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At a time when fraud, sexual harassment, and other forms of workplace misconduct are making daily headlines, ethics has become as indispensable a tool for the modern workplace as technology or finance. In TAKING ETHICS SERIOUSLY , author John Hooker, provides an intellectual framework for deciding whether an action is ethical. Hooker brings his extensive background in philosophy, logic, and management science to the rigorous analysis of ethical dilemmas.

Do Ethics Really Make You a Better Leader in Business?

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However, very few companies educate leaders about ethics and encourage leaders to discuss ethics with their teams. Ethics are usually an afterthought, taken seriously only after an event that causes a business or team to fall apart. Ethics prize the principle of truthfulness.

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At a time when fraud, sexual harassment, and other forms of workplace misconduct are making daily headlines, ethics has become as indispensable a tool for the modern workplace as technology or finance. In TAKING ETHICS SERIOUSLY , author John Hooker, provides an intellectual framework for deciding whether an action is ethical. Hooker brings his extensive background in philosophy, logic, and management science to the rigorous analysis of ethical dilemmas.

Ethics Is Serious Business

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Guest post by John Hooker : Everyone knows that an organization can’t function without physical infrastructure communications, transportation, computer technology, and the rest. The field that provides this kind of know-how is called ethics. This means that ethics is serious business. Ethical dilemmas are at least as hard to resolve as engineering problems, and at least as urgent, particularly in our complex and fast-moving world. ethics John Hooker

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Quantifying a Culture of Innovation

technologies – robots, rockets, self-driving cars, virtual reality, and. companies, not just technology companies. a technology company – averaged 104 challenges every year. For example, in UHG’s technology development program, all. QUANTIFYING A CULTURE OF.

Are We Experiencing A Technology Tsunami?

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home about rich our team news our fans services executive coach business coach speaking inspire media knowledge books affiliates contact Rich Gee Group 203.500.2421 Are We Experiencing A Technology Tsunami? How is technology changing for you?

Weekly Round-Up: Is Technology the End of Introspection, The Power of Admitting a Mistake, 5 Principles of Ethical Leaders, and Leadership Strangers


Welcome to my weekly round-up of top leadership and communication blog posts. As many of you know, each week I read and tweet several great articles and on Fridays, I pull some of my favorites together here on my blog. Weekly Round-Up

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The Legal and Ethical Implications of Using AI in Hiring

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Hiring Technology Ethics Digital ArticleWhat we risk when we ask machines to find the right person for the job.

100 Trends to Watch For 2013

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By Linda Fisher Thornton 100 Trends to Watch For 2013 As we head into 2013, the trend reports at the links below will give you a “business leader’s preview” of what to expect in sectors that range from consumer trends, human resources, leadership and marketing to color, food, and technology. Trends Context complexity context based mindset ethical leadership context future trends Leadership leadership and management leadership development what is ethical leadership

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Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Upgrade

Joseph Lalonde

Humans are implanted with technological upgrades. He loved classic cars and being away from technology. So he pursued a career as a mechanic and repaired original cars, ones that were not equipped with technological enhancements. Technology is great. Technology could.

The Leadership Lab

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Leaders schooled in rational, left-brained thinking need to adapt to changing political, social and technological forces. Books Business Coaching Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ethics Leadership Personal Coaching Self-Awareness Skills What is Work life

Violent Leadership

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Technological advances. Books Business Coaching Communication Current Affairs Ethics Games Leadership Memes Science Self-Awareness Skills Success What is Work life business leader management consultancyBe a force for change, disrupt, innovate, energize. Ferocious competition. Generational differences. Cultural diversity. Political policies and mandates. Economic uncertainty. Constant change. . These are the facts of business today.

Talent Wins

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Written for all leaders across organizations, TALENT WINS by Ram Charan, Dominic Barton and Dennis Carey, provides a much-needed framework for transforming how companies acquire, manage and deploy talent for today's agile, digital analytical, technologically driven strategic environment. Employee Engagement Platforms - Key Building Blocks for Delivering Better Employee Insights | Software Technology Blog.

Is Your Company Using Employee Data Ethically?

