The Economics of Charity Telemarketing

Harvard Business Review

Nobody seems to like charity telemarketers. I have heard this statement so many times I can only assume it comes pre-recorded in the human frontal cortex at birth: “Charity telemarketers pocket 95% of every dollar you give. ” I’m here neither to praise or condemn charity telemarketers, but to shed some light on the economics of their work. The telemarketer just got paid $25 for making 100 calls. A World Vision telemarketer called me 30 years ago.

Working from Home with A Disability

Strategy Driven

If you are computer savvy then suggestions could include: Remote telemarketing. It is fairly straight forward to set up an online business, there are many apps and software to manage your finances and invoicing and it is quick and easy to get professional websites and marketing material produced. It is estimated that around 19% of the UK population of the adult, working age suffer from a disability according to recent data obtains by the department of work and pensions (DWP.)

The Twelve Sales Metrics that Matter Most

Harvard Business Review

Sixty-four percent of study participants have vertical sales specialists on their sales force (calling on verticals such as public sector, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.). Seventy percent of inside salespeople perform lead generation and telemarketing activities. Sales is both an art and a science. It is the skillful combination of emotion and logic, people and process, free-thinking and organization.