Leadership: A Global Perspective

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This fall, I embarked on a worldwide quest to gain insights and perspectives on global leadership in the 21st century. Opening your mind to global perspectives can inspire you to improve yourself and the people around you too.

35 Leadership Quotes from the 10th Global Peter Drucker Forum

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T HE 10th annual Global Peter Drucker Forum was held in November 2018 in Drucker's home town of Vienna, Austria. This year’s theme was Management: The Human Dimension. Management has maybe become too machine smitten. Many managers mix up formulating a strategy and developing a plan. Philip Kotler, Professor, Kellogg School of Management. ? Professor Bill Fischer, Professor of Innovation Management IMD. ?


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6 Secrets to Success in the Global Business World

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If you’re doing business today, then you know—local is dead and global is the new norm. And with that, study upon study has come out stating that the number one agenda item for today’s corporate leaders is finding talent that can think and lead globally. Without the ability to successfully manage a business across borders, you and your organization are destined to fall behind. The best global leaders are curious about anything and everything new and different.

Forget Global – What Leaders Really Need Is A “Worldly” Perspective

Tanveer Naseer

Do we need more globalization on this globe? In our International Masters Program for Managers, the 10-day worldly mindset is devoted to the social, political, and economic issues around. Guest Posts communication leadership Management mindset perspectiveThe following is a guest piece from McGill Professor (and fellow Montrealer) Henry Mintzberg. How about more worldliness in this world?

Motivating and Rewarding Your Global Workforce

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Leading an international workforce has some advantages, but it can also present some management challenges, including hiring, project management and worker engagement. Here are three steps to help you effectively build, manage and motivate a cohesive, efficient global business team. Building an effective global team begins with smart recruitment strategies. One of the challenges of managing a global business team is communications.

Bitcoin: The Future Global Currency?

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Investing in bitcoin may not be as stable putting money in the stock market , but it has seen some incredible growth over recent years, and you should be sure to check it out as many people genuinely believe it to be a future-proof, global asset.

Improving Management Globally

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In the most recent ASQ Influential Voices post, Bill Troy, ASQ CEO, asks: Why Should Quality Go Global? It is much worse when you aim to influence a global audience. On the matter of the importance of promoting better management practices worldwide I agree there is a huge amount of work to be done. And there is a huge vacuum of resources for managers looking for information on how to do better. Management ASQ Influential Voices global open access

The Key Factors of Global Business

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It has been a global marketplace since forever, all you needed was the vision, guts, and usually a fair bit of seed money to extend the reach of your business beyond your own borders. What still is needed, however, is a vision on how you will reach global domination. Global Audience.

Going Global? Choose Your Country Wisely

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Facebook, Apple, or PayPal, all enjoy global success. These companies have “going global” down—they perform strongly in international markets, and can execute across borders because they embed globalization on their daily executive discussions. Develop a Globalization Strategy Part of the agility for a company to stay strong globally is the makeup of their country investment. Being decisive on how to prioritize global expansion is key here.

The Future of Education: Ethical Literacy For Handling Global Complexity

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A focus on "knowing" must be replaced with a focus on "how to think, problem solve and successfully navigate global complexity using ethical values.". Complexity Context Ethical Leader Ethical Thinking Trends ethical leader ethical leadership ethics leadership and management leadership development responsible educationBy Linda Fisher Thornton We are not preparing students for success in the world where they will have to live and work.

Ethics 176

The Week Explores the Global Loneliness Epidemic

Michael Lee Stallard

Recently, my wife, Katie, and I had the opportunity to teach a Connection Culture Workshop for the Institute for Management Studies in Columbus, Ohio. Mary Held, head of IMS Columbus, made us aware of this outstanding brief on the global loneliness epidemic published by The Week. The post The Week Explores the Global Loneliness Epidemic appeared first on Michael Lee Stallard.

Collaborative Leadership in a Global Society

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What does collaborative leadership look like in a global society? Complexity Ethical Leader ethical leadership ethics training leadership and management leadership development management and leadership what are leadership skillsWhat is Collaborative Leadership? At the societal level it's taking the best that all of us know and can do and putting it together in ways that help everyone.

Tips for Giving Your Business a Successful Global Presence

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When you are trying to run a global brand it is so important to understand what this entails. There are a lot of things you can and should do in order to help take your company international and develop a strong global presence.

5 Considerations for Thinking Like a Global Business

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When you are trying to build up brand awareness they say you should think globally. But thinking globally is not as easy as putting your platforms with a “.com” Instead, think about what it really takes to think in a global sense. The Global Vision.

