Why We Shouldn’t Worry About the Declining Number of Public Companies

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Our conclusion is supported by the fact that in each of the first three five-year intervals in the 21st century, 2001−2005, 2005−2010, and 2011−2015, the largest number of net delists, defined as the number of delisting firms minus the number of listing firms, occurred in software, electronics, and computer industry. Such acquisitions become more lucrative with rising first-mover advantages, pace of technological development, and network externality.

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A Survey of 3,000 Executives Reveals How Businesses Succeed with AI

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Without support from leadership, your AI transformation might not succeed. Successful AI adopters have strong executive leadership support for the new technology. Long-term: Work with academia or a third party to solve a high-impact use case (augmented human decision making in a key knowledge worker role, for example) with bleeding-edge AI technology to potentially capture a sizable first-mover advantage. Photo by Aaron Burson.


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What Investors Need to Know About Zimbabwe After Mugabe

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In this environment, multinationals that are willing to accept some risk and invest in the country could benefit from first-mover advantages – but only if the new administration follows through with much-needed economic reforms. Zimbabwe’s new leadership faces a challenging task. Mnangagwa’s first actions in office underscore how important he views economic recovery. ALEXANDER JOE/Getty Images.

Five Myths of a CEO's First 100 Days

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Starting off on the right foot is crucial, especially during "the first 100 days," when new top executives are under intense scrutiny to prove they're equal to the job. After a year of "I'm-not-the-other-guy" leadership, this executive hadn't stamped his own identity on the business or made any distinctive decisions. They should reflect on their leadership style in order to adapt and harmonize with the company. Leadership Leadership transitions Organizational culture

Why Family Businesses Come Roaring out of Recessions

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Some studies (see here or here ) have shown that during periods of economic growth, family-managed companies in the US actually perform better than professionally managed businesses. Tobin’s q is the ratio between a company’s market capitalization and the replacement cost of its tangible assets, with a higher ratio indicating that a company has more intangible assets such as patents, brands, leadership etc., Leadership Marketing

The Health Care Industry Needs to Start Taking Women Seriously

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The good news: By engaging this market segment and rebuilding trust, health care companies can have a first-mover advantage. They must first develop gender smarts with customers and exhibit the behaviors women seek, as decision makers, to serve their needs. Next, health care companies can see an instant benefit from both putting women in positions of leadership and encouraging them to use their personal experiences and perspectives to shape their approach.

Which Nation Has the Best 'Technik'?

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Paul Kennedy's seminal Rise and Fall of the Great Powers captures the way technological and economic advances have converted into strategic advantage, and how failure to "lock in" that edge accelerates imperial decline. But America's edge is eroding fast as it struggles to keep first-mover advantage over its innovations. Five thousand years ago, use of the wheel began to spread from Mesopotamia across Eurasia, revolutionizing transport and enabling chariot warfare.