The Benefits of Taking a Slower Approach to Innovation

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In our experience, managers tend to focus their innovation efforts on processes that are either large in scale (new products and business models ) or swift in development (hackathons, rapid prototyping, or emerging platforms). But there’s also another type of innovation that is more gradual and smaller in scale. We call it slow innovation. Slow innovation projects can be just as impactful in the long-term. The nature of slow innovation poses challenges, however.

The Power of Proposition Innovation

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An old-fashioned process, proposition innovation starts with companies — not consumers — and entails developing products and services that aren't based on consumer feedback or profiles. Italy's best-known industries adopt this approach; for instance, fashion houses, from Armani to Prada, create new lines every season, setting trends that others quickly copy. Still, the innovations stem from deep within the company. Design Employee retention Innovation


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The 8 Elements of Punk Rock Business

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Many businesses these days are clogged up by bureaucracy that thwarts innovation, slows down creativity, and encourages mediocrity. They are fearful of putting their heads above the parapet, so they take a play-it-safe attitude and come up with the conservative, tame, and expected proposals. These 8 elements of Punk Rock Business were at the heart of punk rock music, movement, attitude, fashion, and culture. O K, I’ll bite.

Innovating over the Horizon: How to Survive Disruption and Thrive

Harvard Business Review

Christensen and Wessel proposed a systematic way to chart the path and pace of disruption so organizations can fashion a complete strategic response. In this interactive HBR webinar, Christensen and Wessel will share the keys to identifying, readying for, and using a disruptive challenge to actually make your company more innovative — and more competitive. Innovation webinar

Starting a Business for the Post-Pandemic World

Strategy Driven

You need to innovate immediately. However, others will operate in a vastly different fashion. You need to figure out where your proposed business lies along these spectrums so that you can fully understand the risks of your endeavor. The world has changed.

To Make Money with Digital, Be an Innovator – Not a Strategist

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But it’s familiar territory to innovators, who’ve spent decades wrestling with the problem of how to manage uncertainty when there is little to guide them in getting their new offering to a new audience or market. But unless your company competes on the basis of continuous innovation, like, say, Apple or Amazon, your innovators probably work separately from your strategic thinkers.

50 Ways to Leave your Lover: Keep Failing Til the Last Thing You Try Is Successful

Mills Scofield

Special guest blog post by Don Esch, President of Bettcher Industries of his story at BW-Center For Innovation & Growth 's Innovation Summit. The Change: Was It Innovation, Serendipity or Providence? There is a big difference between “knowing that you can” and “deciding that you want to” and at Bettcher we use a toll gate product development process fashioned after Robert Cooper’s StageGate process.

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What All Great Leaders Have In Common | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

I am a huge fan of the benefits of professional development gained from good old-fashioned reading. With the plethora of reading material on the market today it is not a simple thing to make sure that you’re covering all the bases in a time efficient fashion. For those who read less, one strong motivator is to apply more of the ideas into innovative action plans for that day. All they read is commercial offers, proposals, etc.

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Design Thinking: A Guide to Creative Problem Solving for Everyone

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Design thinking has been recognized as an important means to innovate in the context of developing new products and technologies. Instead, Michael proposed a vision (or design concept)—a set of measurable goals for the company to achieve—and then set out to achieve those goals opportunistically, in a non-linear fashion, without working out the specifics of execution in advance.

Design Thinking Is Fundamentally Conservative and Preserves the Status Quo

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Billed as a set of tools for innovation, design thinking has been enthusiastically and, to some extent, uncritically adopted by firms and universities alike as an approach for the development of innovative solutions to complex problems. As some of these design thinking concepts have sloshed into the world of policy, and social change efforts have been re-cast as social innovation, the queasiness around the approach has also begun to surface in the field of public policy.

Crowdfunding’s Big-Bang Moment

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In a 600-page proposed rulemaking , the SEC moved to implement key provisions of the 2012 Jumpstart our Business Startups Act (or JOBS Act). In a recent HBR article, Paul Nunes and I introduced the term Big Bang Disruption to signify innovations that, thanks to rapidly advancing technology, come out of the box both better and cheaper than alternative solutions already in the marketplace. Kickstarter funds everything from art to food to fashion, films, and hardware.

Why Companies and Universities Should Forge Long-Term Collaborations

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Instead, they want a relationship model – a durable, cooperative model that enables companies to partner with academia in a fashion that allows them to stay continuously connected to early stage research and to accelerate the translation of that research into new products that drive economic growth. Silicon Valley, with its proximity to Stanford and University of California, Berkeley, has long been the paradigm for innovation ecosystems. Aron Vellekoop Len/Getty Images.

The Downside of the FCC’s New Internet Privacy Rules

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Last month, the FCC issued a 150-page document proposing sweeping new rules and regulations for broadband Internet Service Providers (ISPs). While leading internet companies including Google, Facebook, and Netflix have continued to collect and harvest more personal information for ever-more innovative commercial uses, broadband providers have done little customization, largely because they don’t have access to transactional data, personal or otherwise. BANKSY.

