Better follow up as a manager

Mike Cardus

Follow up is what good managers do, you follow up for 2 reasons : People are doing what they are supposed to be doing. The purpose of follow-up is to maintain performance and notice what is happening that you would like to continue o r amplified. the purpose of follow-up is to improve performance by asking, “How can I help?”. It turns out that the lack of follow up is pervasive , and many managers are busy.

After Knowledge Flow Sessions, Follow Up in Writing

Michael Lee Stallard

#86 Follow Up in Writing. After a Group or Individual Knowledge Flow Session , follow up in writing to summarize what you heard, what actions are necessary, who is responsible for each action and when each action should be completed. The post After Knowledge Flow Sessions, Follow Up in Writing appeared first on Michael Lee Stallard.


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Trust but Verify – requires you to follow-up

Mike Cardus

Trust but Verify – requires you to follow-up. People are not doing what they are supposed to be doing; the purpose of follow-up is to improve performance by asking, “ How can I help ?” The post Trust but Verify – requires you to follow-up appeared first on

Perplexed About No Follow-Up

Leadership Freak

Dear Dan, I applied for a Fire Chief’s position in March. On June 7, I received notice that I was slated to be interviewed via Skype over the next two weeks. Well, it’s… Continue reading → Leading

The Art of Following Up for Executives

N2Growth Blog

Many say there is an art to the follow-up. For starters, follow up action is a signal many employers look for in judging candidates on their professionalism, general organization, and cultural fit. In fact, one in five hiring managers say that this is a box they look to check before extending an offer, and in one survey, nearly 70% of hiring managers said that following up not only matters but failing to do so could even lead to dismissal from the process.

How to Build Teams that Follow-Up and Follow-Through

Leadership Freak

Accountability is a dirty word because it begins in the wrong place. Leaders wrongly think accountability begins with others. What do you call someone who bulldozes people into compliance? The nice word is… Continue reading → Leading

Why Follow Up Matters

Marshall Goldsmith

In this week’s interview, Chester shares with us his personal experience with why following up with others matters when we are trying to change our “bad habits”. Chester is a leadership and culture thought leader, recognized by Global Gurus and many other organizations, and he’s just a good guy. ” So it was this idea of checking in, following up, because if you just change your behavior, the perception doesn’t change.

Ask, Learn, Follow Up and Grow

Marshall Goldsmith

” The traditional hierarchical model of leadership will not work effectively for major organizations in tomorrow’s changing world. Next, if the person was skilled and/or lucky, more promotions followed until he or she eventually became an executive who could tell lots of people what to do. No one person will be smart enough to keep up. ” If leaders will not be able to keep up with the rapidly changing world, detailed policy manuals don’t have a chance!

Why Didn???t You Get Better? You Didn???t Follow-up!

Marshall Goldsmith

Clearly, affirmatively, I can tell you that you will not get better if you do not follow-up. Once youve mastered the subtleties of asking, listening, thanking, apologizing, involving, and initiating change in your behavior, you must follow-up relentlessly! Follow-up is the last step of the Leadership Is a Contact Sport behavioral change process. Follow-up is how you measure your progress.

Steps and Tips for Proper Project Planning Part II

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Every day people and businesses come up with excuses as to why their projects failed. Leadership Development deadlines follow up implementation Leadership strategic planningWhile reasons such as not having enough time or resources are definitely valid, the real cause for many failed tasks is that there was not proper planning. It is usually a complete lack of planning rather than simply poor planning [.].

How to Make sure you Achieve your 2014 Leadership Goals

Great Leadership By Dan

This post first appeared in SmartBlog on Leadership : It’s that time of year when many of us, with the best of intentions will write a leadership development plan , or establish goals for the upcoming year. We often set very high level, nebulous leadership goals like “be more strategic”, or “be a better leader”, without having a way to measure our progress towards achieving that goal. Well I did – I haven’t given up – and I’m loving the results!

Goal 200

25 Coaching Questions to Create your 2013 Leadership Development Plan

Great Leadership By Dan

Just remember, you get what you pay for. (-: When you are ready, take out a piece of paper and a pen, or a tablet for you techies, and answer each one of the following questions. Why are you interested in developing your leadership skills? What does great leadership look like to you? What leadership competencies (skills, knowledge, attributes) are important to your organization, for your current role, and/or for the role you aspire to? Implementation and follow-up: 18.

Leadership Support: How Do I Get More Executive Attention?

Let's Grow Leaders

To get better executive leadership support, ask for what you need. You have lots of great reasons to want better leadership support for your team. But what do you do if your senior leader is not showing up as often or as supportive as you would like? Follow through.

Ethical Leadership: Beyond Insight to Action

Leading in Context

While listening to a speaker, you hear a new idea that strikes you as important, and you jot it down to follow up. But do you ever follow up? By Linda Fisher Thornton Have you had an insight while attending a conference?

Ethics 194

How to Choose Who You Promote into Leadership

Let's Grow Leaders

Who you promote into leadership sends a clear message of what matters most in your culture and business. In this episode, you’ll get two essential criteria to examine when considering who you promote into a leadership role. How to Choose Who You Promote Into Leadership.

