The Hidden Costs of Initial Coin Offerings

Harvard Business

More recently, it has gained attention as a way to finance new ventures, through what is known as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Less noticed, though, is ICOs appear almost antithetical to the standard approach to financing a risky venture. Blockchain startups raised over $5 billion in 2017 through ICOs and over $12 billion through the first three quarters of 2018. For example: Complete a few rounds of more traditional staged equity financings in advance of an ICO.

Why We Shouldn’t Worry About the Declining Number of Public Companies

Harvard Business

firms gravitate towards digital strategies, firms have less need for elaborate finance, marketing, production, distribution, accounting, and human resource departments. Such acquisitions become more lucrative with rising first-mover advantages, pace of technological development, and network externality. Chief finance officers increasingly question the ability of a day trader to value a digital company. westend61/Getty Images.

IPO 44

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A Survey of 3,000 Executives Reveals How Businesses Succeed with AI

Harvard Business

Long-term: Work with academia or a third party to solve a high-impact use case (augmented human decision making in a key knowledge worker role, for example) with bleeding-edge AI technology to potentially capture a sizable first-mover advantage. In many cases, the change-management challenges of incorporating AI into employee processes and decision making far outweigh technical AI implementation challenges. There’s still time to make AI a competitive advantage.

What Investors Need to Know About Zimbabwe After Mugabe

Harvard Business

In this environment, multinationals that are willing to accept some risk and invest in the country could benefit from first-mover advantages – but only if the new administration follows through with much-needed economic reforms. Mnangagwa’s first actions in office underscore how important he views economic recovery. For example, after opening its first store in 2014, fast-food chain KFC recently opened its fifth branch in the country.