Increase Your Influence – Stop Talking!

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If your life was a silent film, could the people in the audience discern your influence? It’s also good for us to remember that the most powerful way to increase our own influence as leaders is through not talking. You increase your influence through listening.

The 4 Origins of Influence

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If you influence others, I can think of four possible origins. Many can influence our behavior because they have a position. You see many today resisting traditional positional influence. Influence based on power is a close second on the leadership food chain. When we grant someone the ability to influence us because they have more power, we’re saying their historical influence is a reason to allow them to influence us.

Leadership & Influence

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You cannot be a effective leader without influence. Let me make this as simple as I can – if you’re a leader, influence needs to be a competency. The key to developing influence is understanding that contacts and relationships are not synonymous.

SHRM India HR Influencers 2019


I am so glad to be sharing the space with HR leaders and fellow learners in the latest SHRM Influencers Report 2019 unveiled at SHRM Tech APAC Conference at Hyderabad yesterday. Real Influence is a By-Product.

Why Influence Matters

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Leadership without influence – isn’t. In fact, understanding how to leverage the influence factor can make a defining difference in your ability to drive change, build cohesive teams, and to successfully implement strategic vision.

Five Communication Hurdles to Leadership Effectiveness and Influence

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Building your influence and leading your organization to success means improving your organizational culture by overcoming these hurdles. Departments may have even come to view one another as competitors because they’ve lost sight of their common goal.

Influencing Up

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If you’re trying to make a significant contribution you will have to influence people you can’t control. In other words, you will need to influence up. Often we get in our own way when trying to influence. In Influencing Up , authors Allan Cohen and David Bradford we have to overcome these barriers: The assumptions you hold about how hard to push. Obviously, the greater the power differential between you and the powerful person, the more difficult influence becomes.

How to Unlock Your Leadership Influence Instantly

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There is no leadership without influence. You can have a leadership title, yet have no influence. Influence comes from the latin root “ influere” meaning to flow in. The BIG question is … How do you develop and increase your leadership influence? Goal Buy-in.

Increase Your Influence – Stop Talking!

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If your life was a silent film, could the people in the audience discern your influence? It’s also good for us to remember that the most powerful way to increase our own influence as leaders is through not talking. You increase your influence through listening. Here are two ways you can keep that commitment and more easily reach your goal of listening 80% of the time in every conversation you have: 1. Increase your influence by saying less.

Leading through Long Term Influence

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Guest post by Great Leadership regular contributor Beth Armknecht Miller: Webster’s Dictionary defines a “leader” as a person who has commanding authority or influence”. I would argue that in the 21st century it’s all about influence, not authority.

Is Your Leadership Based On Influence Or Authority?

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One example is the choice between the command-and-control style of leadership and one that’s more collaborative and inclusive in how we rally people around a common cause or goal.

Four Roadblocks to Overcome for Effective Leadership Influence

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Maura wants to expand her influence in her company , but she’s realizing some major barriers have existed there for years. In any organization, you’re going to run into challenges to expanding your leadership influence. Then set goals with your people that reflect this vision.

Real Influence is a By-Product


The world today reveres influence and this leads people to chase influence. When influence becomes a goal, you can easily lose focus on what truly builds influence. Also Read: How to Influence Without Authority.

Who’s Influencing Your Leadership?

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In the world of music, composers and performers are influenced by each other every day. In some cases, it is clear who influenced Weber’s work. Scientists are also heavily influenced by their peers. However independent minded you are, others influence your leadership approach.

The 5 Smartest Strategies to Build Influence in the Workplace

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“Leadership is intentional influence.” Client Brianna asks: People often talk about the importance of influencing internal and external stakeholders. What makes a successful influencer, in your eyes? That means making them believe they can achieve their goals.

Why Persuade When You Can Influence?

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Then when we asked those people, “Who influenced you most to become who you are and the way you are?” People went on to tell us who were a real influence on them and then they also shined a light on people who they know and admire who are great influencers.