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Supreme Court, once said , “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have the right to do and what is right to do.” ” Associate Justice Stewart probably didn’t know how new data technologies would soon begin to blur those boundaries. While the benefits are clearly far-reaching and potentially game changing, there are ethical questions to consider. Managing people Analytics Personnel policies Ethics Digital Article

The Ethics Conversation We’re Not Having About Data

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This story keeps coming back, because the industry treats it as a technological problem requiring a technological solution. Business managers are missing the real issue: the people who collect, store, manage and process our data are not being held to any ethical standards.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Ant-Man And The Wasp

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Dr. Hank Pym and Hope Van Dyne had provided Scott the technology for Ant-Man. Their technology was used in an illegal manner and they were now in hiding because of Scott’s actions. He told Hope he had a buyer for their technology.

Students Teach Business Ethics

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In the fall, I wrote a series of posts on the moral concerns raised by the financial crisis and how a business ethics course might address them. Rather, they should be taught "how to engage, with intelligence and integrity, a real ethics debate about the role of business and the business professional in a free society.". This winter, I taught an accelerated course in business ethics to professionals at the Harvard Extension School. Business education Ethics

Knowledge Is Power. Data Isn’t.

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Thanks to technology, we have access to an endless source of data at our fingertips, at any place and at any time we choose. Technology gives us more and more data, but analyzing and understanding ‘more and more’ is arduous and time consuming.

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How RFID Technology Improves Hospital Care

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The successful experience illustrates the role that relatively simple technology (e.g., Use technology to identify and address barriers. All of the RFID tags are “passive technology,” meaning that the individual tags don’t need power.

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Ethics for Technologists (and Facebook)

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In retrospect, if I had to write it again, I’d include a section or chapter on ethics. The ongoing explosion of technologically-enabled business opportunities inherently expand the ethical dilemmas, quandaries and trade-offs managements will confront. So the ethical question and challenge organizations should openly—not secretly or quietly—confront is: How can we honestly, openly and authentically demonstrate that our experiments are reasonable, fair and safe?

Praising Customers for Ethical Purchases Can Backfire

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Like leading the way in cup technology with the first U.S. In one study, participants viewed a short 40-second Starbucks commercial that either praised a customer for making an ethical purchase (it used phrasing such as: “Everything we do, you do. You buy more fair trade certified coffee than anyone else”) or praised the company for its ethical business practices (“Starbucks is the biggest buyer of fair trade coffee in the world”).

Will Artificial Intelligence Take Your Job?

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Of course, people have always worried that technology would take over their job. Gutenberg’s press probably created more social upheaval than any technological advancement has yet to do today.

The Capable Employee

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As I visit client sites and assess the challenges they face, it becomes clear that sometimes the culprit is not the employee, it’s the technology. Excessive reliance on technology cripples the ability to think outside the box. To be sure that your employees know their tasks and are able to execute them with or without help, there are a few ways to take the temperature of your employee’s skill without technological help. Technology in moderation.

Effective Online Communication

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Applying technology to provide easy access for societal dialog has the promise of peer-to-peer co-creation of knowledge and rapid consensus solution-building. Today's technology holds the promise of quickly connecting problem solvers with problems, converting actionable knowledge into value that transforms the world.

A Culture of Trust

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The foundation of network technology is how the people we connect with think about the collaboration process. . . Books Business Coaching Career Communication Ethics Leadership Memes Self-Awareness Skills Success Tips Web/Tech What is brain activity cultures employees human behavior OXYTOCIN Paul J. Repairing and replacing a damaging workplace culture is tough--largely because people form and join cultures instinctively. Neuroscientist Paul J.

Wars of Religion

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Technology gives us power but cannot guide us as to how to use that power. Books Communication Current Affairs Ethics Health Leadership Memes Religion Self-Awareness What is BBC Homo sapiens Islam Judaism and Christianity Muslims peace religion warA “God and War” audit commissioned by the BBC found that religion played some part in 40% of major wars over the past three millennia, but usually a minor one. What the secularists forgot is that Homo sapiens is the meaning-seeking animal.

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Two thought-provoking perspectives on the “crisis of capitalism”

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transformational innovation in product and process technologies to minimize resource use the “short-termism” of so much modern business lies at the heart of many of today’s problems The challenge for business is to meet global needs in a sustainable fashion The remedies for capitalism Two thought-provoking perspectives on "the crisis of capitalism" UnileverHere are brief excerpts from two articles featured by McKinsey & Company.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Communications technology is breaking down national barriers and undermining rulers, while the youth look to new role models. Books Business Coaching Ethics Leadership Memes Web/Tech What isBusiness should not be a selfish game.

