How You Can Stop The “Fake News” Madness

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Our "Human Software" is Buggy While it's important for us to tell the difference between the real and the fake, our "human software" comes with bugs. Context Ethical Leader Ethical Thinking Trends business tips content curation ethical leadership fake news leading ethically learning social media strategyBy Linda Fisher Thornton We all need to know how to tell what's real news and what's not.

Are You Approachable?

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Have any of you learned more than three new software programs this week? Context Ethical Leader 7 Lenses change leadership ethical leader ethical leadership development Leadership leading ethicallyBy Linda Fisher Thornton The pace of change is out of control in the workplace. Have you had to deliver on deadline in spite of being completely new to a project?

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Building a Software Start-Up Inside GE

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This means that many organizations and their leaders are running as fast as they can to quickly build their software capabilities. ” So GE has hired 1,000 software engineers and data scientists to provide enhanced software and analytical skills across GE’s many businesses.

Interview with the Cranky Product Manager

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For those of you not familiar with the Cranky PM, she is “a fictional product management professional at a fictional enterprise software vendor named DysfunctoSoft.&#

Talent Wins

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Employee Engagement Platforms - Key Building Blocks for Delivering Better Employee Insights | Software Technology Blog. Books Business Coaching Career Ethics Leadership Memes Personal Life Skills Tips What is Work life competitive advantage Design Dominic Barton human capital Ram CharanPeople, not companies, generate value, so why isn't talent at the center of every company's strategy?

The Ethics Conversation We’re Not Having About Data

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Besides engineers, software developers, and product managers, the burgeoning community of data scientists are also complicit in developing the concepts, algorithms, and software to enable the deception. Except in rare cases, the ethics of these decisions are never broached.

Effective Online Communication

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Back in October 1971, an engineer (who I knew when we both went to a small high school in Upstate New York during the late 1950s) named Ray Tomlinson chose the '@' symbol for email addresses and wrote software to send the first network email. . Ray Tomlinson has been called the father of email because he invented the software that allowed messages to be sent between computers. .

All Data is Wrong, Some is Useful

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… During normal driving, the cars with the software — known as a “defeat device” — would pollute 10 times to 40 times the legal limits, the EPA estimated. Data Management curiouscat ethics green leadership Statistics

The Path to Transparency

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The software has been downloaded more than 36 million times this year, and thousands of nameless volunteers — many of them Tor clients — now help to relay mind-bogglingly diverse Tor data in nearly every country on earth. Communication Current Affairs Ethics Leadership Memes Web/Tech communication freedom of secrecy personal privacy politics sharing knowledge social justice tor hidden services transparency transparentTransparency is secretive business.

Fond Memories: 3 Ways to Be Remembered as a Leader

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And you demonstrate the work ethic that will push your company to reach its goals. While some might rail at learning a new software program, they’ll respect you for sitting down to train with the tech crew alongside everyone else.

How Successful Leaders Use Culture To Influence Behaviour

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A Leader’s Insights In “ Joy, Inc – How We Built a Workplace People Love ”, Richard Sheridan, cofounder and CEO of software design firm Menlo Innovations, delineates the practical steps he has taken to create and maintain a corporate culture that makes people “excited to come to work every day.”

Could Microsoft's First CEO Become Its Third CEO?

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Any new CEO of Microsoft will need Chairman Bill Gate''s blessing and the board is seeking a leader with a strong technical background along with the work ethic Gates had while he was CEO. .

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What Connects Coca-Cola, Lego, In-N-Out, Intuit, and Nike? Focus.

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Intuit develops financial and tax preparation software for small business, accountants and the general public. Intuit is successful because they bring their ‘do less better’ cultural ethic to their customers. Intuit cuts through that complexity with software that simplifies.

Are We Experiencing A Technology Tsunami?

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Some examples: I never load software anymore – in fact I don’t even use my CD/DVD player. As moving parts disappear (CD’s, Software, Wires, Hard Drives) do the systems, personnel, costs, support and focus also decline?