Can You Manage Up? Eight Questions for Increasing Your Influence

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If you have been argumentative or combative each time your manager has made a decision or set a direction, then you probably don’t stand much of a chance of being heard or influencing the current situation. What is the ultimate goal in the current situation?

Social Media Influence | N2Growth Blog

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While anyone can have a social media presence, not everyone possesses social media influence. You might have something to say, but without influence, nobody will be listening. Put simply, having a social media presence without influence is little more than an exercise in frivolity.

A Buffet of Goal Achievement Approaches for Leaders

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Influence Leadership Learning Setting Goals Teams goal achievement goalsImagine walking into an upscale restaurant with a sumptuous buffet – offering a wide range of tantalizing salads, entrées and desserts. Perhaps a more clear picture will come on Thursday at a Thanksgiving dinner). There are all sorts of foods, providing you with a wide variety of options. I am about to lay out a [.].

Goal 183

There’s Nothing Wrong With Not Hitting Your Goal

Joseph Lalonde

The real fear is not hitting the goals they set. Like many others, I fear failing to meet the goals I set. The Purpose Of Goal Setting. With the fear of failing to meet goals, many people won’t even set goals. That’s the purpose of goal setting.

Goal 295

How To Create Lasting Influence | N2Growth Blog

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Understanding how to leverage the influence factor can make a defining difference in your ability to drive change, build cohesive teams, and to successfully implement strategic vision. As a leader your “Influence Quotient” is the IQ you need to pay attention to.

Communicate to Influence

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As authors Kelly and Ben Decker write, "This book shows that becoming a great communicator takes just two things: a smart game plan and a lot of practice." " Communicate to Influence " is the first step to reaching those goals. It's time to move from information to influence. Moving from information to influence will hopefully land your experience toward an emotional connection. Source: Ben Decker: Communicate to Influence: How to Inspire Your Audience to Action.

Effectively Influencing Decision Makers

Marshall Goldsmith

Here are 11 guidelines that will help you do a better job of influencing decision-makers, whether these decision-makers are immediate or upper managers, peers or cross-organizational colleagues. A key part of the influence process involves the education of decision-makers.

Why You’re Not Achieving Your Goals

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It’s about how you can achieve your goals more fully and faster by expanding your limited view of reality. In reaching your goals we also need to watch our language because it influences the way we see things (and the way others see us too). Bernard Roth, one of the founders of the multi-disciplinary at Stanford University, has written a book titled, The Achievement Habit. However, it is much more than the title might let on.

Goal 240

Are You Trading Attention for Influence?

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A good leader seeks to influence and connect with everyone they touch and not just those ardent supporters in their camp. The goal isn’t to just whip up the troops but to gain converts.

SHRM Top 30 Indian HR Influencers on Social Media 2018


Each year, SHRM India releases a report outlining top social media influencers in HR space. Influence of any kind can never be a goal in itself but a by-product of doing, learning and sharing it all along the way.

The Goal of Great Communication

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Here is one of my favorite quotations from him about communication. &# The goal of effective communication should be for listeners to say, ‘Me, too!’ Communication Influence Leadership Quotations Jim RohnThe late great Jim Rohn, was more than just a great speaker, he was a modern day philosopher. ’ versus ‘So what?’&# ’&# – Jim Rohn, speaker and author Questions to Ponder [.].

Goal 184

Leveraging Respect to Align Team Goals

Joseph Lalonde

A key skill a leader needs in order to establish productive relationships is to know how to win friends and influence people. If you can align people to your way of thinking, you will have an easier time accomplishing your goals because the group will be working as a cohesive unit.

Goal 238

Five Fundamental Levers of Influence

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Influencing organizational change is undoubtedly a complicated endeavor. You have to assess your unique situation and determine when and how to use the vast array of influence techniques at your disposal. Anything you do to influence others will employ at least one of these levers.

Influencing Creativity and Innovation


So what is your role in influencing creativity and innovation in others? Posted in Uncategorized 7 Responses to “Influencing Creativity and Innovation&# Brian Groves : July 26, 2010 at 2:32 pm Great article and vital info for business leaders of today and tomorrow.

