Are We Experiencing A Technology Tsunami?

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Social Media is Nothing New – 2 Ancient Civilization Examples

Modern Servant Leader

I’m a social media advocate, in part because it demands greater leadership. Here are 2 examples of social media from history, going all the way back to prehistoric man. Pictured here is one such example. What is new is the evolution of the technology, which enables your community to expand on a global scale. This is why leaders should be so passionate about social media: great leadership is no longer an ideology, but it is demanded from the masses.

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Technology is not enough

Lead on Purpose

to a model that is new/up-and-coming/exciting/proven/<fill in the blank>/ you have no guarantee it will succeed; technology is not enough to make a mediocre idea succeed. If your product or idea is not what potential customers are looking it does not matter what technology you use to roll it out. If the market you are seeking to service has no need for what you are rolling out, the technology irrelevant.

Craft a Remarkable Personal Brand Statement! 29 Steps & Examples

Miles Anthony Smith

Uncover Effective, Expert Personal Brand Statement Examples​ What do Rand Fishkin, Charlie Puth, and Martha Stewart all have in common? They are all killer personal brand examples. Great leaders often align their leadership values with personal beliefs and ethics of their own.

April 2019 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Welcome to the April Leadership Development Carnival. We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, productivity, development, engagement, team building, and more. Dan McCarthy of Great Leadership contributed Seven Subconscious Habits That Sabotage Your Ability to Listen – And Lead. Each person you work with has a unique way to perceive and handle a stressful situation, such as a technology breakdown.

What’s Your Leadership AQ?

Lead Change Blog

I’m sure you’ve heard of the terms Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Intelligence Quotient (IQ); but few people have heard of Adaptability Quotient (AQ), especially as it relates to leadership. Specifically, leadership AQ examines how adaptive and responsive leaders are to change and how they navigate the ever-changing environment in which they find themselves. There are many examples of companies that have failed to extol the virtues of an AQ mindset.

Robert Iger's 20 Leadership Lessons

Leading Blog

The success I’ve enjoyed has been due in part to my own efforts, but it’s also been due to so much beyond me, the effort and support and examples of so many people, and to twists of fate beyond my control.

Leadership ‘as-a-Service’?

Lead Change Blog

The information technology world has figured out that sometimes it is easier and cheaper to obtain services they need through vendors providing those services over cloud computing, than it is hiring someone to do the work. Cloud-computing technology eliminates or reduces the need for on-site equipment and software. Before we know it, there will be “Leadership-as-a-Service.”. Can Leadership be Offered “as a Service”? But leadership isn’t that complicated.

Social Media Leadership Rules

Lead Change Blog

If Napoleon lived in the technology era, would he have a Twitter account? Social media allows them to expand their leadership to a wider audience. He improves the way people perceive his leadership by allowing everyone to post comments and ask questions.

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Right Leadership, Right Model

Great Leadership By Dan

In general, the old hierarchical structure and central leadership model that I knew as a young man at IBM has given way to a more nimble team concept, in which power resides within small, self-contained units. Morgan Leadership ModelsGuest post from Charles D.

Five Leadership Lessons: Think Like Amazon

Leading Blog

He writes, “Jeff Bezos and Amazon have a remarkably consistent way to approaching and meeting challenges, operating their business and technology, and thinking about new ideas, markets, and growth.” And one just for would-be entrepreneurs: What’s Your Just Walk Out Technology?

First Look: Leadership Books for November 2019

Leading Blog

Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in November 2019. The quality of our leadership is based upon our intentions, energy, and presence. Building the Best : 8 Proven Leadership Principles to Elevate Others to Success by John Eades.

Books 206

December Leadership Development Carnival

Michael Lee Stallard

I am honored to host the December installment of the Leadership Development Carnival, a collection of helpful leadership advice from top bloggers. This month’s carnival doesn’t adhere to any particular theme, but rather features content on a variety of leadership topics and issues.

Is Leadership Listening a Lost Art?

Lead Change Blog

In the example with Heather, I realized why she had not taken my advice. Technology has also created barriers as seen with the texting executive who pays only cursory attention to his colleague. Leadership Development Dame Evelyn Glennie Leadership Listening

Influence is the Value Force of Leadership

Lead Change Blog

An effective CEO such as Steve Jobs for example, can cause financial markets to shift, buying patterns to stall, or entire industries to scramble. Because of this, there are many opportunities for just about anyone to have influence and thus to begin their own journey of leadership.

