Do Ethics Really Make You a Better Leader in Business?

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However, very few companies educate leaders about ethics and encourage leaders to discuss ethics with their teams. Ethics are usually an afterthought, taken seriously only after an event that causes a business or team to fall apart. Ethics prize the principle of truthfulness.

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How Kanban Revived My Work Ethic

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As a result — or as I thought at the time — my productivity slipped and I rapidly lost interest in what I was doing. However, I didn’t realise that it wasn’t the work that was to blame — it was my work ethic. Thankfully, through a trusted work partner, I discovered a technique known as Kanban , and it completely revived my work ethic. Just like any business, mine relies on delivering quality products on time, and with Kanban I can do that far more efficiently.

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Ethical Leaders And Workplace Culture: The Foundation Of Ethical Decision Making

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Guest post by Dr. Steven Mintz: Ethical leaders create a culture in the workplace that promotes moral values and establishes an ethical tone at the top. Ethical leaders are role models for others in the organization to follow. Employees want to work for ethical organizations.

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40 Ways to Build an Ethical Culture (An Ethical To Do List)

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By Linda Fisher Thornton Last week I blogged about 40 Ethical Culture Gaps to Avoid. This week, I''m sharing a ''What To Do" list of 40 Ways to Build an Ethical Culture. This list includes many ways to incorporate ethical values into daily organizational leadership. Each one of these 40 Ways to Build an Ethical Culture can improve an organization. Use this "ethical to do list" to assess your culture.

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Ethics Is Serious Business

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The field that provides this kind of know-how is called ethics. This means that ethics is serious business. Ethical dilemmas are at least as hard to resolve as engineering problems, and at least as urgent, particularly in our complex and fast-moving world. When does product promotion become false advertising? When organizations go astray ethically, it is usually due to a lack of ethical competence, not bad people. ethics John Hooker

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What is “Good Food” (In an Ethical Sense)?

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I was reading an article that ranked food products, and I began to think about how many different variables define “good” or “best” when we’re talking about food products. Ethical Organization Ethical Thinking 7 Lenses complexity ethical leadership in a global society leadership development leading ethicallyBy Linda Fisher Thornton What is “Good” Food?

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7 Reasons Ethics Matters in Brand Value

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Customers shop globally now, and when they buy, they compare products more and more often based on ethics. Ethical Organization Trends complexity ethical leadership ethics ethics training leadership development what is ethical leadership what is leadershipIn addition to shopping cautiously during the recession when money is tight, there's also a trend toward thinking about how each purchase impacts the global community and the planet.

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Why Ethics are Essential for a Strong Team Culture

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Building a team culture that is magnetic or lasts means better productivity, positive engagement, and higher retention. However, what has been largely overlooked by many business leaders is the essential foundation for a culture that sustains and thrives: Ethics. Ethics in Practice.

The Ethics of Quality

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There is a strong correlation between quality and ethics. Leadership’s demonstration of their philosophy and practice of ethical behavior impacts the whole organization in education, government or commercial enterprises.

Respect, Interpreted Part 1

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Without it, trust falls, productivity falls, engagement drops and turnover increases. Complexity Context Ethical Leader Ethical Organization Ethical Thinking ethical leader ethical leadership principles ethical prevention ethical thinking ethics and respectBy Linda Fisher Thornton I believe that respect is a key structural beam supporting the organizational "house."

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Leadership and Product Management

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Product managers hold a unique position in the company: they depend on people from other groups, but they do not have managerial authority over those people (in most cases). Product management — at every level — is a leadership role within the organization.

Reviving Work Ethic

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I read a short book - Reviving Work Ethic - A Leaders Guide to Ending Entitlement and Restoring Pride in the Emerging Workforce by Eric Chester. One of my strengths and one of the things that I attribute my business success to is my high work ethic. Interestingly, the people I seemed to attract in business also had tremendous work ethic. EMJ and SYNNEX were high work ethic companies. I do know that work ethic is partly tied to energy.

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Key elements of leadership and product management

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Most technology companies are comprised of people and teams that discover, define, design, develop and deliver products to the market. Their success depends largely on how well these teams work together to produce great products and services. The role of product manager has become increasingly important to the success of the products and the companies; it has become increasingly strategic. This situation requires product managers to be leaders.

