4 Disciplines For Long-Term Sustainability Of Change

Tanveer Naseer

And what we’ve learned over the last twenty-five years of implementing change projects is that the work doesn’t end when you’ve reached your goal. The following is a guest piece by R. Kendall Lyman and Tony C. Daloisio.

Leading through Long Term Influence

Great Leadership By Dan

They are able to use specific behaviors that align with the situation that will get others to change behaviors, opinions, attitudes, goals, needs and values. Autocratic leaders will often make demands, threats or intimidation, which will generate short-term change but no support.

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3 Essentials for Long-Term Success

Ron Edmondson

For long-term success in any area of life you must be: Driven by vision. It’s the aim…the mission…the goal of what needs to be done to determine success as you’ve defined it. Do you want your organization to succeed?

Orrin Woodward Leadership Team :: Leaders Produce Long-Term Results

Orrin Woodward

Ideas have consequences and the goal of this blog is to discuss ideas of consequence. The goal of this blog is to help us identify and follow truth in all areas of our lives. Torence Reply Re: Leaders Produce Long-Term Results by J.D.

Get your employees engaged and invested in your company’s long-term success


Use these five tips to get your employees on board early and to ensure their participation in the long run: Complete a SWOT analysis. Based on the SWOT, work with your leaders to develop or validate/update your vision , mission, values and goals.

Three Ways a ‘Noble Goal’ Makes You a Significantly Better Leader

Great Leadership By Dan

This need and inspiration is called our “noble goal.” In its simplest form, our noble goal is our personal response to the question: What context, atmosphere, or environment do I want to create for myself and others? When leaders center on a noble goal, the positive shift is contagious.

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If CEOs Care About the Long Term, Why Don’t They Talk About It?

Harvard Business Review

CEOs are increasingly frustrated by the short-term orientation of investors. They say markets underappreciate long-term investments and ignore issues like employee and customer welfare, while pressuring companies to make decisions that maximize short-term earnings and stock prices.

There’s More To Goal Setting Than Making Them SMART

Tanveer Naseer

When I talk to clients about effective goal setting someone invariably mentions that good goals are SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. I agree these are critically important to strengthening goals. Are the goals time bound?

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Helping People Achieve Their Goals

Marshall Goldsmith

In this article, we focus primarily on behavioral goals, such as becoming a better listener or more effective at involving team members in decisions. Much of the published research in the field of goal setting involves health-related goals … by Marshall Goldsmith and Kelly Goldsmith. An important part of this development process includes helping people set–and achieve–meaningful goals for personal change.

Goal 62

How a Fast-Growing Startup Built Its Sales Team for Long-Term Success

Harvard Business Review

It’s common for leaders of sales teams to focus almost exclusively on short-term tactics and current operations while failing to think and act in a way that supports the longer-term needs of their businesses — and it’s hard to fault them. Sales teams must meet the immediate needs of their customers, respond issue by issue and account by account, and meet quarterly goals. As Aristotle emphasized a long time ago, “Excellence is a habit.”

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Deadly Disease of Management: Emphasis on Short-term Profits

Deming Institute

One of Dr. Deming’s 7 deadly diseases is: Emphasis on short-term profits: short-term thinking. It is easy to focus on short term goals and use a somewhat simple short term figure to measure success. How to Stop Short-Term Thinking at America’s Companies.

Ditch Lofty Outcome Goals and “Hit the Glove!”

Leading Blog

We may feel exhilarated when we set a big goal, but that soon gives way to anxiety. While we all want to get better, lofty goals don’t always help. There is a way to set goals and achieve them. He did it by getting his pitchers to scale back their goals from lofty to bite-sized, from outcome to process. At the beginning of spring training, Rick would ask his pitchers, “What’s your goal?” But that lofty-goal approach can trigger fear and worry instead.

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Do You Want to Land the Job of Your Dreams?

Women on Business

Identify what your long-term career goal is? Map out the career ladder steps that are consistent with your long-term career goals. Once you have completed the gap assessment, create an action plan to fill the gaps and set realist goals.

