Leadership: A Global Perspective

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This fall, I embarked on a worldwide quest to gain insights and perspectives on global leadership in the 21st century. Opening your mind to global perspectives can inspire you to improve yourself and the people around you too.

Five Foundational Truths of Youth Marketing (and Leadership)

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It is an important and comprehensive book for marketers, but there are some principles they share that have a much wider application, that I wanted to share. In the book, they list the five foundational truths of youth marketing (and leadership). W HO IS Gen Z?


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Going Global? Choose Your Country Wisely

Great Leadership By Dan

Facebook, Apple, or PayPal, all enjoy global success. These companies have “going global” down—they perform strongly in international markets, and can execute across borders because they embed globalization on their daily executive discussions. Develop a Globalization Strategy Part of the agility for a company to stay strong globally is the makeup of their country investment. Being decisive on how to prioritize global expansion is key here.

How Women over 50 Increase Confidence and Power at Work

Skip Prichard

In her new book, Not Done Yet: How Women over 50 Regain Their Confidence and Claim Workplace Power , Bonnie Marcus shares how to navigate the challenges of the workplace while defying all of the assumptions. This is the power of our experience, the power of our age.”

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Deep Factors Shaping the Global Economy

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It is a provocative guide to global trends. Instead of focusing on moment–by-moment market predictions, author Daniel Altman, looks at deeper, underlying economic factors that we frequently overlook in the short-term view. He asserts that American’s will find new sources of work in their “selling power.” The people and leaders need to perceive the risks, grasp the opportunities, and commit to maintaining the same posture even as the parties in power change.”

Building A Friendly Digital Marketing Plan For 2021

Strategy Driven

Many businesses have identified the opportunity and are working to strengthen digital marketing activities. The way in which we used to market traditionally is changing, in all areas. In B2B, too, most of the marketing activity has gone digital So what do we identify?

5 Powerful Impacts of Promotional Products and Branded Giveaways

Strategy Driven

Successful businesses don’t overlook its powerful impacts and you shouldn’t overlook it as well. If you’ve been solely pouring marketing budget on digital ads, think again. Due to the global pandemic, face masks are currently the most popular promotional items.

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The Growing Power of Women in Business

Women on Business

Today, women are wielding more and more power on both sides of the business transaction. It’s clear that in many cases, women are not just influencing the market; they are the market. In other words, women have been the market for some time now yet many executives have not taken action on this huge opportunity. And while these figures represent US households, the percentages are being exported due to technology driven globalization.

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Discover How You Can Benefit from Content Marketing

Women on Business

Following is an edited excerpt from my latest book, Content Marketing for Dummies , which teaches individuals and business owners how to create and publish online content that can help you reach your goals. The primary benefits of content marketing are building brand awareness and developing relationships with your target consumer audience and online influencers. In other words your content opens the virtual door between your business and a global audience.

Since when was marketing not human-centric?

Strategy Driven

This constantly moving frontier of knowledge has a powerful impact on marketing and ensures that we can never consider it mastered. The product or service that is powered by an authentic message and provides the most utility to it’s consumers without compromising the human and ethical side of it’s message, will prevail. This means that, to succeed in your marketing strategies, you can not just differentiate your product or service from your competitors.

Beauty Marketers: Best in Class | In the CEO Afterlife

In the CEO Afterlife

Beauty Marketers: Best in Class. by John • August 15, 2011 • Branding , Marketing • 0 Comments. The piece described a passionate marketing company who has believed in the power of advertising and branding for most of its 100 years. And in my view, the cosmetics industry has set the brand marketing standard for all the other consumer product and service categories. well, the marketer better be a disciple of the Church of Brand. Marketing.

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Leading Through The Power Of “And”

Tanveer Naseer

It overlooks the dualistic nature of these approaches I’ve read recently a few articles where people have argued that the fast-pace of today’s market demands less focus on knowledge and thinking and more on action and doing. There’s little doubt that leaders now have to operate in a faster-paced, ever-changing environment where agility and innovation are no longer competitive advantages but requirements to doing business in today’s inner-connected global economy.