The Big Picture of Business – Ethics… Good for Business

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In order to succeed and thrive in modern society, all private and public sector entities must live by codes of ethics. Ethics and profits are not conflicting goals. It is during the downturns that strong, committed and ethical businesses renew their energies to move forward.

Differences or Inclusion – Which Are We Focusing On?

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And that's a good thing for productivity and innovation, isn't it? Complexity Ethical Leader Ethical Organization Ethical Thinking ethical ethical leadership ethical leadership context ethically ethics leadership development leading ethically what is ethical leadershipDiversity can be Divisive When we talk about diversity, we are noticing differences.

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Three practices of successful product managers

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A company’s success is ultimately a roll-up of all products and services selling for a profit. In most companies product managers have a lot of products and significant responsibilities. Work with the sales team; understand how they sell your products.

Global Sentiment About Taking Responsibility

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By Linda Fisher Thornton A clearer picture of global ethics is coming into view. Ethical leaders have begun to realize how connected our global community is. Customers for our products may live in 50 or more countries. Product parts may be made in multiple countries, each with different laws and regulations. In this clearer picture, we know what''s important and see how far our responsibilities extend into the global community.

Maximize Employee Engagement, Alignment and Productivity

Michael Lee Stallard

The webinars are based on ideas in our book Fired Up or Burned Out: How to Reignite Your Team’s Passion, Creativity and Productivity (Thomas Nelson).

TAP Into Trust With These 12 Principles

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It improves metrics including productivity, employee satisfaction and ethical brand value. Ethical Leader Ethical Organization 7 Lenses ethical leadership Leading in Context Blog Linda Fisher Thornton TAP into Trust trust Trust PrinciplesBy Linda Fisher Thornton Every organization needs to pay attention to trust. It makes organizations better places to work where people want to invest time and plan careers. .

Launching a new product

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Quite often much emphasis is placed on designing and developing products, and the actual launch goes unplanned (or under-planned) until it’s too late. What problems have you faced when trying to launch a new product? What effect did it have on the product launch?

Leading to Bring Out Their Best

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While these leadership roles may seem low-key, they are the critical behaviors that lead to strong cultures and productive organizations. Ethical Leader Ethical Organization business ethics ethical business leadership ethical leadership context leadership development what is ethical leadership

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Interview with the Cranky Product Manager

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For those of you not familiar with the Cranky PM, she is “a fictional product management professional at a fictional enterprise software vendor named DysfunctoSoft.&# She blogs about what she calls “fictional stories&# of product management and product marketing professionals.

How to Ethically Ask for (and Receive) Reviews of Your Business or Product

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'Tis the Season for (Product) Camping

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Are you taking advantage of the many Product Camps or “Un-Conferences” offered this year? Product camps are a great place for product management professionals and leaders to step away from the day-to-day and engage in a day of learning and networking.

Ray Rice: Defective NFL Product?

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The post Ray Rice: Defective NFL Product? I’m on my home from the latest workshop by my coach Steve Harrison. Had a chance to meet Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Wow, what an amazing experience.

Green Company, Red Products, Black Ink | In the CEO Afterlife

In the CEO Afterlife

Green Company, Red Products, Black Ink. Whether the CEO is driven by personal ethics, a socially changing world, or headlines praising “sustainable” organizations, business is finally responding to the green trend—albeit slower than many would like to see. In the CEO Afterlife.

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Precautionary Principle: Profiting With Care

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Following the Precautionary Principle as business leaders, for example, we would avoid using product ingredients that may be harmful in addition to avoiding those that we know are harmful. Complexity Ethical Organization ethical leadership ethical leadership in a global society leadership and management management and leadership what is ethical leadership what is leadershipWhat is the Precautionary Principle?

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Ethical Viewpoints & Environmental Investments: Helping Your Business Profit Emotionally (Without Wasting Profit)

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With this in mind, are there any ways for us to embody a more ethical outlook while also keeping our finances down? The best place to begin is by looking at your business and how compliant it is from an ethical standpoint. You can buy a product like this one, the BearSaver – Mini Depot Recycling Enclosure which has individual compartments for plastic, mixed recycling, glass, or landfill.

Are You Suffering From Truth Decay?

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Leadership guru Warren Bennis has noted, “So much lip service is paid to the issue of business ethics; but how do you in fact build an organization distinguished by tangible integrity, moral vision, and transparency? As leaders, we are responsible for setting the example of ethical behavior for our team; and if we pay attention to the warning signs of truth decay and take actions to prevent its spread, we will build a culture of high trust, engagement, and productivity.

