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Great Leadership By Dan

We rarely discussed the kind of functional skills (marketing, operations, and finance) that are taught in typical MBA programs – those were considered table stakes for this level of management.

10 Elements of a Great Woman’s Leadership Development Program

Great Leadership By Dan

In comparing the top-quartile of companies in terms of share of women in executive committees against companies that have all-male executive committees, McKinsey found that the former companies exceeded the latter by 41% in return on equity and by 56% in operating results.

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Milton Freedman was wrong! Gary Cohen grew the company from two people to 2,200 employees Currently, he is Managing Partner of CO2 Partners, LCC, operating as an executive coach and consultant.

Why do smart people do dumb things?

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According to Freedman, the goal of the conference is to help leaders learn how to leverage the science and practice of emotional intelligence to improve prosperity and well-being in the workplace and community.