How CFOs Can Take the Long-Term View in a Short-Term Economy

Harvard Business Review

Investors are increasingly seeking firms with long-term growth strategies, rather than ones focused on managing short-term earnings to boost the stock price. For CEOs, creating and communicating long-term growth strategy is easier said than done.


How Successful People Set Goals and Follow Through

Marshall Goldsmith

The typical advertisement or “infomercial” – designed to help people “get in shape” – provides a great example of what not to do in goal-setting. Below are three of the most important reasons that people give up on goals followed by a brief description of how successful people “do it differently” and are ultimately well-positioned to achieve their goals. They commit to the challenge, task, or process that needs their efforts and make a plan to meet their goals.

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Establish a long-term career plan

The Organized Executive's Blog

To create long-term success, all you will need is a pen, some paper and time to plan. Continue reading → Goals goals motivation self-improvement

Achieving Goals

Marshall Goldsmith

Today, sustaining peak performance requires a commitment to developing leaders who develop other leaders--helping people set and achieve meaningful goals for personal change. Often, however, goals are not set in a way that ensures the followthrough needed to turn great plans into successful outcomes. By understanding the dynamics of goal-setting and the challenges of goal achievement, you can better see why people often set great goals, then lose the motivation to achieve them.

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Coaching Others: Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain


Let’s call using coaching skills “short term pain for long term gain”. The great news is that if you are dedicated to it, and spend the time it takes there are some wonderful long term benefits for you and your employees.

Keep Your Goals A Secret

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Self Leadership Like most people this time of year, you have likely set some new goals for yourself, your team, or your organization. Goals come in all shapes and sizes. Short-term or long-term. Whatever your goals, there is one [.]

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7 Tips For Setting Goals

Eric Jacobson

Some of the best advice I''ve ever found about goal-setting are from two-time U.S. Here are his seven tips for setting goals , whether are your workplace or away-from-work goals: Be clear and specific about what it is you are trying to accomplish. Write your goals down.

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10 BIG Development Goals for Leaders for 2012

Great Leadership By Dan

That includes individual development goals. In a business context, individual development goals should be closely aligned with your short and long term job responsibilities. No, these are the big, hairy, audacious, goals (BHAGs). Marshall Goldsmith says one of the biggest regrets old people have with their lives isn’t their failures – it’s that they didn’t at least try to pursue their goals. If you’re not ready for this, try a short-term expat assignment.

Goal 50

Conquering the Job Search After a Long-Term Absence

Harvard Business Review

Few people were on top of the big changes that she predicted were under way, and her goal was to become an expert. That's true for any job search, but it's critical if you've had a long absence. Returning to work after an extended absence is tough. Your network's stale.

Conquer Your Fears To Achieve Your Goals

Lead from Within

But,” said the boy who swam across couldn’t you see that it was just as hard to turn back to safety as it was to continue swimming to your goal?”. One of the biggest obstacles to reaching our goals is fear. It stops us from moving toward our goals, and it plays havoc with our quality of life. Master motivation : Motivation is a vital component of reaching any goal. It is the ability to delay short-term gratification to enjoy even greater rewards in the long term.

7 Things I Learned About Goal Setting in 1999

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

January of that year, I wrote several challenging goals. It was a little scary to create that space when there was nothing to fill it, but by the end of the year, I had landed a major long-term contract with a great company in the Boston area. Don’t keep your goals a secret. .

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Zumba’s Success Arose from Long-Term Trends

Harvard Business Review

They decipher where society is going in the long term and figure out how their brand adds value to that direction. The internal-external connection of the brand is evident in Perlman’s explanation of the campaign: “Our number one goal is to support our licensed Zumba instructors and inspire millions to get off the couch and moving in a Zumba class.” How do some brands manage to resonate so strongly with the public that they seem to get woven into the fibers of culture?

Effective Goal Setting - Tips From Olympian Alan Culpepper

Eric Jacobson

If you''ve had a lapse in maintaining your New Year''s resolutions, it may be time to set a new goal for yourself. Here are seven tips for goal setting from two-time U.S. Set intermediate goals that complement a long-term goal. Write your goals down.

Moved by Moon Day: Reflections on Motivation and Goal Setting

Lead Change Blog

It is also a celebration that has merit throughout the calendar year, especially as you strive to achieve challenging goals and grow as an individual. Embracing the Spirit of Moon Day: How to effectively motivate yourself and achieve your goals.