10 Guaranteed Ways That Can Get You Fired

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And if there are inconsistencies between what you’ve said you can do and your performance on the job—for example, if you’re struggling with a piece of software or equipment you’ve said you know how to use—your entire application may get a second, closer look.

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What to look for when hiring college graduates

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You’re not so much looking for the individual’s ethics or values here, but their capacity to form and deliver their point of view in a creative and compelling way.

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7 Top Tips For Progressing Your Career

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Training will not only benefit you and future-proof your career, but it means your employer can get more out of you, too, so it’s really in everybody’s interest to train you on new skills, software and programs. Aren’t sure your talents and work ethic are valued in your current job?

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Speak the language

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The sales team wants to know how the software will benefit their current customers and how they message it to new customers. The developers want specifics on how to develop every aspect of the new software application.

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Six Ways to See the World through New Lenses—and Lead More Effectively

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Importantly, “That perspective enables us to rein in our smartness and harness it to serve a larger purpose in an ethical and appropriate manner.” In their book From Smart to Wise , Prasad Kaipa and Navi Radjou state that wise leadership succeeds where smart leadership cannot.

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5 Tips On How To Treat New Employees.

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Also, make sure that everything (and I mean everything) is in place — their desk, supplies, laptop, passwords, systems, software, phone, and paperwork.

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5 Ways To Kill Email. | Rich Gee Group

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Here are some tips that I use to make my way through 125-150 emails a day: Recognize that email is not your master, it’s a piece of software.

Investment for Small Business Owners

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We can look at online reviews and often play with a free sample of their software. If you believe in sustainability or protecting the environment, then search for investments where the company acts ethically and with responsibility.

Teaching an Algorithm to Understand Right and Wrong

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In his Nicomachean Ethics , Aristotle states that it is a fact that “all knowledge and every pursuit aims at some good,” but then continues, “What then do we mean by the good?” ” That, in essence, encapsulates the ethical dilemma. ” Unraveling Ethical Dilemmas. The rise of artificial intelligence is forcing us to take abstract ethical dilemmas much more seriously because we need to code in moral principles concretely.


Overcoming Leadership Myopia

Michael Lee Stallard

We want to be respected, to be recognized for our talents, to belong, to have autonomy or control over our work and our lives, to experience personal growth, and to do work that we believe is worthwhile and in a way that we feel is ethical. SAS Institute, the world’s largest privately-held software business, was recognized this year as number one on Fortune’s “Best Places to Work” list for 2010. Howard Behar and Michael Lee Stallard.

Has SAS's Jim Goodnight Cracked the Code On Corporate Culture?

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Over a business cycle, SAS’s employee turnover in the low single digits is a fraction of the software industry’s that at times reaches into the mid-20 percent plus range.

Understand your role

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5 Responses Software Product Management » Blog Archive » ????????? ???? ???? ,

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Free Tech Tools for the Digital Economy

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Employers find this type of response a reflection of one’s work ethic and performance. This software is a gold mine in the digital economy, and when Robotic Process Automation is more highly implemented in today’s businesses, this technology is essential for any technical communicator, IT operator, and truly any employee who performs data processing and manual data entry as the bulk of their daily job duties.

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Has Jim Goodnight Cracked the Code of Corporate Culture?

Michael Lee Stallard

During our conversation it was evident that he is proud that SAS is developing software to solve problems in a broad range of fields. Already 30,000 teachers are using the educational software developed by SAS that the company makes available to teachers online at no cost.

It’s Better to Avoid a Toxic Employee than Hire a Superstar

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Hiring Ethics Human resource management ArticleSuperstar employees are the obsession of the corporate world. They’re highly sought after , given the most attention and the best opportunities , generously rewarded , and expressly reassured after setbacks.

AI’s Real Risk

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Ethical and legal debates around quasi-autonomous vehicles – automobiles, drones, etc. The software observes who responds well to praise and encouragement and who improves after reprimand. Ethics Technology Article

3 Qualities of a Great Mentor

Steve Farber

Mentors might equip their protégés with specific skills like how to build healthy relationships, how to use the company’s project management software, how to become a leader, what to look for when reading a P&L, or, in the case of Adwoa Dadzie, how to think big. “I As a young girl, I watched his work ethic and success drive him in life and business,” said Sullivan, CEO of Marketing Solved.