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The Importance of Testing in an E-marketing Campaign

Women on Business

The same principles apply to e-marketing: before rolling out a campaign to a large audience, test it on a small one. How does their e-marketing supplement their traditional marketing? Create a Benchmark Traditional direct marketing always uses a control piece as the benchmark, generally with an A/B split test. The same idea works for e-marketing. By testing your marketing campaign, you gain more time, money and experience for future projects.

2013 Trends and The Power of Women

Women on Business

Here’s a quick look at what I found: Rohit Bhargava, marketer, professor and author of Likeonomics , recently issued his report: 15 Marketing Trends In 2013 And How Your Business Can Use Them. companies have a woman CEO versus 9% globally. Given everything I’ve seen, my sense is that the future may, indeed, be powered by women. Guest Post By: Andrea Simon, PhD., president of Simon Associates Management Consultants. Learn more about the author at the end of this post.

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The Strategy Driven Guide to Improving Your Digital Marketing

Strategy Driven

Digital marketing can be a difficult beast to master. More has changed in the last 2 years of marketing than the previous 50, and it’s all thanks to technology, technology integration, and globalization. You have the opportunity to build a true global community for your brand, but only if you work out a solid digital marketing strategy. The key to a successful digital marketing strategy is to use multiple avenues. Pay Per Click Marketing.

We Can’t Undo Globalization, but We Can Improve It

Harvard Business

Take the current debate about trade and globalization, for instance. Ignoring the very real costs of trade and globalization is not only counterproductive but indefensible. Over the past three decades, global flows of trade and investment have accelerated dramatically, creating enormous economic value. However, trade and globalization have also brought wrenching job losses. is in a strong position to take advantage of the changing nature of globalization.

Celebrating 10 Powerful HR Leaders

HR Digest

These qualities are evident in the 10 men and women who’ve achieved a spot in The HR Digest’s 2019 list of the 10 Powerful HR Leaders. Their success is the result of an unwavering leadership acumen in the face of a hyper-competitive market. Most Powerful HR Leaders In The World. Melissa Howell, Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources, Kellogg Company. The post Celebrating 10 Powerful HR Leaders appeared first on The HR Digest.

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Lessons for Marketing (and Change) Leaders with Thomas Barta

Kevin Eikenberry

Thomas Barta, former McKinsey partner and senior marketer chats with Kevin about his recent book, The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader. Thomas and his co-author, Patrick Barwise, conducted the largest ever global study of marketing leadership to answer the […]. The post Lessons for Marketing (and Change) Leaders with Thomas Barta appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning.

Managing the Power and Promise of High-Performance Computing

Strategy Driven

As we battle global threats, from COVID-19 to global warming, achieving new heights in data analysis will enable new solutions to world problems. Managing this computing power will pose a challenge.

Emerging-Market Engineers Power Global Innovation

Harvard Business Review

Recently, Thomson-Reuters published its latest list of the Top 100 Global Innovators honoring the leading organizations and companies most responsible for sizeable, influential patents worldwide. Over the next decade such engineers from emerging countries will play an increasing role in global innovation. The Top 100 Innovators also benefit from combining the power of their brands with the patents and engineering skills of third parties. Global business Innovation

3 Reasons Global Firms Should Keep Investing in India

Harvard Business

While India remains a formidably challenging market, there are at least three reasons why global firms cannot overlook India without consequences. India has been increasing its spending on infrastructure such as airports, new cities, hotels, ports, roads, bridges, hospitals, and power plants. In fact, JCB makes half its global profits in India. In two short years, Kwid gained 15% of the market. boris sv/Getty Images.


