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Winning Now, Winning Later: Playing the Infinite Game

Leading Blog

Grow while keeping fixed costs constant. The resistance to the winning now, winning later mindset often comes from the leadership and not the frontline staff because they live the consequences of short-term think every day. Scrub accounting and business practices down to what is real. Invest in the future, but not excessively.

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Love Them and Lead Them

The Practical Leader

Airline revenues collapsed while fixed costs stayed high. Southwest Airlines has been giving its employees and customers L — love and leadership — since its founding in 1971. Leadership is centered on emotions. .” Companies decimated by the pandemic especially need to feel the love to bounce back.


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During this Crisis, Don’t Expect Business as Usual from the Family Enterprise

Strategy Driven

This is a time to share the challenges regarding fixed costs, debt, obligations and the cost of doing business. He is also Family Business Scholar at the Smith Family Business Program at Cornell University, a faculty advisor at the Ultra High Net Worth Institute, and a regular contributor to Forbes Leadership channel.

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Business Model Generation : Blog | Executive Coaching | CO2 Partners


It is useful to to distinguish between two broad classes of business models Cost Structures: cost cost-driven and value-driven from the following categories Cost-driven, Value-driven. His book Just Ask Leadership - Why Great Managers Always Ask The Right Questions (McGraw Hill 2009).

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How Do I Start A Small Business?

Strategy Driven

However, the traditional business plan is only widely used and includes; Creating an executive summary mentioning the mission statement, vision, services, employees, leadership team, location, products, of your business. Fixed Costs / (Average Price – Variable Costs) = Break-Even Point –.

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How To Reduce Business Expenses

HR Digest

Businesses should also learn to recycle waste materials to save cost and not to just dispose of them arbitrarily. Evaluation staff cost. Staffing is a major cost for any business. Beyond the high cost, it is a fixed cost as well. To determine that, staff evaluation is necessary.

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The Challenges GM Is Facing, and the Reasoning Behind Its Plant Closures

Harvard Business Review

Capital-intensive factories have a high-fixed-cost, low-variable-cost operating model. If you greatly reduce the production volume, the cars that do come out have to absorb more of the fixed costs, and that eventually sends the product into a profitability death spiral.