What’s Your Leadership Return On Equity?

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Ethics and equity and the principles of justice do not change with the calendar.” ROE or Return on Equity can be described as the sum of net income returned as an expressed percentage of shareholder equity. ROE measures company profitability by showing how much yield a business produces from and against shareholder investment. Curator Posts Equity Leadership levin ROE

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12 Core Competencies For Great Leadership

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They thrive on facts, figures and numbers—whether it’s ROI, ROE, or EBIDTA. Great leaders are ethical and trustworthy. Asked to define what a great leader is, many people might say something like “Great leaders have integrity” or “Great leaders inspire people” or “Great leaders lead by service and setting the right example.”. And each one of those answers is correct in its way. At its root, leadership is a collection of competencies.

Women Directors Change How Boards Work

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And while research about financial performance is still in its infancy — Catalyst has found a strong correlation between the number of women on boards and in the C-Suite and ROI and ROE of company returns — we’re starting to learn more about the important ways women are changing the inner workings of boards. Phillips , the Paul Calello Professor of Leadership and Ethics, and others have found. We know that getting more women on teams can boost performance.