Become a Brand Renegade

Leading Blog

These are the industry disruptors who have changed how business is conducted in distinctly powerful ways. The successful brand renegade has staying power and causes others to ask, “What are they doing, and how can we do it, too?”. Marketing

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Global sales needs are also local sales needs

Strategy Driven

This strategy is much more powerful that trying to convince the buyer that your product is great by trying to ‘sell’ it. Most companies, especially large ones, fail to understand the difference between a mission statement, a value statement, a vision statement, and a hot air marketing message that no one understands or believes in. Is it true that many leaders are not keeping up with changes in the market, changes in technology, and changes in human capital needs?

Why the Global 1% and the Asian Middle Class Have Gained the Most from Globalization

Harvard Business

It’s also the first time that global inequality has declined in the past two hundred years. The “winners” were the middle and upper classes of the relatively poor Asian countries and the global top 1%. The expansion of incomes around the median of the global income distribution was so overwhelming that it ensured global inequality’s decline — despite the real income growth of the top 1% and rising national inequalities in many countries.

How Unilever Reaches Rural Consumers in Emerging Markets

Harvard Business

Consumer markets in the developing world are an enormous but still-untapped opportunity for companies seeking new sources of growth. The challenges – market development, product design, logistics, communication — deter many companies from even considering rural markets in developing countries. Particularly in Asia, Unilever has pioneered a number of innovations that it has exported to other regions in its focus on addressing rural market opportunities.

GetInsta Changes the Way You Live on Instagram

Strategy Driven

People who have seen Instagram influencers before state that the power of images and videos overcomes any difficulty in language and location. That is included in the mainstream marketing abilities and gives us more incentives to attract followers online.

Why Localizing Marketing Doesn’t Always Work

Harvard Business

Whether to localize global-brand marketing programs remains one of the most contentious debates in multinational organizations. On the one hand, local brand managers typically argue that consumer habits in their market are different, their consumers’ purchase behavior is different, preferences and tastes are different, the media and the retail trade are different, and, therefore, their customers require unique, tailored, and delicate handling.

If You Want a Successful Business You Need to Use These Digital Marketing Techniques

Strategy Driven

All business owners will tell you, one of the most important areas of running a company is the marketing. You use marketing methods to attract them to the business and help keep them there. While marketing is not an exact science, you should take into account what has worked in the past. For example, if you ran a medical practice you’d need to look at medical marketing statistics over the years. A website is an essential component of business marketing.

Good Cybersecurity Can Be Good Marketing

Harvard Business

Recent research conducted by IBM among global boardroom and C-suite executives in 28 countries found that better cybersecurity is among their top technology priorities. ” As a result, marketers and their employers are missing a potentially powerful brand- and business-building opportunity: leveraging online security measures as a way to build trust with shoppers, which will ultimately lead to increased sales. Security & privacy Technology Marketing Digital Article

Learn How to Market Like Google


The book that is being presented is written by Aaron Goldman entitled Everything I Know about Marketing I learned from Google. RSS Feed Schedule a Call Free E-Book Assessment Test Coffee Schedule Coaching Lunch About Us CO2 Story Our Approach Our Successes Our Executive Coaches Gary B.

The POWER of Sales Success is 100% in Your Control

Strategy Driven

Every salesperson wants to think of him or herself as powerful but, if asked, would have no idea where their power actually comes from. Most salespeople fail to understand their own power. As a salesperson, you have all the power in the world to make your own success happen. It’s not market conditions; it’s you’re mental conditions. It’s not customer conditions; it’s your failure to perform in a powerful way. The power of belief.

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12 Strategic Thinking Questions That Yield Big Results. The Bonus Question Is The Punch Line.

The Empowered Buisness

Knowing the power of questions, at the start of each retreat, I ask myself …. Every year I walk away with powerful questions that, simply by asking them, transform my thinking, direction and excitement for the future. To embrace and utilize the power of questions within yourself and your organization on a daily basis. Our greatest shifts and changes in business and in life come NOT from answers, rather from powerful provocative questions.