Seven Tips For Setting Goals

Eric Jacobson

If you''ve had a lapse in maintaining your New Year''s resolutions, it may be time to set a new goal for yourself. Here are seven tips for goal setting from two-time U.S. Set intermediate goals that complement a long-term goal. Write your goals down.

Seven Tips For How To Set Goals

Eric Jacobson

If you had trouble maintaining your New Year's resolutions, it may be time to start thinking about how you'll set your goals for 2016. Here are seven tips for goal setting from two-time U.S. Set intermediate goals that complement a long-term goal.

Stay focused on your goals!

Bernd Geropp

How to stay focused on your goals! If you want to be successful you must focus on goals, in business or personal affairs. What does this mean in terms of time and stress? Everyone is in agreement that long-term profitability can only be attained by rigorous positioning.

Eliminating Sales Commissions at Air Force One

Deming Institute

Rather than focusing on sales goals or credit, they would measure system inputs — number of new leads, number of opportunities, etc., — trying to reach certain metrics, and then all share in the results. At Air Force One, the word team means something.

Have You Tied Your Organization’s Goals To Your Noble Cause?

Tanveer Naseer

Why do the goals that you’ve set out for your team to accomplish matter? At first, the answer to this question might seem obvious – the goals you’ve established are meant to ensure your organization’s continued profitability, to increase or sustain your market share, create a new demand for your products or services, and so forth. So how can you make sure the goals you’ve set out for your organization are aligned with your noble cause?

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Are You Living for the Short Term or the Long Term?

Marshall Goldsmith

In analyzing how we spend our time, whether personally or professionally, it can be helpful to consider two dimensions: short-term satisfaction and long-term benefit. can help us gauge the degree of short-term satisfaction that we get from any activity. or "Is the successful completion of this activity going to have a long-term positive impact on my life?" can help us gauge our expectations for potential long-term benefit from any activity.


Crushing 5 Urgent Leadership Challenges

Leadership Freak

Daily persistence is the secret to long-term success. Encouragement Influence Leading Optimism Taking others higher Trust Values courageous leaders Leadership Leadership Development meaningful goals organizational success organizational values self indulgence supportive environments #1 Productivity: The difference between success and failure is doing things others put off. Protect time with priorities. Some things feel urgent but they don’t matter.

Why leaders need an attitude of abundance

Lead on Purpose

An end goal of every leader is to leave a long-term, lasting contribution on the people we lead. Doing the right things to move us toward that goal, consistently and effectively, is not easy. Developing the right attitude makes all the … Continue reading → Leadership Trust abundance gratitude opportunities principles vision

Happy, Grumpy, Dopey, Sneezy: Which Dwarf Are You?

Marshall Goldsmith

I measure this in two dimensions: short-term satisfaction and long-term benefit. It can be just as disappointing to live our lives with no meaning or pleasure in the here and now as it can be unfulfilling to live without thought for tomorrow’s plans and goals.

Professional Development Best Practice 1 – Maintaining Annual, Three, and Five Year Development Plans

Strategy Driven

The StrategyDriven Professional acts deliberately and with focus on achieving his or her short-term and long-term goals.

How Leaders Can Manage The Perception Of Progress

Tanveer Naseer

Specifically, how do we keep employees invested in the long-term goals of our organization? But how does this apply to how we can become better at creating those kinds of conditions that help keep our employees motivated over the long run in achieving our shared purpose?

Creating A Workplace Environment Where Employees Matter

Tanveer Naseer

Indeed, neuroscience studies have shown that when we’re involved in a long-term collective effort, our brain creates this internal map of “we” that transforms how we view the work we do into something bigger and more meaningful that’s connected to our sense of identity.

Something Better than Results

Leadership Freak

Here’s the message I took: Forget about long-term goals. Goals Leading Strengths Success Taking others higher Leadership Development leadership success organizational success Questions Stop focusing on results. I just listened to one of the most highly regarded football coaches in the United States say, “Don’t worry about winning.” Freaky! Concentrate on meaningful, energetic work, now.