How Can I Choose Management Software That’s Right for My Church?

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They produce the GAAP principles which state how non-profits should have a fund accounting system in place. Using the right technology not only keeps your books in order but also ensures you’re compliant with current legislation.

A Blueprint for Digital Companies’ Financial Reporting

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In a follow up HBR article , we interviewed several chief financial officers (CFOs) of leading technology companies and senior analysts of investment banks and distilled seven key insights from those discussions. Currently, firms’ first report net profits and then back out many of these one-time items to present a non-GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) profit number. Finance & Accounting Financial markets Technology Digital Article


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Why Leaders Are Still So Hesitant to Invest in New Business Models

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As technology continues to change and challenge even the most successful incumbent organizations in every industry, the cost of inertia is growing. Finally, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) used to manage businesses and report to investors often ignore intangible assets or miscategorize them as expenses. However, Alignors tend to stick with industry norms, despite their preferences and the rapid advancement in digital technologies.

How B2B Software Vendors Can Help Their Customers Benchmark

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Those analyses rely on publicly available data sources, but software providers have accumulated growing amounts of private data on almost every aspect of their customers’ technology, operations, people, and strategies. It is even possible to hold up the data mirror to individual technology users. Machine learning is the ideal technology for creating a set of predictive scores from a collection of data. Market research Technology Digital Article

Teaching an Algorithm to Understand Right and Wrong

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Harnessing the power of machine learning and other technologies. need to abide by GAAP accounting standards, which rely on strict rules, while those operating in Europe follow IFRS accounting standards, which are driven by broad principles. Ethics Technology Digital ArticleIn his Nicomachean Ethics , Aristotle states that it is a fact that “all knowledge and every pursuit aims at some good,” but then continues, “What then do we mean by the good?”


Why We Need to Update Financial Reporting for the Digital Era

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Since then, we interviewed several chief financial officers (CFOs) of leading technology companies and senior analysts of investment banks who follow technology companies. As digital technology becomes more pervasive, more and more companies will present this sort of valuation challenge. Analysts increasingly rely on non-GAAP metrics. Martin Konopka/EyeEm/Getty Images.


GDP Is a Wildly Flawed Measure for the Digital Age

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New workers embarking on their careers are finding that their education is incomplete in many areas essential to our technology-driven lives today. While all of these are contributing factors, the major factor, in our view, is the deflationary effect of technology, which our measurement systems fail to account for. In the process of creating more efficient, happy, and technologically supported lives, we may have to blow up and recreate how we gauge economic prosperity and growth.

GDP 29

On Creative Accounting: Two Creativity Myths

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Hitler's human extermination empire was quite new in its scope, organization, and technology. As long as the new ideas cohere with ethical standards, and generally accepted accounting principles ( GAAP ), they can yield immense benefits. Tags: Creativity Ethics Innovation GAAP "Creative accounting" is really bad. Except when it's good. Say that in a roomful of managers, and you get nervous laughter.