The Liberal Arts of Leadership

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Managers [should] draw on all the knowledge and insights of the humanities and the social sciences--on psychology and philosophy, on economics and history, on ethics as well as on the physical sciences. But they have to focus this knowledge on effectiveness and results--on healing a sick patient, teaching a student, building a bridge, designing and selling a "user friendly" software program.

From idea to strategy

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Autodesk’s software and applications became must-have tools for designers and manufacturers alike, thanks to Bartz’s insistence that the company methodically roll out new features based on customer feedback.

The Big Picture of Business- When the Rules Don’t Fit the Game, Corporate Cultures Reflect Business Progress and Growth

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That buying the latest software program will cure all social ills and create success. Addictive organizations show frozen feelings and ethical deterioration. Every business, company or organization goes through cycles in its evolution.

Craft a Remarkable Personal Brand Statement! 29 Steps & Examples

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Great leaders often align their leadership values with personal beliefs and ethics of their own. In another, I managed significant software changeover/upgrade for more accurate and timely processing of accounting functions, inventory reports, and financial statements."

Should CIOs Be Compliance Cops?

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So she asked her CIO if he could test that software out. Moreover, IT ends up being branded as a reactive snitch rather than a group with clearly understood and crisply communicated ethical standards around employee surveillance and monitoring. Savvy CIOs have the opportunity to go beyond the technologies and analytics to become ethical influencers of their enterprise. Ethics IT management Technology

The Big Picture of Business – Biggest Excuses They Use… and You Should Avoid: Rationales and Reasons Why Businesses Fail

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We just bought a piece of computer software. Ethics and standards… those are for chumps. Some people and organizations go to great extremes to place spins, rationalize or save face. Often, sweeping generalizations involve making far-fetched excuses or scapegoating someone else.

Lessons from the Three Cups of Tea Controversy

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Any manager who has ever tried to shift organizational behaviors by rolling out a new piece of software knows this well. But if you try to roll out software that causes a major shift, such as going from a per diem to a detailed accounting of expenses for each day, then the software will only be used grudgingly. Education Ethics

3 Qualities of a Great Mentor

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Mentors might equip their protégés with specific skills like how to build healthy relationships, how to use the company’s project management software, how to become a leader , what to look for when reading a P&L, or, in the case of Adwoa Dadzie, how to think big. “I As a young girl, I watched his work ethic and success drive him in life and business,” said Sullivan, CEO of Marketing Solved.

Unconventional Ways to Sell Your Innovative Idea

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For one software skunkworks threatened with termination, that meant going outside channels to demo a prototype to an influential customer. The ethics are as provocative and problematical as the pragmatics. Do tactics like these inhabit an ethical gray area? Ethics Getting buy-in InnovationA small innovation team in a large confectionary company figured out a clever way to "personalize" their company's trademarked candies.

Autism's Competitive Advantage, and Challenge, in the Workplace

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SAP, the German software giant, announced that it hopes to hire hundreds of autistics as talented programmers and product testers. These include perfectionism; preoccupation with details, rules, orders, lists, organizations or schedules; excess devotion to work; inflexibility about matters of morality, ethics or values; reluctance to delegate tasks unless others submit to exactly his way of doing things; and rigidity and stubbornness. Ethics Human resources Innovation OCPD

Is It Cheating to Have a Side Project?

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If you are an operating systems software engineer who spends even part of the day working on her great idea for a new video game, you should be collecting unemployment. Career planning EthicsWe believe that: One of the best ways of getting energized at work is to start something outside of it. You will gain new skills and new perspectives which will naturally attach to you as go about doing your day job.).

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A Penny for Your Privacy?

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When data are captured and used without permission, as facial recognition software does in stores or in the public square, new norms and probably legal standards need to be established. Ethics Social mediaWe've become a society used to the idea of giving up some amount of privacy in exchange for a service or discount.