Is give-and-take an old-fashioned notion?

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Professor Walter Fluker writes in his book Ethical Leadership , “In a world of winners and losers, there is little room for principles of equity, reciprocity, and impartiality.”. Leadership Development kindness reciprocityI invite your help in figuring this one out!

Fashion Friends Make a Fresh Start :: Women on Business

Women on Business

More than that, we had confidence in the idea that we were truly going to be introducing a new kind of shopping experience to the fashion-forward customer.

An ordeal is not… ideal – Thoughts on working conditions; workplace morale; plain old fashioned “fun”

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Watch the short video, “It’s Not About the… Read More An ordeal is not… ideal – Thoughts on working conditions; workplace morale; plain old fashioned “fun”. Randy's blog entries Leadership morale workplace conditionsordeal a painful or horrific experience, especially a protracted one. —————— You remember the old illustration/joke. A couple is talking, and the woman says: “It’s just… there’s all this pressure.

Authentic Leadership: Ornamental Hermits and Why We Should Avoid Them

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In the middle of the 18th century in Europe, it was fashionable to have your own personal hermit. How did this come about, and more importantly, what can it tell us about authentic leadership? Leadership Concepts authentic leadership micromanaging ornamental hermit vision

11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Culture into a Culture of Innovation

period of time when leadership doesn’t see it as a priority. to creep in, such as: • Will my leadership team welcome my idea? to point two, is that leadership needs to encourage and reinforce the. be as simple as quarterly Q&A town halls with leadership where employees.

Back To School Leadership

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“Great leadership is only found in the world of business,” my seatmate on a recent flight pompously boasted, “Certainly not in the government, churches or education where we desperately need it.”. The HPU story is nothing short of a leadership tour de force.

Leadership & Perception

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What’s interesting to me is most people actually form their perceptions in a very similar fashion. Communications Leadership Leadership and Perception Mike Myatt N2growth Perception Percepton MattersBy Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. Does perception matter?

Leadership and Surrender

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You’ll rarely encounter the words leadership and surrender used together in complementary fashion. Society has labeled surrender as a sign of leadership weakness, when in fact, it can be among the greatest of leadership strengths.

August 2018 Leadership Development Carnival

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Welcome to the August Leadership Development Carnival. We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, creativity and inspiration, development, productivity, team building, and more. Jim Taggert of Changing Winds provided Leading for Success: How to Create a Culture of Innovation by Following 10 Leadership Behaviours. Dan McCarthy of Great Leadership provided A 5-Step Training Plan to Think like a Navy SEAL.

10 Insights on Inspirational Leadership

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Is inspirational leadership the holy grail of leadership? I define such a pinnacle – the holy grail of leadership – as that which engenders the highest levels of employee engagement and commitment. Leadership expert John C.

quickpoint: Strategy and Leadership

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Professor David Teece of University of California Berkeley Hass School of Business shares this in the foreword of Winning the Long Game : A firm’s dynamic capabilities rest on two pillars: ( 1 ) the vision and leadership skills of managers, and ( 2 ) the cohesion and flexibility of the organization as a whole. Leaders must fashion sound strategies for the enterprise, and the organization itself must be agile enough to adapt as required.

What I Learned About Leadership from Reading Mad Magazine

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That’s a big part of life and leadership isn’t it? Manage Yourself Growth humor leadership mad magazine selfawareness snarkYou may have seen the recent news that Mad magazine is ending regular publication.

Active Listening: the Key to Leadership Success

Great Leadership By Dan

Even the military has morphed their ideals on leadership roles, shifting away from the highest ranked official and instead citing the individual or group who knows the mission and territory the best. This concept is combated by leadership that is visible and communicative at all levels.

What's Your Leadership B Side?

Great Leadership By Dan

But like those old-fashioned records, you have a B side whether you want it or not. How your B side will impact your team depends on your leadership style. Leadership shouldn't be a solitary venture and neither should exploring how to manage your own strengths and weaknesses.

Leadership and Time

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Initiative Overload - Biting-off more than you can chew is a sure way to over-complicate things in a completely unproductive fashion. Using yes or no improperly simply because it’s the easy thing to do is not good leadership. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth.

How Leadership Is A Relationship

Joseph Lalonde

For many, thinking of leadership as a relationship is difficult. Too many people consider leadership a position, a role to play. Yet leadership is much more than the day to day activities you partake in to run your organization. How Leadership Is A Relationship.

Five Leadership Lessons from the Garden

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In like fashion, my corner of the garage has all the tools, sprays, and plant potions necessary for probable surprises. Leadership Development Gardening leadership lessons ManagementThe flowers that are in full bloom are wonderful.

Leadership and Mentoring

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Leadership and mentoring go hand-in-hand. If you accept this premise as correct, then why is it that so many in positions of leadership fall woefully short in successfully transferring the benefits of their wisdom and experience to others?

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Leadership Interview – James Hotaling

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There are simply no words that can do justice to the example of servant leadership epitomized by Command Chief Master Sergeant James Hotaling. Jim’s answers to my questions are nothing short of a leadership manifesto. James Hotaling : Over management and under leadership.

Leadership and Resourcing

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In today’s post I’ll look at the topic of resourcing as a key success metric for anyone in a leadership position. The essence of Leadership is not found in doing things yourself, but in teaching others how to do things better than you ever could.

The Language Of Leadership

Tanveer Naseer

That’s why it’s important for us to take note of sawubona – so that we make intentional our efforts to nurture relationships with those we lead , so we can understand what matters to them, and how they can contribute in a meaningful fashion to our shared purpose.

Leadership: Blinded by Success?

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The pivotal point in leadership maturity is when you remove yourself from the spotlight and focus on building into others. A real legacy is lived in the present, and as a result it endures the test of time in magnificent fashion. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth.

