Space Leadership Comes Before Selfies

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When you meet a leader like Bob Cabana and have a quick, fun “social media moment,” it’s easy to be lulled into thinking “gosh he makes leadership look easy.”. It was when I read Mike Massimino’s book, Spaceman: An Astronaut’s Unlikely Journey to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe , that I was reminded that the road to leadership is about much more than a smiling public face. Leadership After the Columbia Disaster. Leadership Self Development Values Vision Authentic

What Michael Buble Taught Me About Leadership In 3 Minutes

Joseph Lalonde

Image by Eva Rinaldi. Watch the video below and then keep reading to see what Michael Buble taught me about leadership. That’s pretty awesome and I know there’s leadership lessons we can take away from this episode. You’ll have the chance during your leadership to offer people more of a chance than they deserve. Never forget your leadership position is only temporary. This is all a reminder of great leadership.

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Planting the Seeds of Change

Coaching Ourselves

We are excited to now include Otto Scharmer and Eva Pomeroy of the Presencing Institute as our newest authors. Eva Pomeroy. On November 30th 2021, we invite you to experience this newest CoachingOurselves module “ Awareness-Based Systems Change: Planting the Seeds of Change ” by Otto Scharmer and Eva Pomeroy at our Free Public Virtual Event. We are thrilled that Eva Pomeroy will join us after the module to answer any questions and continue the conversation.

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New Module: Awareness-Based Systems Change

Coaching Ourselves

CoachingOurselves is excited to announce our newest module by authors Otto Scharmer and Eva Pomeroy titled Awareness-Based Systems Change: Planting the Seeds for Change. The key leadership challenge of our times is to cultivate creativity, innovation, and leadership capacity at all levels of our systems. Eva Pomeroy is Research Lead at the Presencing Insitute and core faculty at U.Lab.

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Coaching Ourselves

A key leadership challenge is how to cultivate creativity, innovation, and leadership capacity at all levels of the organization. Authors: Otto Scharmer and Eva Pomeroy. Did you know that CoachingOurselves currently has 98 modules available in our catalogue?

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Is Your Leadership More Like A Locomotive Or The Loco-motion?

Tim Milburn

The song is notable for appearing in the American Top 5 three times – each time in a different decade: for Little Eva in 1962 (U.S. #1); Which one best describes your style of leadership? ” You might have guessed that I am more inclined toward “The Loco-motion” style of leadership. I think we need some new metaphors for leadership. “Just because you’re at the front of the line, it doesn’t mean you’re the leader.”

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The Orbital Perspective

Eric Jacobson

Garan is a retired NASA astronaut who has traveled 71,075,867 miles in 2,842 orbits of our planet during more than 178 days in space and 27 hours and 3 minutes of EVA (extravehicular activity) during four spacewalks. Astronaut Ron Garan Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership The Orbital Perspective Astronaut Ron Garan How can you not read a book that starts out, " I have wanted to write this book since returning to Earth from my first space mission in 2008 "?

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The Business of Art: Where are the Women?

Women's Leadership Exchange

t til afterwards that I realized that her work, along with Eva Hesse?s In the business of art, where are the women? s the question that struck me after visiting the The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), rebuilt and greatly expanded. in all its dramatic grandeur. My daughter Sara, was my noble companion on this expedition to a museum that has always inspired me. Sara recently graduated with a BFA from SVA, and holds her first ?real?

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Trust the Process

Chris Brady

While listening to 1 of ur awesome LLR leadership cds yesterday, we were eagerly awaiting our Emv/autoship delivery~ 1 of our 4 yr old twins asked, "Is Chris Brady going 2 bring our emv here yet? and a Winner Announced Blog powered by TypePad Member since 09/2007 Author Chris Bradys Leadership Blog Chris Bradys Home Page Chris Bradys Rascal Tweets Chris Bradys FaceBook Chris Bradys YouTube Chris Bradys Fan Page-Rascal Nation Chris Brady on LinkedIn

The Big Picture of Business – Doing Your Best Work on Deadlines: Mobilizing the Energy for Best Business Success

Strategy Driven

Among those crown jewel TV moments were: Our Town , starring Frank Sinatra, Paul Newman and Eva Marie Saint. We just had the first live TV musical play extravaganza on television after a 50-year hiatus. The production was The Sound of Music , starring Carrie Underwood. This TV special got a lot of attention because it was unique live, just like opening night of the Broadway show on which it was based.

Remembering Andy Grove, the Teacher

Harvard Business Review

All of them maintained the highest respect for the company and for Andy’s leadership. In fact, several mentioned — sometimes years later — that the “one-on-one” meetings with him (one-on-one is a personal feedback technique for leadership development used at Intel and described in High Output Management ) had enormous positive impact on their careers. Occasionally, Eva, Andy’s spouse, came to class and observed Andy’s teaching.