtually every country across the globe, a broad range of governmental and ethical issues directly and immediately shape what companies can and cannot do.

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It’s Time to Make Business School Research More Relevant

Harvard Business

Fourth, evaluating “scholarship” primarily by counting professors’ “A” journal publications also could encourage academics to engage in questionably ethical research practices in order to produce results that will be accepted by these journals. Business schools could also rely on new technologies to measure a professor’s impact. spiderstock/Getty Images.

How We’ll Really Feel if Robots Take Our Jobs

Harvard Business Review

And while groups like The Future of Life Institute are laying the groundwork for the ethical creation and use of robots , it seems like similar considerations should be considered when it comes to robots at work. The ethical management of robots, in other words, and how robots will ethically manage us. ” Labor Emotional intelligence Technology

Diversity & Leadership | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

I will onshore, offshore, outsource, insource, or execute whatever business strategy I implement without regard for diversity. In evaluating any relationship in the value chain I’m looking for value, talent, performance, leverage, efficiency, economy of scale, work ethic, integrity, character, discipline and many other traits irrespective of your skin color, age, etc. A sense of entitlement is not a substitute for work ethic and a desire to achieve.

The Future of Leadership Development

Great Leadership By Dan

The challenge for business schools will be that most of their faculty don’t have coaching expertise and credentials, so when it’s outsourced, it’s often not fully integrated into the program. This new business model will require a different model of leadership development – one that pays more attention to ethics, the environment, how decisions impact the community and society, and human rights.

It’s OK to Move Down (Yes, Down) the Value Chain

Harvard Business Review

defend against “attack from beneath” and maintain your reputation for ethical operations. The technologies and trends shaping tomorrow’s businesses. However, moving down the value chain — taking on claims processing and call centers to answer customer questions — made it possible for a customer to outsource the entire claims process. Ethical supply chains.

A Guide to Solving Social Problems with Machine Learning

Harvard Business

Decisions about how these tools are used seem too important for you to outsource, but raise a host of new issues that are difficult to understand. Harnessing the power of machine learning and other technologies. But even before we reach that stage, we need to make sure the tool is promising enough to ethically justify testing it in the field. It’s Sunday night. You’re the deputy mayor of a big city.

Why – and How – to Hire Young People Without Diplomas

Harvard Business Review

Moreover, our study uncovered a range of successful approaches to employing young adults, from building in-house training to partnering with outsourced providers. For example, when medical technology and services company Medtronic needed to economize by identifying unused IT equipment, it gave the project to one of its young interns. In particular, the program seeks to instill a strong work ethic by focusing on key traits such as respect, attitude, and teamwork.

What Is Management Research Actually Good For?

Harvard Business Review

At the same time, it is long past time for the field to have a serious conversation where their data comes from, and the ethics of using big data. For some researchers, that spreadsheet could have been an ethically questionable window into contemporary corporate practices. Meanwhile, information technologies increasingly turn the tasks of management (measuring and rewarding performance, scheduling) over to algorithms.

How IBM's Sam Palmisano Redefined the Global Corporation

Harvard Business Review

These relationships were essential in gaining the confidence of customers who had qualms about outsourcing to IBM. Palmisano believes the technology industry requires "a high-performance, in-your-face, speak-your-mind culture." He also forced partners and distributors to commit in writing to uphold IBM's strict ethical standards. As Palmisano built IBM into the world's leading information technology company, its competitors dithered.

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Freelance

Harvard Business Review

The media and technology sectors have traditionally been the biggest employers of freelancers but the good news is that “almost every industry is expanding their use of contingent workers,” says King. “The most successful freelancers know how to use their network for all sorts of things, like outsourcing work when they have too much,” Horowitz explains. Siyan Ren. Who hasn’t thought about quitting their full-time job and going out on their own?