Investing in Mortgage Foreclosures

Strategy Driven

Foreclosure investment is a strategy that requires a level diligence. For investors to succeed in the foreclosure (FCL) market, they should study over time the strategies and tactics adopted by other successful investors. Investment Strategies. Acquisition Strategies.

Why Tech Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries Struggle to Raise Funds

Harvard Business Review

Most investors liked the business model and the fact that I was educated in Nigeria and knew the market. But there was one problem: my business plan had no exit strategy. They all asked exit strategy questions and my answer, naively, was that we would grow revenue and share profits! making changes to my business projections by starting small. But for entrepreneurs in developing nations, especially Africa, the exit strategy can be a challenge.

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A simple cure for the Buzzword Bingo | Rajesh Setty

Rajesh Setty

The product was conceived in one of those Barcamps where we were discussing Blue Ocean Strategy and suddenly one of them suggested that with a little bit of knowledge arbitrage from the trucking industry, we could enable a product that will take advantage of the “ wisdom of the crowds &# and also capitalize on the “ long tail &# phenomenon. We will pursue a global channel strategy after we complete our I18N project. HELLO THERE AND WELCOME.

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Avoiding the Soft "Yes"

Harvard Business Review

The project team had spent the past six months designing a new strategy to accelerate growth in a critical emerging market for a multibillion-dollar multinational. The last page of the 50-page document concluded the compelling story with a small request — four dedicated individuals for six months and $250,000 to conduct an in-market pilot. The project leader believed the modest request would translate into an easy yes.

What to Do If You Already Hate Your New Job

Harvard Business Review

Most people who take the wrong job haven’t done enough research going in,” says Priscilla Claman, president of Career Strategies, Inc., But if you are already fantasizing about exit strategies after only a few weeks, don’t ignore those signs. All those dreaded late nights at the office may come to an end in a few months’ time with a project’s completion. Just as you need to be careful about how you exit the wrong job, you should take care before making the next move.