Leadership and Competition

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While some companies talk a good game with regard to competitive strategy, in my experience very few businesses actually address the issue in adequate fashion. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. Competition is only to be feared if not understood.

5 Leadership Lessons: Redesigning Leadership

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In Redesigning Leadership , he—with co-author Becky Bermont—pulls the leadership lessons from the ups and downs of his time there. Leadership is never easy and it is made more difficult by what I perceive is a growing sense of entitlement we all feel in our culture. Redesigning Leadership is a slim book, but it is full of great thoughts like these: Learning something new means finding not just a new way to see the world, but often a new way to change the world.

Looking For Leadership

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News Flash – If you have to look for leadership it doesn’t exist…Today’s post is not going to sit well with many in the leadership profession, but then many of my posts seem to have that effect. only to fail in miserable fashion. In my opinion the practice of leadership identification is simply based upon flawed business logic, and it is make-work in the purest form. Beyond the character test, the first prerequisite for leadership is the willingness to lead.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Crazy Rich Asians

Joseph Lalonde

A Reel Leadership Article What do you get when you cross My Big Fat Greek Wedding with a cast of Asians? Crazy Rich Asians is also a great movie to learn leadership lessons from. Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Crazy Rich Asians. She loves fashion and high-end clothing.

Leadership & Perfectionism | N2Growth Blog

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Leadership requires attention to detail and a commitment to quality, but rarely does it require perfection. While leadership doesn’t require being perfect, it does require doing what is needed and necessary. Get Your Leadership BIG On!

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Building Emotional Competencies In Our Leadership

Tanveer Naseer

The major challenge this workplace issue presents comes from the fact that our ability to address workplace stress depends not on our technical capabilities, but on the emotional competencies we bring to our leadership.

Carefrontation — The Ultimate Leadership Trait

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Mark Hopkins : The best leadership tip I ever received came from a pastor’s sermon during a non-denominational service in Yosemite Valley Chapel.

Love and Leadership | N2Growth Blog

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David asked Becky, “How come no one ever talks about love as a leadership competency?&# While l ove and leadership are certainly two words you don’t often hear in the same sentence, I can assure you that rarely does great leadership exist without love being present and practiced.

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Leadership & Loyalty | N2Growth Blog

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In today’s post I’ll examine the value of loyalty as it relates to leadership. If relationships are the currency of leadership, it is important for leaders to note that loyalty serves as the cornerstone of any healthy relationship. Leadership and loyalty go hand-in-hand.

Re-Igniting Your Leadership Fire

The Empowered Buisness

This article provides you with 3 critical leadership steps for transitioning from the end of this year to 2016. Let’s first address what are transitions. Why Are They Important to Leadership Growth? Leadership breakthroughs can only happen in the pauses. In transition periods.

The Servant Leadership Journal: An 18 Week Journey to Transform You and Your Organization

Kevin Eikenberry

Written by an experienced leader who is passionate about servant leadership, the book/journal is fashioned around nine behaviors: Serve first Build trust Live […]. Leadership & Supervisory Skills book journal servant leadership

The Best Leadership Books of 2016

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O NCE AGAIN we see that despite our rhetoric, what we are is reflected in our leaders and leadership. Learning Leadership : The Five Fundamentals of Becoming an Exemplary Leader by James M. Related Interest: Best Leadership Books of 2015. Best Leadership Books of 2014.

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The Ten Golden Rules of Leadership

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Michael Soupios and Panos Mourdoukoutas have reviewed the writings of the Classical philosophers and selected ten ideas that will positively impact our leadership effectiveness in The Ten Golden Rules of Leadership. Early on the authors suggest that the raw material of leadership is not latent in just about everyone and it “just takes a nudge to trigger its unfolding.” Further, the “special qualities of genuine leadership are remarkably complex and rare.”

Definition of Leadership | N2Growth Blog

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In further pondering this dichotomy an interesting thought came to mind – If I could genetically engineer the perfect leadership gene what qualities and characteristics would constitute the architecture of leadership DNA? see “Leadership DNA“) [.]

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Porco Rosso

Joseph Lalonde

A Reel Leadership Article I recently had the opportunity to view this classic Studio Ghibli film in an actual theater! In classic Miyazaki fashion, Porco Rosso combines animation, story, and music into a touching film that leaves the viewer longing for more.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Mile 22

Joseph Lalonde

A Reel Leadership Article Mile 22 finds CIA operative James Silva (Mark Wahlberg) leading a paramilitary team on a mission to extract a valuable asset out of Southeast Asia. And, of course, lots of leadership lessons in Mile 22. Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Mile 22.

Are You Creating Value Through Your Leadership?

Tanveer Naseer

One of the things I enjoy in writing about leadership is looking out for new insights into how we can become a better leader to those we serve, as well as discovering new examples that can help to illustrate what those measures might look like in action.

Mike Myatt on Hacking Leadership


It’s rare for me to get as enthused about a leadership book as I am about Mike Myatt’s Hacking Leadership. I honestly think this leadership book is one of the most relevant and honest to come along in years.

Knowledge is power

Lead on Purpose

This question was answered in a very interesting fashion on a on a podcast where Dr. Paul interviews Dayna Steele , a lively author and former rock-n-roll disk jockey in Houston.

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The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In Leadership

Joseph Lalonde

Leadership for Life, a professional blog on, explains that leadership has two factions, external and internal, that shape how a leader conducts daily activities to accomplish goals while recognizing their own habits, attitudes, and emotions.

Reel Leadership: 24 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Joseph Lalonde

This sets us up for plenty of leadership lessons and quotes from the Avengers. That’s a fact of life, and leadership. And yet he laid out an amazing leadership quote. Man, those are some leadership lessons, huh? What leadership lessons did you see in the movie?