Leadership and…the Cascade Stress Effect

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If we use fear-based leadership, bullying, command-and-control leadership, belittling, sabotage or other forms of psychological violence, or allow them to be used by others in our organizations, we create the opposite of a supportive, productive learning organization. Ethical Organization ethical business ethical issues ethics ethics training leadership development leadership training

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February 2020 Leadership Development Carnival

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Marcella Bremer of Positive Culture shared Ethical Culture at Work. Check out these four ethical tests—and see how you can influence others for the better.” Productivity. Leadership Development Carnival Communication development engagement Leadership Leadership development carnival productivityWelcome to the February 2020 Leadership Development Carnival!

3 Reasons You Should Listen to Those Pesky Millennials

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Work Ethic. “I I nodded and she continued: “What about their work ethic? Sitting at your desk doesn’t relate directly to productivity. In many cases it actually means you’re less productive. Leadership Development meaning Millennials Purpose Values Winning Well work ethi

Don’t Ever Use Ethics To Argue For a Business Decision

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In 1994 Massachusetts had a statewide referendum that would have required companies to reduce the amount of product packaging. If you can deliver a better product at a lower cost, why wouldn’t the company do it? If your company must decide between doing the right thing (A), or doing the wrong but less expensive thing (B), the worst thing you can do is to argue for “A” based on ethics. Chapter 9: Paint Your Environment.

January 2018 Leadership Development Carnival

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Productivity. Business leaders have learned that ethical leadership transforms organizational metrics.” Leadership Leadership Development Teamwork engagement team Inspiration creativity productivity development Team Building

Why Ethical People Make Unethical Choices

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Most companies have ethics and compliance policies that get reviewed and signed annually by all employees. “Employees are charged with conducting their business affairs in accordance with the highest ethical standards,” reads one such example. Clearly it takes more than a compliance policy or Values Statement to sustain a truly ethical workplace. Corporate ethical failures have become painfully common, and they aren’t cheap.

June 2019 Leadership Development Carnival

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By engaging with others in meaningful, cooperative activities away from the workplace and then leveraging insights gathered there into positive and productive work relationships.” Joel reflects: “Whether you are hosting an all-day high-potential training or a corporate event, a professional keynote speaker has the power not just to motivate your employees, but also to help you cut costs by improving your people’s efficiency and productivity.”

July 2018 Leadership Development Carnival

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We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, employee performance and engagement, personal and professional development, productivity, team building, and more. Productivity. And More… Dan McCarthy of Great Leadership provided Ethics Is Serious Business. Leadership Development Carnival Communication creativity development Inspiration productivity Team Building

Praising Customers for Ethical Purchases Can Backfire

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And socially focused companies like Toms, which appeal to consumers with their “buy one, give one” promise, also praise consumers’ purchasing behavior with their altruistic tag (e.g., “With every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need”). For example, seeing that Starbucks cup might make consumers care more about products made from recycled materials. Ethics Marketing Customers Digital Article

Why You Should Welcome Millennials Onto Your Team

Joseph Lalonde

They have no work ethic. They won’t make you less productive. Leading Millennials. You may be thinking you don’t want to welcome millennials onto your team. They’re lazy. And they’re going to leave anyway.

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The Ethics Conversation We’re Not Having About Data

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In July, the CEO of Whole Foods Markets issued a mea culpa after the supermarket was found to have manipulated product data, over-stating the weight of pre-packaged produce and meats. Except in rare cases, the ethics of these decisions are never broached.

Ethical Consumerism Isn’t Dead, It Just Needs Better Marketing

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Ethical consumerism is the broad label for companies providing products that appeal to people’s best selves (for example, fair trade coffee or a purchase that includes a donation to a charitable cause). Likewise, people both want to be ethical and they want to ignore ethics.

Addiction Marketing

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It was at that moment I realized the real power of one of Starbucks key business drivers, if not their most critical business driver – Starbucks sells products that cater to peoples addictive tendencies. What about companies in the luxury products sector?

Leadership and integrity

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Establish a set of sound ethics policies, integrate them into all business processes, communicate them broadly to all employees, and make clear that you will not tolerate any deviation from any of them. Lincoln said: “Great leadership is a product of great character. The Product Management Perspective: To succeed as a product manager you must live with integrity. It’s crucial for product managers to build trust with the teams they work with and depend on.