How To 365

How to Optimize Your Team-Based Learning & Development | Making.


Home ELS Home Leadership Development Executive Leadership Training Change Management Learning Products Employee Selection Contact us Sep 01 How to Optimize Your Team-based Learning & Development By admin Ed Oakley follows up his conversation about how much more effective team-based learning is compared to trying to learn on our own with an important component of successful team-based learning. August H Mallory on This Leadership Perspective Will Change Your Life!

Check for Understanding: A Leadership Communication Best Practice (Video)

Let's Grow Leaders

In other words, is your team picking up what you’re putting down? I just want to ensure we’re all on the same page for what we’re each going to do next, what’s are the three follow-up items we agreed to?” Save Days, Weeks, Even Months of Lost Time.

Video 349

Loyalty vs. Tenure | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Think of any organization that has mediocre talent, where management has frustrated you with consistent under-performance, or where cavalier attitudes and a sense of entitlement overshadow a focus on productivity & performance, and I’ll show you an organization that embraces tenure… An old business saying that sums-up my feelings about tenure goes like this: “The only thing worse than an employee who quits and leaves is an employee who quits and stays.&#

High ROI Leadership – Schedule the Finish

Let's Grow Leaders

But, when you leave the definition of a word like “soon” up to chance, chaos ensues. Scheduling the finish means you create a specific mutual moment where you will follow up, follow through or finish the task.

ROI 255

The Great Leadership Development Disrupter: Leadership Rotation

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Dee Ann Turner: During my tenured career at one organization, I had the “best of the best” leadership development opportunities. In that organization, no expense was spared for leadership development. Consider these benefits of a leadership rotation program: 1.

Video Book Club: Good Boss, Bad Boss

Next Level Blog

Following up on the success of his previous book, The No Asshole Rule , Bob is back with Good Boss, Bad Boss.   That said, there is one big takeaway for me from the book which I think sums up most of what Bob is recommending. Take A Look Leadership Lessons Podcast Leadership Lessons Podcasts : Scott Eblin, executive coach, speaker and author of The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success, 2nd Edition , talks with top business and organizational leaders.

Video 133

Easy Button Leadership (EBL)

Nathan Magnuson

In my book Ignite Your Leadership Expertise , I wrote that leaders make life easier, less complicated and more fun for those around them. Here are some of the ways you can employ Easy Button Leadership (or, EBL for short) for the leaders you serve. Demonstrate how following your advice will make them more successful, not just take up more time. ” Easy Button Leadership isn’t easy, but the rewards are enormous.

The Path to Leadership

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Change Management Self Leadership [link] Anyone can be a leader at any level at any time and start to bring about change wherever they are. Recently, I published a follow-up article to [.]. Change Management Self LeadershipThis has been my journey and one that I know that any person who wants to make a difference can do to impact their circumstances and bring about change.

5 Principles for Ethical Leadership in Times of Crisis

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Jason Richmond : Leaders are, by definition, role models, and employees naturally follow their lead. Answering questions is also critical; be honest when you do not know the answer and be sure to try to find out as soon as possible and follow up.

Crisis 251

How to Maximize Your Return on Investment from a Leadership Development Program

Great Leadership By Dan

Attendance at a leadership development program does not guarantee behavior change or improved results as a leader. So what separates those that attend leadership programs and actually become better leaders and those that don’t? Here are three differentiators that will produce a greater return on leadership development investment: 1. Follow-up. Marshall Goldsmith did extensive research on the effect of follow-up after leaders completed a 360 degree assessment.

Choosing the Best Motivational Leadership Speakers

Career Advancement

“The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born—that there is a genetic factor to leadership. Randall, an HR executive, felt that he and many other company managers possessed excellent leadership skills. However, he wanted to bring in someone who not only modeled leadership skills but could articulate exactly how to develop them—all within a captivating presentation. No two speakers on leadership are alike.

Joe’s Journal: On Turning Failure to Success

First Friday Book Synopsis

The Drucker Exchange (the Dx) is a platform for bettering society through effective management and responsible leadership. Grant what matters in times of failure is our resolve to pursue (and ultimately accomplish) our mission in life and work what Peter Drucker called “feedback analysis”: Failure should be followed up by brutal self-evaluation and used as a steppingstone to success Winfred ScottHere is the latest post by Joseph A.

How to Rectify a Serious Leadership Mistake

Lead Change Blog

Any mistake you make is your own, and it’s up to you to sort it out. Here’s how to rectify the worst of leadership mistakes. You can do the same, because leadership is very much about building a personal brand, and one that your team members are able to trust and approach. Serious leadership errors will usually be accompanied by serious consequences, some of which may result in some of your darkest days at work. Follow up once resolved. Wrapping up.

Boss Leadership Tips and Techniques

The Practical Leader

… We’ve long defined leadership as an action, not a position. That’s especially important in influencing upward to the boss and even further up the organization. You may need to follow up a phone conversation with an electronic message documenting what you discussed.

