Performance Measurement

Strategy Driven

Supplementing profits with ROIC and revenue growth is a step in the right direction to ensure that the profits a business earns are actually creating value, not simply over-consuming capital that another company could better deploy. However, profits, ROIC, and revenue growth are backward looking. They don’t tell you how well the business is positioned for future growth and ROIC improvement. Value: The Four Cornerstones of Corporate Finance by Tim Koller.


CEOs Don’t Care Enough About Capital Allocation

Harvard Business Review

The results can be impressive: if your firm’s return on invested capital is 8% and you have an 8% cost of capital, a 1% improvement in ROIC will increase firm value by 19%. There are just two ways to increase ROIC: improve operating profit (by increasing revenues or cutting costs) or invest capital more wisely. As the chart below shows, only half of the CEOs of companies in the Dow Jones Index have previous experience in corporate finance or strategy.

Don’t Turn Your Sales Team Loose Without a Strategy

Harvard Business Review

Financing needs are driven by the cash on hand and the working capital required to conduct and grow the business. Business results were outstanding: EBITDA more than doubled in the first year and ROIC increased almost 300%, with fewer sales people. When formulating a strategy, markets and segments are important categories to consider. But a market never buys anything. Only customers buy.