HBR Presents: Exponential View

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Entrepreneur, investor, and podcast host Azeem Azhar looks at some of the biggest issues at the intersection of technology and society, with a focus this season on artificial intelligence. In this episode, he speaks with University of Bath professor Joanna Bryson on the kind of professional and ethical standards that need to be put in place as AI continues to grow as an industry. Technology Ethics Audio

Open Book Management – Pros and Cons, Transparency & Accountability

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You already work in sales Succeeding in your first job in the Defence Sector Creating a learning and development culture What is the best approach for improving ethical behaviour in business? Struggling with unmotivated employees? Wish employees felt more invested in company goals? Consider motivating employees by implementing Open Book Management (OBM). Related Content: How do you select the right coach?

PR and Ethics in the Battle for Location-based Data

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It's a familiar pattern: new technology enables new business practices. But they seem to have forgotten Business Ethics 101: Don't do anything that you'd be embarrassed to see on Page 1 of the Wall Street Journal or the Financial Times. That's not just good ethics advice; it's good PR advice, too. Ethics Government Marketing

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Does All This Sound Familiar?

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Companies based on new technologies were acquiring monopoly power. Books Current Affairs Ethics Leadership Memes What is

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“The point we will be making here is that logically, neither trial and error nor “chance” and serendipity can be behind the gains in technology and empirical science attributed to them. Here is another in the CONVERSATIONS AT EDGE series, in this instance a conversation with Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

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Four Reasons for Insisting on Civility at Work

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Today, workplaces extend beyond our walls and borders through technology. communication Leadership Leadership Values organizational culture Organizational Effectiveness 21st Century leadership bullying Character-based Leadership civility ethics

Case Study: Can an Ethical Bank Support Guns and Fracking?

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As the founder and president of a new ethical bank focused on environmental sustainability, Jay McGuane realized that he and his board needed to set guidelines about which loans to approve and which to reject on “values” grounds. Without clear ethics rules, Jay worried that his already divided directors would fall into bitter squabbling, which could lead to resignations, negative media attention, and a flight of investors. What is ‘green’ if not an ethical principle?

We Are All Indians

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He started to understand more fully, as he later wrote, that Indian peoples had "always made alliances, inter-married, and borrowed ideas and technology from other people." "Indian history didn''t end in the 1800s," Trahant added. Books Ethics Memes Personal Life Real Estate Self-Awareness Travel Web/Tech What is Women Work life The words of editor Ralph Dixey of Tevope in Fort Hall, Idaho published in 1939; "Friends, we are all Indians no matter how white or dark you are.

Four Reasons For Insisting on Civility at Work

You're Not the Boss of Me

Today, workplaces extend beyond our walls and borders through technology. communication Leadership Leadership Values Organizational Effectiveness 21st Century leadership bullying Character-based Leadership civility ethics

Book Review: Here Comes Everybody

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We are being pushed rapidly down a route largely determined by the technological environment.&# “Anything that raises the cost of doing something reduces what gets done.&#

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Leading Views: Pervasive Learning

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In today’s technology-enabled world, students have virtually instant access to a limitless amount of information. Dan Pontefract is makes a point in his book, Flat Army , about learning at the speed of need. He quotes Samuel Johnson, “Knowledge is of two kinds.

How to Become Truly Social

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Winning in this environment requires more than new technology ; here are ten ways to become truly social in a world that is not just connected, but interconnected and interdependent: 1) Do away with one-way conversations. Just because all companies now possess the technological capability to hold social conversations with employees, customers and stakeholders, this does not mean we can automatically make these conversations valuable. By Guest Author Dov Seidman.

The Seven Signs of Great Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

Making ethics a part of the culture A critical trait I noticed in great leaders was a consistent set of ethics. Dave Farrell, the long serving CEO of May Department stores, was always very consistent with ethical decision making.

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AI and the Genetic Revolution

Harvard Business Review

Theoretical physicist and founder of Genomic Prediction, Michigan State University senior vice president Stephen Hsu discusses the extraordinary developments in predictive genomics and digs into the ethical minefield that lies ahead: is the door now open to designer babies? Technology Innovation Health Policy Audio

Thank You for Being Late

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The three largest forces on the planet—technology, globalization, and climate change—are all accelerating at once. The more technological we get, the more we need people who have a much broader framework.