3 Startup Financing Myths You Should Avoid

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I F you are building a startup, you’ll find no shortage of people who are willing to give you advice, particularly when it comes to raising financing. Like Jerry Yang who started Yahoo, as investors we are looking for entrepreneurs who are obsessed with a new technology.

5 Tips To Help Manage Your Finances

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Managing your finances can take time and is a process that needs to be carefully planned as spending habits can be hard to break. But with a simple step by step plan and small changes, you can begin to manage your money and become smart with your finances.


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Breaking Through | A New Frontier of Technology and Innovation

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We are witnessing the creation of an entirely new paradigm, a fierce wave of technological innovation boosting generations of new businesses and business leaders. The pace of technological applications and innovations has increased significantly in recent years.

Closing the Year | How to Successfully Manage Your Finance Team

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If the month-end close is like game day for the finance and accounting department, closing out the fiscal year is the World Series. Anything you can do to become more efficient will reduce the workload on your finance team, and make the close less stressful.

Paycor CFO Survey: The State of American Business in 2021

In Paycor’s latest survey, more than 2,000 Finance and HR leaders told us about their plans for 2021. Download the survey for actionable insights and tips.

Google Glass to Smart Glasses: What this may tell us about future technologies

CEO Insider

The post Google Glass to Smart Glasses: What this may tell us about future technologies appeared first on CEOWORLD magazine. “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten.” – Bill Gates.

Technology Literacy Will Determine a CFO’s Success

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Technology literacy is key to making informed decisions about digital investments. “ CFOs are leaning into the ‘digital mandate’ and are investing heavily in next-generation technologies,” said Alexander Bant, chief of research in the Gartner Finance practice.

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Banking without Banks: Decentralized Finance is Coming

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Transparency and trust are at the core of the decentralized finance revolution. Currency Economics Technology Audio

Disrupting Finance

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Citigroup leading analyst Ronit Ghose, Lemonade Insurance founder and CEO Daniel Schreiber, and OakNorth Bank founder and CEO Rishi Khosla discuss the new possibilities that AI offers the finance industry. Those who manage to use this emerging technology to reduce friction for customers will win. Disruptive innovation Technology Managing organizations Audio

Technology Adaptations for Your Business

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With the normal tasks of creating a social media strategy , managing employees, and tracking data and finances, there have been a lot of upheavals and needed adaptations. A lot of the needed adaptations needed require technology updates and fixes. Here are a few ways you can adapt your business using technology to keep up with the changing world. Managing Your Business business management business technology Entrepreneurship managing your business strategydriven

Eric Schmidt on “Disruptive technologies”

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In the first, Eric Schmidt explores the technologies likely to have the greatest disruptive impact on economies, business models, and people. McKinsey & Company has just launched a new series of video interview programs with high-tech experts. Later this month the McKinsey Global Institute will publish an assessment of the probable economic impact of disruptive […].

Paycor HR Leaders Survey: The State of American Business in 2021

In Paycor’s latest survey, more than 2,000 HR and Finance leaders told us about their plans for 2021. Download the survey for actionable insights and tips.

Disrupting Finance

Harvard Business

Citigroup leading analyst Ronit Ghose, Lemonade Insurance founder and CEO Daniel Schreiber, and OakNorth Bank founder and CEO Rishi Khosla discuss the new possibilities that AI offers the finance industry. Those who manage to use this emerging technology to reduce friction for customers will win.

Bitcoin and the Future of Decentralized Finance

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Cryptocurrencies are fueling the emergence of decentralized finance. Currency Disruptive innovation Technology AudioWhat is it, how does it work, and who will benefit?

Technology and Redistribution of Power (with Yanis Varoufakis)

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The outspoken former Greek Finance Minister joins Azeem Azhar to discuss tech, economics, and the future of democracy. Politics Technology and analytics Economics Audio

Understanding the Role of Technology in Growing Your Business

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The secret to ticking all of these boxes and optimizing the potential for business growth lies in investing in the right technology. Finances. So, what type of technology is necessary to ensure that financial administration is properly taken care of from month to month?

What Skeptics Get Wrong About Crypto’s Volatility

Harvard Business Review

Blockchain Technology and analytics Finance and investing Entrepreneurial finance Digital ArticlePrice swings signal important information to investors — and build previously unseen levels of transparency into the system.

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CFO’s Guide to Building an HR Team with Limited Time, Budget and Resources

Building the ideal HR team doesn’t happen overnight—especially when CFOs have limited time, budget and resources. But our new guide can give you advice on where to start and key focus areas you need to know. Download our guide today!

How Digital Currencies Can Help Small Businesses

Harvard Business Review

Blockchain Digital transformation Economics Finance and investing Technology and analytics Digital ArticleThey could reduce payment processing costs and cash flow issues.

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New Technologies for Mobile Merchant Accounts

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The same near field technology that allows a chip-based card to work is now being integrated into the latest generation of smartphones. Now she seeks to educate others with tips in both personal and business finance. Guest Posts TechnologyGuest Post by Ms. Bekiroglu, editorial consultant for mobilepaymentgeek.com (learn more about Ms. Bekiroglu at the end of this post).

How Blockchain Is Changing Finance

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To wit, 45% of financial intermediaries , such as payment networks, stock exchanges, and money transfer services, suffer from economic crime every year; the number is 37% for the entire economy, and only 20% and 27% for the professional services and technology sectors, respectively. First, because it’s antiquated, a kludge of industrial technologies and paper-based processes dressed up in a digital wrapper. How technology is transforming transactions.