A Better Way for Employers to Procure Health Care

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companies manage their supply chains with diligence to ensure suppliers meet their standards for quality and affordability, but the vast majority don’t behave in this fashion when purchasing health care services. Innovating for Value in Health Care. Use a request for proposals to find the best providers. Surgical bundles are but one example where innovative employers have introduced the tools of procurement and supply chain management to health care.

Is Economics Ready for a New Model?

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The conviction spread that, thanks in part to financial innovation, the world's developed economies had become more resilient even as financial markets became more volatile. Chaos — and the broader catch-all, complexity — became an enormously fashionable economic topic for a few years.The physicist-founded Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico was the center of this work. And economists are dubious of his proposals for massive agent-based computer models of the economy.

How Meditation Benefits CEOs

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They want to see how these approaches … are truly beneficial to existing priorities like retention, talent advancement, innovation.” Thanks to my meditation practice, I was able to keep my composure and propose solutions to reduce the impact of the market crash.” Jonathan Tang, founder and CEO of VASTRM fashion, first introduced meditation to his staff after 9/11. Patrick Pilz. Mindfulness is quickly following yoga in becoming a billion-dollar industry.

An Entrepreneur's Three Strategies To Outsmart the Quants

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He then successfully proposed that the client hire his firm instead, on a test-basis. This might seem like just good old-fashioned salesmanship. But how often is this qualitative feedback seen as a sturdy platform for innovation and growth? Guided by this experiential data, they made a bid that proposed several interlinked pieces of work that extended well beyond the RFP's scope.

Every Company Needs a Growth Manager

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Sean Ellis, founder of and former vice president of marketing at LogMeIn, proposes a simple framework for prioritizing project ideas via ranking on three core dimensions: The impact of the change if it is successful. As with many organizational innovations, what begins in startups migrates to larger organizations that wish to operate in an entrepreneurial fashion.

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Advertising and the Internet of Things

Harvard Business Review

He proposed to apply the logic of the web to objects in the physical world: to connect everything that exists physically to the Internet through the application of ubiquitous tags and sensors. We also want to know which ad campaigns strike you as innovative; tell us below and we could analyze your pick as part of this series.

If Everyone Hates the FDA Approval Process, Let’s Fix It

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This latter approach has been controversial, because many proposed surrogates have proven themselves merely to be correlates of disease rather than important components of the causal pathway. An ambitious program created by MIT’s Center for Biomedical Innovation, known as NEW Drug Development ParaDIGmS (NEWDIGS), has been created to serve as this “safe haven.” Follow the Leading Health Care Innovation insight center on Twitter @HBRhealth. Leading Health Care Innovation.

Develop Your Company’s Cross-Functional Capabilities

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It’s tempting to think of distinctive capabilities as a kind of artistry performed by an elite corps of high-potential talent: the elite players work long hours and deliver unusual results, while the rest of the organization struggles along in its usual incoherent fashion. We are not proposing the elimination of functions. Most companies struggle to differentiate themselves.

5 Bad Reasons to Start a For-Profit Social Enterprise

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This year, nearly 50% of those plans proposed using a for-profit model. Bad Reason #5: Nonprofits are “old-fashioned” and only for-profits earn respect in their sectors. Jane Chen (a 2008 Echoing Green fellow) did it right when she and her co-founders at Embrace began with a social goal to save lives with an innovative low-cost infant warmer, and chose the model (and then evolved it) that best served that goal.

Tips for Energizing Your Exhausted Employees

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aspiring fashion designers on the show face challenges and someone is eliminated each week until the winner is crowned. We described the challenge before them: continue to provide current (or improved) service levels, support all new health-reform-related initiatives, and propose budget cuts. Even though the people in your unit are overstretched, scarred by the budget ax, and sick to death of change, you’re about to present them with a wrenching new challenge.

A Framework for Reducing Suffering in Health Care

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Super-specialized physicians learned how to attack disease in various organs systems, and fatalism has gone out of fashion. Just as medical science has broken down patients’ clinical needs and created corresponding specialties, we propose a framework for major types of patient suffering so that health care providers can organize themselves to address suffering more effectively. Follow the Leading Health Care Innovation insight center on Twitter @HBRhealth.

Top 10 Sustainable Business Stories of 2012

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The Obama administration issued new standards to double the fuel economy of cars and trucks , and the National Resources Defense Council (an NGO) proposed using the Clean Air Act to reduce emissions from power plants by 25%. Later in the year, tragedy struck Dhaka, Bangladesh when a fire at the Tazreen Fashion factory killed or injured hundreds of people. Sustainability innovation opens up: Unilever, Heineken, and EMC ask the world for help.

What You Should Know About Dodd-Frank and What Happens If It’s Rolled Back

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His bottom line: “For a manager running a nonfinancial business, the proposed reforms to Dodd-Frank are probably a bad trade-off.” Treasury allowed Lehman Brothers to go under in a disorderly fashion, demonstrates how much harm can be done to the economy when something as large as a big commercial bank fails. And not very much capex , not very much innovation.

9 Sustainable Business Stories That Shaped 2016

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Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy even proposed taxing U.S. days of innovation). In essence, the company decided to promote system change and even invited competitors to its innovation lab for the first time in its history. We’re seeing some interesting innovation in policy and business practice. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Kering both created curricula in circular thinking for fashion and design students.