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Advice for Marketing Executives During Tough Times

Marshall Goldsmith

Q: Do you have any specific suggestions for marketing executives in this challenging climate? During hard times companies often cut back on marketing budgets. As business becomes more competitive, marketing executives face increasing pressure to demonstrate the value that their function is adding to the firm. This can lead to a crisis of credibility and a loss of power for the marketer.

Think Global, Not Emerging Markets, Century

Harvard Business Review

Nokia's recent burning platform travails serve as an object lesson to companies trying to navigate a rapidly-changing global economy. As multinational corporations pursue opportunities in emerging markets, they're bound to stumble if they overlook the developed economies, and vice versa. Nokia, for example, commanded market shares of 40% in China and 56% in India by 2008. Global business Information & technology Strategy

Peak Globalization

Harvard Business Review

In an uncanny fashion, the beginning of this century mirrors that of the last — the speed, scale, and disruption of globalization is generating a strong nationalist backlash. We, in fact, are living in an era of Peak Globalization as the costs and benefits of globalization begin to diverge according to country, class, and constituency. The centrifugal forces drawing nations toward globalization are giving way to centripetal forces pulling them away from it.

The Paradox of Two Guitar Companies

In the CEO Afterlife

They are global, they are successful and they have become the quintessential icons of pop music. Since the birth of rock ‘n roll sixty years ago, the esteemed products of Fender Musical Instruments and the Gibson Guitar Corporation continue to dominate a market enthralled by rock music and rock personalities. Perennial success in the competitive consumer products business is usually attributed to superior business strategies and outstanding marketing.

Access to Digital Technology Accelerates Global Gender Equality

Harvard Business

Given this environment, women are a significant source of untapped talent in the global workforce, and increasing their digital fluency can help move them into the jobs that employers have trouble filling. It is only one factor in narrowing the gender gap in the workplace, but it is a powerful tool that women, businesses, and governments can use to make a real difference in driving advancement toward workplace gender equality.

Emerging Demographics Are the New Emerging Markets

Harvard Business

A radical demographic shift is transforming the nature of consumer markets. Until the turn of the century, population growth powered more than half of global consumption. Marketing savvy just isn’t enough to track these consumers. In those 15 years, they will generate more than one-third of global consumption growth. The young may be the darlings of marketers, but for companies chasing growth, the truly glamorous market is the elderly.

Global Supply Chains Are About to Get Better, Thanks to Blockchain

Harvard Business

In a nutshell, this is a global system for mediating trust and selective transparency. Although much attention and money has been spent on financial applications of the technology, an equally promising test case lies with global supply chain relationships, whose complexity and diversity of interests pose exactly the kinds of challenges this technology seeks to address.

How AI Is Streamlining Marketing and Sales

Harvard Business

Accordingly, in the latter half of 2016, CenturyLink made a small investment in an AI-powered sales assistant made by Conversica to see if it could help the company identify hot leads without hiring an expensive army of sales reps to comb through the leads. According to Scott Berns, CenturyLink’s Director of Marketing Operations, the company has approximately 1,600 sales people, and the Angie pilot started with four of them.

Michael Marquardt: A second interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

He has held a number of senior management, training and marketing positions and has trained managers in over 100 countries since beginning his international experience in Spain in [.]. Michael Marquardt is Professor of Human Resource Development and International Affairs at George Washington University. Mike also serves as President of the World Institute for Action Learning.

Change Your Paradigm

Great Leadership By Dan

Always challenge your assumptions, especially when entering a new market or consumer segment. We need to do this, especially when entering a new market. Reframe your Perspective I once worked for an American brand that believed it had a leading market share in Asia.

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Marketers Need to Stop Focusing on Loyalty and Start Thinking About Relevance

Harvard Business

That’s because the “loyalty era” of marketing, as we’ve known it, is waning. market alone, companies are losing $1 trillion in annual revenues to their competitors because they are not consistently relevant enough. Loyalty remains important, but this finding indicates that the future of marketing — and, in the big picture, many businesses — depends on serving a customer’s most relevant needs in the moment. Topic Images Inc./Getty