Boost Employee Engagement Globally

Michael Lee Stallard

We’re delighted to announce that next year I’ll be teaching workshops on leadership, teamwork, employee engagement, productivity, innovation and Connection Cultures at the Institute for Management Studies (IMS) in Amsterdam, Brussels, Edinburgh and London. (Stateside I’ll be teaching sessions in 2011 for IMS in Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit and San Francisco.). Earlier this year my colleague Jason Pankau spoke at the HR Summit in Singapore.

Robert Salomon on “Global Vision” : An interview by Bob Morris

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Robert Salomon is a professor of International Management and a Faculty Scholar at the NYU Stern School of Business. He is an award-winning scholar and educator who has been teaching and conducting research on globalization and global strategy for nearly 20 years. He has received more than 10 commendations for “Excellence in Teaching” at NYU… Read More Robert Salomon on “Global Vision” : An interview by Bob Morris.

Talent Management and Preparing Leaders Correctly with Piet Hein Merckens

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That is a tough statistic to try to wrap your mind around, and I was interested in Piet’s opinion on how did we get to this point and how there could be some solutions to solve this talent management gap. Does your organizational strategy include talent management?

Custom Solution: Global Biopharma Company Optimizes Leadership Development Culture

The Center For Leadership Studies

The post Custom Solution: Global Biopharma Company Optimizes Leadership Development Culture appeared first on Situational Leadership® Management and Leadership Training.

Help Your Global Talent Succeed and Lead - Cultivate Communication Skills

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Guest post by Nancy Vason: As leaders of global businesses, you draw from a deep well of talent. You employ engineers, plant managers, economists, IT managers and marketing directors from all over the world. According to the Harvard Business Review , English is now the global language of business, and more and more multinational companies are mandating English as the common corporate language. Are they leading global teams?

3 Important Lessons On Crisis Management From The COVID-19 Pandemic

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There’s little question that our world has never experienced a global crisis like that of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Leadership Recent Posts behaviour communication crisis management leadership obstacles

Custom Solution: Global Biopharma Company Leverages DiSC® Expertise

The Center For Leadership Studies

The post Custom Solution: Global Biopharma Company Leverages DiSC<sup>®</sup> Expertise appeared first on Situational Leadership® Management and Leadership Training.

Interview: Managing Change in Today’s Dynamic Global Economy

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In this episode, Supriya Desai, Principal at ASC* Advisory, shares why in today’s global business environment – characterized by volatility, uncertainty, chaos and ambiguity – we must step up our role as change practitioners to develop our organizations to be change-agile.

Someone to Know: Q&A with AB InBev Global Manager of Internal Communications Megan Booker


Megan Booker is Global Manager of Internal Communications at AB InBev. Prior to joining AB InBev, Megan held a series of communications roles at Kimberly-Clark, and is a recent graduate of Georgetown University’s Executive Master’s in Global Strategic Communication. When she’s not helping shape the internal communication strategy for this global organization, Megan can be found pursuing another passion – dance. What can business and communications learn from dance?

Developing leaders | Deloitte University Press | Global Human Capital Trends 2015

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According to a recent Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report: GLOBAL organizations today must navigate a “new world of work”—one that requires a dramatic change in strategies for leadership, talent, and human resources. via Developing leaders | Deloitte University Press | Global Human Capital Trends 2015. The post Developing leaders | Deloitte University Press | Global Human Capital Trends 2015 appeared first on Leadership Keynote Speaker and DISC Training.

How DHL Express Navigated the Pause — and Rebound — of Global Trade

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Globalization Crisis management Operations management Digital ArticleThree counterintuitive lessons in resilience.

Henry Mintzberg’s Bedtime Stories for Managers

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M INTZBERG’S 20th book, Bedtime Stories for Managers , is a thought-provoking page-turner. (In The theme running through most is that managers/leaders need to get out from behind their desks and see the world from the perspective of their employees and customers. To this end, he dedicates the book to “all those managers who eat the scrambled eggs to help their organization work like a cow.” Management is not eating the eggs. Do we need more globalization on this globe?

How to Manage the Tsunami of Change

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A McKinsey Global Institute report on future of the workforce shows that between 75 million and 375 million people globally will have to change their occupation and acquire new skills by the year 2030. These changes are not just causing disruption to businesses, but are also becoming a big problem for the managers to face. Managers and their teams are feeling insecure, causing major health hazards. Leadership Change Change Management Collaborate Growth

The global company’s challenge

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is a brief excerpt from another terrific article featured online by The McKinsey Quarterly, published by McKinsey & Company, in which Martin Dewhurst, Jonathan Harris, and Suzanne Heywood explain why, as the economic spotlight shifts to developing markets, global companies need new ways to manage their strategies, people, costs, and risks.

