Are CEOs Overhyped and Overpaid?

Harvard Business

My focus was on peer-reviewed journal articles (academic papers) that included reliable measures of CEO attributes (e.g., I came up with three major conclusions from this literature review: CEOs Do Matter a Lot. Second, as a 20-year review from 1993 to 2012 showed, CEOs’ judgment affects key strategic and managerial processes , such as staffing, financing, and marketing decisions. Jeffrey Skilling’s greed cost Enron shareholders $63 billion.

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Are Business Schools Creating Higher-Ambition Leaders?

Harvard Business Review

Particularly, I wonder to what extent business schools foster the integral skills these higher-ambition leaders use as a foundation for their success: Business Integration. Higher-ambition leaders are able to integrate multiple business disciplines (strategy, ethics, marketing, finance and so on) into a coherent, systemic approach for building a great company. For example, in finance courses students learn that profitability and return on assets is the measure of business success.