How GenX Affects Your Business

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Now I applaud the store for the use of technology to create a more accurate account of inventory, but to run a business you actually have to talk to your customers! So technology is great until it isn’t, here are some things to keep in mind while empowering the younger generation of workers with technology: Technology should assist, not complete the sell. It’s a great use for supply chain management, but I ‘m here in front of you waiting to buy something.

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The World Of Websites: Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know

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And when you’re not all that well versed in technology or the internet, it can feel a bit overwhelming. You may also find that WordPress, in particular, is an easy to use and manage platform to build your website from. As a business owner, you know that you need a website.

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45 Ways to Improve Your Customer Churn Rate

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A well-rounded approach allows you to manage most sources of churn and keep out an eye for new threats. Here are 45 different ways for your team to reduce churn, at every step of the customer management process. Create FAQ content in case they run into issues and need help immediately.

15 Analytics Capabilities to Consider When Choosing Your Next Big Data Solution

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If you managed to do it once, it would feel like a major achievement. Additional benefits from choosing cloud technology included faster and lighter analysis and high-end data security. You purchase from a vendor and navigate how-to guides and FAQ documents for most of your concerns.

How to Scale Without Losing Savvy Customer Service

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I asked several tech startup founders, community managers, and users for any lessons learned on how startups can successfully transition their early adopters, who are used to feeling like VIPs, to technology that reduces hand-holding. As Producteev 's community manager, Judi Huck has a two-pronged approach for scaling customer support: a) optimize product messaging, and, b) strengthen relationships with customers.

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10 Ways to Build your Web Effectiveness :: Women on Business

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Adding a “FAQs&# page will help tremendously in directing people to correct information and it will minimize the number of procedural-related requests. Related posts: What are the Best Ways to Create, Manage, and Build a Brand?

What to Do When Your To-Do List Is Holding Up Your Team

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In our first coaching session, Tara told me her workload had swelled to massive proportions when the company shifted its market strategy and technology. This scattered, shallow approach to managing multiple projects derailed Tara. Here is a guide/FAQ that might help.”

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