Moved by Moon Day: Reflections on Motivation and Goal Setting

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It is also a celebration that has merit throughout the calendar year, especially as you strive to achieve challenging goals and grow as an individual. Embracing the Spirit of Moon Day: How to effectively motivate yourself and achieve your goals.

The Surprising Side of Gaining Influence.

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Appreciation Goals Humility Leading Marks of leaders Motivation weaknesses Growth Leadership Leadership Development organizational successYou can’t lead people you don’t know. Knowing others means understanding and appreciating not judging. Humility: Knowing others if first about you then about others. Humility accepts. Arrogance judges and rejects. Difference frustrates arrogant leaders. Everyone should be like them.

Letting Waldo Help you Clarify Your Goals

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by Kevin Eikenberry on August 27, 2010 in Leadership , Learning , Setting Goals , Success I just read this tweet from @tim_hurson : &# Develop a vivid image of your goal. The goal of each is to find Waldo amongst many other people.

Goal 239

How to Influence Change Without Authority

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As a result, the HR director and other change agents must influence change without relying on authority to get it done. People who have authority are able to influence in a way that people without it can’t. Because their authority defines the relationship, leaders have strong influence.

Quiet Time: The Introvert’s 5 Keys To Influence


Take a look at the new book by this author, Quiet Influence: The Introvert’s Guide to Making a Difference (Berrett-Koehler, April 2013); I find myself pumping my fist and saying “yes!” Then sit back and watch as your efforts to influence take shape.

6 Lessons On Creating a Lasting Influence


How could a man with no formal authority take on an empire and influence the hearts and minds of so many people across the country? Gandhi’s impact is a testimony to the fact that you don’t need positional power to influence others. Every time I think of influence, I think of Gandhi.

The Most Powerful Way to Enhance Influence

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goals. At least once in a while, forget about controlling outcomes. Build human connections. Set aside the things leaders hide behind. Turn off: Results. Strategies. Respect. Vision casting. Authority. Planning. Power. Timelines. Job titles. S.M.A.R.T. Yield: Take a deep breath and let go of doing, at least once in awhile. Connect by gently stepping toward […]. Leading authentic leader chip bell leadership behavior leadership practices marshall goldsmith positive regard

Four Ways to Reach The Leader’s Ultimate Goal

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The leader’s ultimate goal is building teams that excel without them. #1. Identify influencers. Look beyond job titles or positions that may obscure true influencers in your organization. The self-protective good ole boy’s club may be a roadblock to maximizing true influencers. Lousy leaders are over-involved and frantic.

Goal 159

Five Ways to Visualize Your Goals More Powerfully

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Consulting Speaking Training Products About Blog Home Blogs I Like Leadership Learning Subscribe Five Ways to Visualize Your Goals More Powerfully by Kevin Eikenberry on December 13, 2010 in Leadership , Learning , Setting Goals , Success You’ve got your goals set.

Goal 256

Improve Team Communication with a Style of Influence Personality Profile

Great Results Team Building

A Style of Influence personality profile can improve your team communication and provide a deeper understanding of yourself and others. Everyone enjoys learning more about themselves – but you will be surprised to learn how much personality types influence teamwork.

3 Ways To Set Better Goals

Jason Womack

If there is a secret to setting better goals, when would you want to know? What and who you let in to that circle will influence what you think you can/should do. Goal settingwant to know now! I figure the sooner I know, the more I can do, right?

Goal 164

Listening Biases: How Influencers Unwittingly Restrict Possibilities

Strategy Driven

Do you enter conversations with a goal, or set of expectations? By entering conversations with assumptions and personal goals, and listening according to historic, unconscious, self-directed filters, you unwittingly direct conversations. Any expectations or goals limit outcomes.

Knowing Your Identity Helps Establish Your Influence

Ron Edmondson

Knowing who you are is the first step to becoming a person of influence. My influence will be used in other ways. Knowing yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, passions and goals, helps form your life. It helps you be an influencer where you are best suited to influence. Leader, if you want to establish your influence on a larger scale the key may be for you to stop trying to be everyone else and be who God created you to be.