Leadership and Digital Transformation

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In the text that follows, I’ll provide you with 4 constructs to help you evolve your thinking around digital transformation. The only chance businesses have at longevity, much less sustainability, is to stop trying to play catch-up and get out in front – fast. Even the swiftest of fast followers will struggle to not choke on the dust of first movers in today’s world. The post Leadership and Digital Transformation appeared first on The Executive Hub.

5 Leadership Lessons: The Velocity Manifesto

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The thing you want to be these days is a “fast follower.” Instead, you want to quickly follow the first movers who are trying to capitalize on a blossoming trend. In order to play a high-speed game, you need team members who can work at a fast pace—and you also need a team than can work without friction.

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Digital Transformation Or Digital Free Fall: What Every CEO Must Know

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The speed of technology advances in the market are making the old paradigm of first mover versus fast follower largely irrelevant – every business must now become some version of a first mover. Digital transformation is really more of a leadership, culture, strategy, and talent issue than a technology issue. As I’ve always said, the plausibility of impossibility only becomes a probability in the absence of leadership. Digital Transformation Leadership Mike Myat

How To Think About Innovation Differently

Joseph Lalonde

Move fast, follow momentum – The future is always changing. Instead, take the mindset of moving fast. LeadershipB obby Gruenewald opens up the first official session of the Catalyst Atlanta Lab. Bobby is the Pastor and Innovation Leader at LifeChurch.tv. He’s also the founder of the YouVersion Bible App. Are We Predictable? Amazingly, we are pretty predictable. And we don’t even realize it.

Is Blogging Dead?

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Before you draw the conclusion blogging is dead, you might want to read the text that follows… Don’t Believe Everything You Read – Especially When It’s Labeled As Research. Even if their mistakes are not fatal, many times they serve to blaze a better trail for others to follow by removing and/or diminishing barriers to entry. Many successful bloggers today were not necessarily first-movers, but rather fast-followers able to leap frog the early adopters.

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How Much Do Companies Really Worry About Climate Change?

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What Nike and Coca-Cola leadership get is that the climate issue is a systemic problem, not easily defined in one single way, and it directly and profoundly affects their business. In my experience, most companies are risk-averse and like to fashion themselves as great “fast followers.” But Kruschwitz makes an important point: “Being a fast follower on climate change…may be more complex and require longer lead times than most companies are anticipating.”

Are You Driving Too Much Change, Too Fast?

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The congealing critical consensus is that Johnson's bold overhaul of the sagging American retailing icon went too far too fast. She's outlined a long-term recovery strategy but the congealing critical consensus is that she's simply not moving fast enough. GE's Jack Welch was inordinately fond of emphasizing that his biggest leadership regret was that he didn't move fast enough to make fundamental changes. Change management Customers LeadershipPity Ron Johnson.

Sprints Are the Secret to Getting More Done

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The idea is to fast-forward a project, so you can see what the end result might look like and how the market will react. The leadership at Slack used the process to decide between two fundamentally different marketing approaches. Sprints encourage fast follow-up. ANDREW NGUYEN/hbr staff. Most workdays aren’t terribly productive.

Build Your Bench Strength Without Breaking the Bank

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Many social enterprises start small and grow fast. Yet planning for future leadership needs falls between the cracks at most social enterprises. Only 37% of respondents to The Bridgespan Group's Leadership Diagnostic Survey said they have "a clear understanding" of the leadership skills, roles, and number of individuals needed over the next three to five years to achieve their strategic goals. But it's critically important if yours is a fast-growing organization.

Verizon, the iPhone, and the Power of Second Chances

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There is still a debate in strategy circles about whether it is better to be the first mover or a fast follower, and whether missing out on the first wave of disruptive innovation means falling behind forever. His leadership team has built on a strong culture of service from Verizon's landline legacy days while adding initiative, innovation, and learning speed. If you can't do it right the first time, then do it better the second time.

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The Buzz on Green Business in China

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I wrote a couple of months ago about China's leadership in the clean tech race , but at the macro level. But don't count them out for long; if there's one thing Chinese companies are good at, it's implementing a "fast follower" strategy. I visited Beijing last week, speaking to a group of corporate executives assembled by a major NGO to work on climate change issues. Besides the meeting itself, I was struck by the considerable focus on green issues in China.

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The Buzz on Green Business in China

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Follow him on Twitter at @GreenAdvantage. I wrote a couple of months ago about Chinas leadership in the clean tech race , but at the macro level. But dont count them out for long; if theres one thing Chinese companies are good at, its implementing a "fast follower" strategy. I wrote a couple of months ago about Chinas leadership in the clean tech race , but at the macro level. We ask that you adhere to the following guidelines.

The New New International Economic Order

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There is a much more important change in the global distribution of power underway, and the play for leadership of the World Bank signals that emerging markets will be increasingly bold in asserting their views about the management of the global economy. And apparently not in the fight over leadership of the World Bank. The choice of who will lead the World Bank has been made.

Five Questions Every Leader Should Ask About Organizational Design

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For example, new product development may be the lifeblood of a consumer products company—and thus need to be cultivated and resourced carefully—while in a low-cost producer, or fast follower company, product development may be only a nice-to-have activity. What type of leadership and culture are required to achieve the value proposition?