HR & Teams in Global Organizations


Teams are complicated in domestic environments, and are even more complicated in global organizations when multiple languages and cultures are involved, spread across large distances. HR is a necessary aspect of any large organization, especially global ones. Understanding labour laws and protecting management from management decisions is important, but only if HR is fully integrated into the organization’s strategy. Designing the global corporation.

Responsible Management Education: UN Principles

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What is the Purpose of Management Education? The purpose of management education is obviously to develop capable and responsible managers. Context Ethical Organization ethical leadership context ethics training global ethics leadership and management leadership development leading ethically in organizations management and leadershipBut what does that mean?

The 2011 Global Top 25 Companies for Leaders

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Last month Aon Hewitt, The RBL Group and Fortune announced their Global Top Companies for Leaders list. Sometimes I'll even call the person in charge of talent management. 4.Aditya Birla Management Corporation. the RBL Group global top companies for leaders Fortune Aon Hewitt best companies for leadersIt's been two years since the last list, not to be confused with the competing " Best Companies for Leaders " list sponsored by Businessweek and Hay Group.

Career Advice from Senior Leaders: Anne Toulouse, Vice President, Global Brand Management at Boeing


I shared the first piece of advice in our Career Advice series a few weeks ago, which covered the topic of finding intersections in your work, and recognizing that it’s okay to not have all the answers. I hope it resonated with you or someone you know. Next, I want to share some wisdom on the importance of asking for help – especially before it’s too late. Career Advice

Global survey reveals staggering results on job satisfaction

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According to staffing agency Kelly Services’ annual survey covering 120,000 respondents globally, a staggering 48 percent of employees are unhappy in their current jobs, up from 47 percent the previous year. That’s caused some dissatisfaction,” said Mark Hall, Vice President and Country Manager Kelly Services Singapore. That’s caused some dissatisfaction,” said Mark Hall, Vice President and Country Manager Kelly Services Singapore.

Survey 145

Greek family businesses are more optimistic about growth in 2021 and 2022 than their global peers (new survey findings)

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Greek family businesses try to get over the difficulties that the Covid-19 pandemic has created by setting priorities similar to their global peers.

Candidate Management During a Crisis

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I am no stranger to the challenges of candidate management during a crisis. Now 13 years into my career, all of us will have to re-learn how to navigate recruiting during a severe global pandemic that is unprecedented in magnitude. The reality is there were ongoing searches when the global economy came to a stop, and all of those candidates are probably still wondering whether they will have a chance to join your company.

Crisis 184

Viral Engagement on a Global Scale

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Across the globe, 85% of employees are either not engaged or are disengaged at work, according to Gallop’s State of the Global Workplace report, which estimates approximately $7 trillion in lost productivity. Performance management : Is engagement a part of performance management discussions?

CEO Spotlight: Scott Cullather Builds A Global Footprint For INVNT

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Europe’s Top Business Schools For Marketing Management Degree, 2019. Sharing stories has been a part of human civilization since the beginning. Stories engage and grasp consumers’ attention by sharing ideas, emotions, and experiences in powerful ways.

Why Business Resilience Must Begin with a Cultural Shift - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM FM GLOBAL

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Sponsor content from FM Global. Leadership Organizational culture Managing organizations Sponsor Content

Why The Global Economy is Recovering Faster Than Expected

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Economics & Society Recession Managing uncertainty Digital ArticleAnd what it will take to continue.

Research: How Cultural Differences Can Impact Global Teams

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And what managers can do to help their international teams succeed. Demographics Managing people Digital Article

4 Imperatives for Managing in a Hybrid World

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Lessons from top leaders at five global businesses. Managing uncertainty Managing people Digital Article

Going Global Is Easier Than Ever: Don’t Get Left Behind

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But this development on a global scale does not end at personal electronics, the business world was taken by storm in the past two or so decades, allowing for much easier and more convenient international business opportunities. Let’s look at why now, is a better time than ever to run a business on a global scale, than ever before. Hire globally. The answer is rather clear, and we are currently at a time where hiring globally is easier than ever.

Risk Management in Trying times

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We are all faced with unprecedented times while battling this global battle against the Covid Virus. This is not the first instance of a global crisis (Albeit not this extent) and hence there are some companies and industries that are better prepared compared to others.