3 Major Challenges Financial Institutions Face When Implementing Business Insight Technology

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If you’ve been in the market for new business insight technology, such as a financial services analytics solution, the benefits of these are obvious. But you must also remember that any new technology you onboard will bring change to your bank’s operations—some of which isn’t welcome just yet.

Time for technology? How digital can help your production office work smarter

Event Industry News

Transport, education, finance; even relationships. The post Time for technology? Editor's Choice Event Technology Features NewsExpanding into practically every aspect of our lives, the digital revolution has set out to achieve one core aim – to improve and enhance our daily experiences. And it does, extremely well. There’s assistance for almost everything at the click of button… The event industry is no stranger to welcoming […].

How Digital Process Innovation Can Influence Organisational Change In The Finance Sector

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The finance sector as we know it is being transformed by new technology. NEX Optimisation are undergoing an ambitious project to use distributed ledger technology to provide a single source of truth regarding financial transactions. Finance leaders are expected to orchestrate change by closely controlling how their finance systems work alongside other parts of the business. This increased understanding could see a demand for a new type of finance team emerging.

How Blockchain Applications Will Move Beyond Finance

Harvard Business

To understand the transformation that’s being brought about by blockchain technology, it’s useful to start with its largest implementation to date: bitcoin. How technology is transforming transactions. How Blockchain Works Here are five basic principles underlying the technology. It’s not surprising that some of the closer-to-market applications of the technology are in the financial sector.

Stablecoins and the Future of Money

Harvard Business

Currency Finance & Accounting Technology Economics Finance and investing Technology and analytics Digital ArticleThree paths for a public-private partnership.

ThreatModeler CEO Archie Agarwal Talks Cyber Security, Its AWS Technology Partnership and the Company’s Future Plans

CEO Insider

We rely on technology and, to a certain extent, trust it to provide critical services, for example, in finance and healthcare. But our increasing reliance on technology also makes us incredibly susceptible to cyberattacks.

Where Do You Need To Spend Money In Business?

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Technology. Technology is essential in business, and the need to be at the forefront of any new trends is becoming more and more crucial year after year. If you want to get ahead of the competition, one way to do so is to invest in cutting-edge technology.

Finance Can Be a Noble Profession (Yes, Really)

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When I ask students graduating from Harvard Business School what they’re doing next, I often get some version of “I’m going into finance but…” Then they quickly explain that finance is just a way station on the route to nobler goals. I seldom, if ever, hear that apologetic tone from students choosing technology companies or consulting. I know many people who find finance intellectually rich and a source of lifelong learning.

The Cyber Insurance Market Needs More Money

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Cybersecurity and digital privacy Finance and investing Risk management Technology and analytics Digital ArticleSecurities could help give insurers the breathing room they need to keep growing — and meet customers’ mounting needs.

When a CFO’s “Head In The Cloud” Is a Good Thing

N2Growth Blog

Having a CFO with a “head in the cloud” might be a good thing if we’re talking about cloud computing, cognitive technologies, and AI that has significantly influenced this role.

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Kenya Is Becoming a Global Hub of FinTech Innovation

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Other countries can learn from how it’s using technology to expand financial inclusion. Finance & Accounting Innovation Technology Digital Article

How to Reduce Business Costs

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Technology has made remote working a viable option and should be encouraged by all employers. Using technology to streamline/automate specific tasks. Most businesses rely very heavily on equipment and technology for their operation.

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5 Benefits of Blockchain Technology for Businesses

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Finance and business executives often joke that the word blockchain placed at the end of the company name is enough to increase the share price of any entity at least twofold. Blockchain Technology Defined. Blockchain technology authenticates and enforces financial transactions.

Do Algorithms Make Better — and Fairer — Investments Than Angel Investors?

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Technology Financial markets Entrepreneurial finance Digital ArticleIt depends on the investor.

Who Writes the Rules of a Blockchain?

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Technology Currency Finance & Accounting Innovation Digital ArticleDecentralized systems rely on decentralized governance. Enter the “governance token.”

How To Impress Potential Business Investors

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It is relatively easy to set up a business these days, thanks to technology. Managing Your Finances business finances business investment business management strategydriven

How Smart Tech Is Transforming Nonprofits

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Automation and AI can free up staff in fundraising, communications, finance, and service delivery efforts. Digital transformation Technology and analytics Nonprofit organizations Public administration and nonprofits Digital Article

Digital Growth Depends More on Business Models than Technology

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Given that those companies were all venture-financed and emerged from Silicon Valley, you might assume that the key ingredients that have ensured their success were cutting-edge technologies, digital platforms, and customer bases that were chiefly made up of digital natives. Yes, those companies had great technologies, platforms, and demographics, but the secret of their success turns out to be much more prosaic. Yagi Studio/Getty Images. For startups, 2009 was a good year.

How Blockchain Could Make Banks Obsolete

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Currency Finance & Accounting Disruptive innovation Technology Digital ArticleNew platforms are allowing users to lend and borrow cryptocurrencies.

Investing in Deep Tech for an Abundant Future

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Disruptive innovation Technology Entrepreneurial finance AudioWhat is “deep tech?” ” And could it help bring about an age of abundance?

How Web3 Is Changing Commerce and Governance (with Not Boring’s Packy McCormick)

Harvard Business

The blockchain revolution isn’t limited to finance. Blockchain Innovation Web-based technologies Technology and analytics AudioHow will it change the way businesses engage with their customers?

Post Pandemic: Why Business Tech Is More Important Than Ever

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Technology has completely changed life in so many ways over the past few decades. So implementing good technology is more important than ever if you want to keep up with your competitors and provide the service expected by your customers. Security Technology. Scribe technology.

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