Tips 84

Leadership Challenge

N2Growth Blog

What if you could improve your leadership effectiveness in only 5 days? What if there were no costs, no strings attached, no hidden agendas, no complex curriculum, but just a simple set of instructions for you to follow over the next 5 days that will change your world as a leader? Well, I have a 5 day leadership challenge for you which will do just exactly that – You in? The bad news is unhealthy relationships are in fact a reflection of your leadership ability.

How to Prove ROI for Leadership Training

The Center For Leadership Studies

Any leadership development journey consists of several steps: setting goals, getting buy-in from executives and employees, engaging a leadership training partner and conscious, consistent practice are among them. Keeping the following considerations in mind can make it easier.

ROI 77

Today's Leadership Book Recommendation

Eric Jacobson

Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Leadership BooksIf you have a manager who isn't the best communicator, you can suggest he/she read Jane Murphy's and Khatun Huber's book, What Could Happen If You Do Nothing?

Books 65

6 Keys to Inspiring Leadership, No Matter Your Style

Lead Change Blog

Trying to fit yourself into the stereotypical role might end up selling you short, as you actually hide away your best skills and try to do things in a way that doesn’t suit you. That said, there are some aspects of leadership that are still vital. Communicate clearly , say that you’re dealing with the problems, and follow up your words with actions. Maybe the people higher up have come up with yet another hairball scheme that they want your team to execute.

Who’s Your Second? Are We Really Leading, or Just in Charge?

RapidStart Leadership

We make the plans, give the orders, follow-up on everybody and everything. It feels like leadership. appeared first on RapidStart Leadership. Building Teams and Culture Leadership Concepts good to great jim collins leadership Stanley Gault team culture whos your secondAre you indispensable? Should you be? Nothing happens without our say-so. The machine is humming and we are at the controls. But is it?

Problems with leadership development processes…


Home ELS Home Leadership Development Executive Leadership Training Change Management Learning Products Employee Selection Contact us Aug 27 Problems with leadership development processes… By admin Developing your leadership skills is critical to your ongoing success and prosperity, so it is important that you understand some significant problems/challenges/issues with leadership development processes. Start developing your leadership skills today!

Experience Evaluation Form

Tim Milburn

Home About SPEAKING RESOURCES Archives CONTACT Download: Experience Evaluation Form 0 Comments Following up from my last post on Evaluation Exercises , I have completed the Experience Evaluation Form. Related Articles: Five Ways To Deal With Difficult People A Leader’s Job Security All By Yourself One Less Option 8 Ways To Measure Your Leadership Effectiveness You can subscribe to the RSS feed of by clicking here.

Inclusive Leadership and The Future of Work (Part 2)

CEO Insider

After writing Inclusive Leadership and The Future of Work as a follow up to The Future of Work: You Don’t Need a Plan. The post Inclusive Leadership and The Future of Work (Part 2) appeared first on CEOWORLD magazine.

Passing the Leadership Baton Gracefully

Great Leadership By Dan

“Successful transition is the last act of a great leader.” - Francis Hesselbein I recently asked readers to submit their burning leadership development questions. One of the best books I’ve read on the topic of leadership transition is from Marshall Goldsmith, called Succession, Are You Ready? Here’s the full post: How to Pass the Leadership Baton There’s no shortage of advice, research, processes, and programs that deal with developing and onboarding leaders for new roles.

Leadership Effectiveness

Marshall Goldsmith

By asking for feedback, analyzing the results, developing a focused action plan for change and following-up, leaders are perceived as more effective. Recently, one executive was asked, “How much do you spend each year on leadership development programs?” ” He was then asked, “How much do you spend on follow-up?” ” More effort needs to be placed on the follow-up required to ensure positive, long-term change.

The 4C’s of Accountability that Increase Performance and Lower Stress

Leadership Freak

Insecurity, lack of clarity, and lack of follow-up make accountability frustrating. Develop… Continue reading → Accountability Leadership Development organizational success

Stress 159

Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Finding Dory

Joseph Lalonde

Finding Dory picks up 1 year after Finding Nemo ends. But, the big question is: Does Finding Dory have leadership lessons? Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Piper. Before we get to the leadership lessons found in Finding Dory, Pixar delighted the theater audience with a short film called Piper. The mother sandpiper displayed a leadership trait: Lead and teach others by doing what you want them to do. Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Finding Dory.

Defining Your Leadership Role

Lead on Purpose

Leadership and motivation are practically synonymous in certain sectors. Speaking in a business sense, leadership can be defined in a number of ways. Whether you’re revered or reviled is up to you. Leaders are those who have the courage to be authoritative when the time calls for it, but at the same time leadership is reflective of having an open mind to any and all business decisions, whether crucial or inconsequential. Leadership is about listening and reacting.

An Agile Culture Ripples Out From the Leadership Team

The Practical Leader

Many leadership teams seem to think that talking about agility will magically transform their organizations. A department, division, or organization’s culture ripples out from its leadership team. Organizational behavior reflects leadership team behavior.