The Servant-Leader’s Night Before Christmas – 2020 Edition

Modern Servant Leader

All I want for Christmas is Servant Leadership. Sat on Zoom hoping a leader would come, on their behalf. Tired of the power model still in the air, They hoped a servant-leader, soon would be there. Leaders won’t focus on fame, or their name in lights.

Could Your Next CEO Come from Any Department?

Modern Servant Leader

Do you value operations, maintenance, customer service , engineering, information technology , sales , finance, marketing , accounting – all departments, equally? Therefore, your organization is best served by looking across the entire company for future leaders. As a servant leader , your role is to serve all stakeholders. Servant Leadership "Future Leader" "Organizational Development" "People Development" "Succession Planning" CEO Department

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Leadership in Cybersecurity

N2Growth Blog

Today’s security leader must keep their pulse on a plethora of security initiatives. Below is a list of security initiatives that a security leader would either manage or have parallel impact upon within a business: Data security. Today’s information security leaders are faced with: Technology aligned reporting structure. Security leaders are primarily reporting to the CIO. The new leader in information security must be envisioned as a leader integrator.

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Humility and Leadership | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

While many people immediately conjure-up an image of the ever so confident, bombastic extrovert without an ounce of humility as the picture of what constitutes a real leader, nothing could be further from the truth. Leaders need to understand that being authentically humble humanizes them, allows them to build stronger trust bonds, and engenders confidence & loyalty from peers and subordinates alike. True leaders possess a quiet confidence that attracts attention like a magnet.

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Pastor, Don’t be Afraid of Good Leadership

Ron Edmondson

I once got criticized as a pastor for using the word “revenue” instead of “tithes and offerings” when mentioning church finances. Like a person called into vocational ministry, especially when I was a full-time pastor and the word “leader” shouldn’t go together. Good pastors can’t be good leaders. Those critics would often say Jesus is the church’s leader. They say no one can claim expertise as a leader.

Leaders: Born or Made? | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Posted on July 20th, 2010 by admin in Leadership By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth Leaders: born or made? Both – some people are born with innate qualities that predispose them to being leaders, and other people while not naturally gifted with leadership ability can acquire it. Moreover, all leaders, born or made, can improve their ability with desire, experience and effort. They were the born leaders we all grew up with.

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The Ass Carrying the Image

Chris Brady

 As leaders we are given notoriety and recognition, sometimes even perks and benefits - but leadership is not comprised of these things. Nor is anyone a real leader who pursues the position of leadership solely for self aggrandizement and gain. When things go poorly a leader is expected to step forward and take the heat, guard his followers and play the part of the hero. That honor is fought for by the servant leader and that servant leader is worthy of honoring.

Memorial Day Leadership Lessons

N2Growth Blog

As I listened to the commencement speeches, gazed at the Memorial Wall, thought about my experiences and what the EOD graduates are about to encounter, the more I pondered the heroism of our military (past and present), the more it became clear that the same characteristics that are present in the heart of a warrior are nothing short of a blueprint for success with respect to the leadership traits that should also be present in our business leaders.

Why Consensus Kills Team Building | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Team building basics are often overlooked by ineffective leaders or unproductive companies. However great leaders and highly productive organizations always focus on team building as a key priority. Great leaders intrinsically understand that team building catalyzes collaboration, creates both disruptive and incremental innovation, facilitates a certainty of execution, and is one of the key foundational elements associated with creating a dynamic corporate culture.

Why Your Employees Count as Much as Your Clients

Strategy Driven

What effective managers and leaders must recognize is that it begins with caring about the people who drive your business. Managers and leaders are not made equal. But what separates managers from leaders is not power or control. It’s the ability to influence and inspire because while both types possess subordinates, managers focus on creating a circle of power while leaders design circles of influence. Empowering Employees Empowers Leaders.

Competing on Service: Eleven Ways to Beat the Competition by ‘Hugging’ Your Customers

Strategy Driven

It focuses on the major management challenges that successful start-ups encounter when leaders decide to grow and scale their businesses. Twelve cases are written as narratives with multiple teaching points, but without a focus on a particular business decision; the remaining twenty-three cases were written around specific conundrums related to strategy, operations, finance, marketing, leadership, culture, human resources, organizational design, business model, and growth. The U.S.

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Genteel Back-Channeling

Chris Brady

I am also not the leader, at least positionally, in the situation, and the dynamics of the group do not allow me much leeway in leading from where I am at most of the time. I have some suggestions for those situations where you just can't escape the person, or remove them, or you are not the leader of the group. You are a true servant-leader.