The Best Leadership Books of 2017

Leading Blog

Hess and Katherine Ludwig Smart technologies will become ubiquitous, invading and changing many aspects of our professional and personal lives and in many ways challenging our fundamental beliefs about success, opportunity, and the American Dream. Grants example is instructive for us today.

Books 324

Leadership in Action


It is a great example of leadership and it will make you smile from ear to ear. His book Just Ask Leadership - Why Great Managers Always Ask The Right Questions (McGraw Hill 2009). This is not leadership – its fun – its cute – its an ad.

Is it Time to Refresh the Roots of Change Leadership?

Lead Change Blog

What do you think characterises modern-day change leadership practice? How not to do change leadership! However, despite its many flaws and an ever-growing number of detractors, the command and control culture is still very much alive and thriving around the world, despite some significant advances in leadership thinking and modelling, and is probably happening right now in an organisation near you. At the heart of my view lies a need to refresh our leadership roots.

December 2018 Leadership Development Carnival: A Year in Review

Lead Change Blog

Welcome to the December Leadership Development Carnival. We’re excited to share our leadership experts’ favorite posts from 2018 on the topics of communication, creativity/inspiration, development, engagement, productivity, and more. Dan McCarthy of Great Leadership provided Why Managers Don’t Listen (Poor Listener Syndrome): and the Cures! We talk about good and bad examples of vision statements. ” Discover Bernd on Twitter at @moreleadership.

My Top 10 Leadership Insights For 2016

Tanveer Naseer

It’s from that vantage point that I sat down to put together my Top 10 leadership insights for 2016 as determined by you, the readers of my leadership blog. But how do we know if we’re truly being empathetic in our leadership?

The Impact of the Digital Revolution on Leadership

Lead Change Blog

However, in addition to the transformation of the workplace itself, the digital age is having an impact upon leadership and, more specifically, on what is expected of a leader. This will have an effect not only on existing leaders, but on future leadership development as well.

7 Leadership Pitfalls That Sabotage Company Growth

The Empowered Buisness

However, success often creates cognitive or psychological leadership blind spots. Below are 2 examples how. Crashing into the Leadership Glass Ceiling. As a company scales, leadership roles also scale and change dramatically at each growth level.

Leaders Don’t Wait, They Initiate

The Practical Leader

Last month’s issue featured an exchange I had with a reader on Dealing with Stupid Busy Leadership Teams Overloading Their Organization. ” Paul provides a great example of leadership as an action, not a position. Leadership is what we do, not who we are.

Class 101

The Leadership Difference Between Being Accessible and Available

Next Level Blog

They do in the dictionary, but they don’t in the realm of leadership. There’s a big difference between the two and the example of the leader who has an open-door policy but is never around to answer it explains the difference. Make good use of technology – particularly video conferencing – to be available virtually when they can’t be physically. Leverage Your Team Engagement leadership performance results team

What a Mechanical Shark Can Teach Us About Leadership and Innovation

Leading Blog

As I watched the documentary, I was struck by how closely the story mirrored case studies from the business world, and how perfectly it illustrated the points I try to emphasize in the leadership and innovation class I teach at MIT.

Kicking Leadership Clichés

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Georg Vielmetter and Yvonne Sell: In “ Leadership 2030: The six megatrends you need to understand to lead your company into the future ,” we outline the repercussions of the convergence of globalization 2.0, The meaning of leadership is changing, as are the skills it requires.

How Do You Inspire Others Through Your Leadership?

Tanveer Naseer

For example, a few weeks ago, I meet with a group of leaders to exchange ideas on the growing challenges found in today’s increasingly uncertain global business environment.

What’s The Truth About Your Leadership?

Tanveer Naseer

Namely, that in addition to our responsibility to protect those we lead to do the work they’re meant to do, we also need to have a keen self-awareness regarding how much truth there is in our leadership.

Leadership Interview – James Quigley

N2Growth Blog

I’ve always said that if you want to learn about leadership talk to someone who has actually led something. Jim is a fully engaged CEO who leads by example. Jim Quigley : CEOs today need to model and advocate mutual trust between employees and leadership.

Revealing Leadership Insights From Thinkers50

Tanveer Naseer

State of the art management and leadership techniques are continually evolving. For example, at No.2 Some other posts you may enjoy: A Revealing Look at One of The Dirty Words in Business Leadership Biz Cafe Podcast #14 – Matthew E.

The Long-Distance Leader with Wayne Turmel

Lead Change Blog

But often, geographic separation presents unique challenges to leadership. Wayne Turmel co-founded the Remote Leadership Institute and he co-authored with Kevin Eikenberry The Long-Distance Leader: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership. Wayne Turmel, Remote Leadership Institute.

The Seven Signs of Great Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

Fortunately, in my career, I was provided with examples of what this meant, not just from Matt, but from working with a number of strong leaders. From this leadership, we developed a culture of fact-based decision making. But inspirational leadership goes deeper.

CFO 260

What is Great Leadership?

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Ted Bagley: All organizations worry about leadership, from the mom and pop community businesses to the giant global entities both domestic and international. Good leadership is defined as proper training, rewarding, assisting, coaching and respecting those who “carry the load”. Good leadership begins with identifying key resources with competencies that meets the demands of a business’s vision and strategy. Is there leading by example?

Understanding Leadership And The Meaning Of Life

Tanveer Naseer

The most recent example of this came in the form of a web project I was recently asked to participate in where organizers asked people from different fields and life experiences to give their answer to this question: what is the meaning of life?

Why Emotions Matter In Today’s Leadership

Tanveer Naseer

In recent years, there’s been a growing focus on the importance of emotional intelligence in today’s leadership. These studies help to illustrate how the emotional environment our leadership creates serves to shape the realities of those we lead [ Share on Twitter ].

5 Leadership Books To Read This Winter

Eric Jacobson

This book, by Brian Solis, details the incredible transformation happening in business today, driven by new social and mobile technologies. AMA Business Boot Camp -- Management and Leadership Fundamentals That Will See You Successfully Through Your Career.

Books 65

Leadership: Leveraging Your Soft Skills

Great Leadership By Dan

This is a basic truth I learned early on in my business career, and it has sustained me throughout a succession of leadership roles — right up to my present work as an executive coach. While teamwork had been important with my Tupperware team, my leadership skills were really put to the test when I took on the responsibility for all Sales and Clinical teams at Radi Medical Systems (Radi). Examples include: Achieve Now! coaching leadership Lisa Sasso motivation soft skills

Skills 195

Leadership and Knowledge Management

N2Growth Blog

While I could go on ad-nauseum with day-to-day operating examples of how a lack of KM discipline can adversely affect a business, I think I’ve probably dredged-up enough painful memories for now. There is an old technology axiom that states “usability drives adoptability&#.

Leadership Basics | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

However in reflecting upon my presentations and client engagements, I’ve noticed that it’s not an infrequent occurrence to find that even the most savvy executives misconstrue certain basic leadership ideas. Can you recognize the leadership styles of others?

Blog 417

A Timely Reminder Of The Power Of Empathy In Leadership

Tanveer Naseer

And yet, this current US election does provide an important lesson for leaders everywhere of just how important empathy is becoming to our ability to lead, as we’ve been given a concrete example of just how quickly things can fall apart when we divide people into groups of “us” versus “them”.

Power 285

The Best Leadership Books of 2016

Leading Blog

O NCE AGAIN we see that despite our rhetoric, what we are is reflected in our leaders and leadership. As technology becomes more disruptive and we see more importance placed on big data and artificial intelligence, what will matter most are those things that make us human – the soft skills.

Books 244

3 Ways For HR To Play A Larger Role In New Technologies

Eric Jacobson

Guest Post By: Kyle Lagunas Old Habits Die Hard It’s no secret that social and mobile technologies make HR leaders nervous. The strategic play for HR is to team with IT to assess needs, research solutions, and implement new technologies enterprise-wide.

Trust in Business Leadership

Coaching Tip

The Trusted Executive: Nine Leadership Habits That Inspire Results, Relationships and Reputation” helps leaders develop a strategy for building organizational trust. Fast forward to the early 1990s and a new disruptive technology appeared in Kodak’s market: digital photography.