Hitting the Productivity Wall

Kevin Eikenberry

Our question today is about productivity and specifically, what to do when you “hit the wall” and are personally struggling, but others think you are doing better than you really are… I’ve got four suggestions below to help you get your “productivity mojo” back!

OLD news about productivity

Jason Womack

I've finally got some GREAT news about productivity from The Chicago Tribune! Balance Goal setting The Little ThingsTHEN, at the bottom of this email, a Health and Wellness.Self Assessment. According to the article, THIS will "boost your work performance the next day." This month's.

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How To Double Productivity And Take Control Of Your Time

Tanveer Naseer

These tools will allow you to shift your focus from inaction to action and to significantly increase your productivity while minimizing your stress; you will be able to take control of your life by doing what matters most instead of just coming up with another busy to-do list.

Stop Thinking “Productivity” — Start Thinking “Problem Solving”

Lead Change Blog

Whether you’re facing price pressure from domestic competitors, startups, powerful customers, or low-cost overseas providers, you’ve heard the mantra of “productivity” preached again and again. What typically comes to mind when your organization starts talking about increasing productivity?

A Lesson On How Successful People Achieve Their Goals

Tanveer Naseer

But if we truly want to feel successful in what we do, there’s another question we should be asking ourselves: are we focusing on those goals that really matter? You should be out there going after more of your goals and dreams”.

Start Here: Four Ways to Increase Your Productivity

Joseph Lalonde

Productivity does not mean doing a million things at once. Productivity means that any given job gets done in a reasonable amount of time because you are focused and organized. In fact, a few simple and daily changes can help you grow in productivity while decreasing your stress.

Why You’re Not Achieving Your Goals

Leading Blog

It’s about how you can achieve your goals more fully and faster by expanding your limited view of reality. When we stop using reasons to justify ourselves, we increase our chances of changing behavior, gaining a realistic self-image, and living a more satisfying and productive life.” In reaching your goals we also need to watch our language because it influences the way we see things (and the way others see us too).

Goal 91

Real Influence is a By-Product


When influence becomes a goal, you can easily lose focus on what truly builds influence. Influence – real influence that changes people and their behaviors for better – is a by-product of: Clarifying your values to yourself and hence to others.

3 Simple Steps To Increase Your Productivity Immediately

Joseph Lalonde

I am always striving to increase my productivity. I wish this was an easy goal to just check off but I have found that it’s not that easy. Increased productivity doesn’t come by blinking your eyes and clicking your heels. It has helped my productivity immensely.

Remarkable TV: How to Make Goals Work for You

Kevin Eikenberry

You’ll never reach your goals if you don’t do THIS first… Yep, I said it, the G word – Goals. Goal is supposed to be a good four letter word, but many of us have negative connections to it. •We The post Remarkable TV: How to Make Goals Work for You appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning. We don’t set them and feel guilty about it. •Or Or we were never really taught how […].

Ready, Set, GOals!

Women on Business

People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going. Add into the mix, the approaching season of resolutions and goal-setting, and suddenly 3, 6 & 9—all divisors of 12 and standard monthly intervals—popped into my head.

Goal 62

4 Ways to Promote Productivity

Lead Change Blog

These employees have to be led in a systematic fashion to ensure that all efforts are channeled towards a common goal. defined leadership as “the process of influencing people to direct their efforts towards the achievement of group goals.” Below are some of the aspects that demonstrate how good leadership can promote productivity in the organization: Goals. It is prudent to seek the opinion and input of the employees while setting these goals.

Why Conflict is Good for Productivity in Business

C-Level Strategies

It can be productive and relationship-enhancing when addressed properly, with respect. As Mac asks John, “Does using a strength that’s easy for you but ends up damaging a relationship with an important person in your life help you reach your goals quicker?”

Helping People Achieve Their Goals

Marshall Goldsmith

In this article, we focus primarily on behavioral goals, such as becoming a better listener or more effective at involving team members in decisions. Much of the published research in the field of goal setting involves health-related goals … by Marshall Goldsmith and Kelly Goldsmith. An important part of this development process includes helping people set–and achieve–meaningful goals for personal change.

Goal 62

3 Simple Ways Productivity Leads to Your Best Self

Strategy Driven

Improving your productivity is a simple place to begin – and with World Productivity Day upon us, there’s no better time than now to start discovering your best self! You just finished reading 3 Simple Ways Productivity Leads to Your Best Self !

Goal Failure: Mission (Almost) Accomplished

RapidStart Leadership

What happens when you set a goal and fail to achieve it? In January of this year I set a personal goal. Does goal failure make me a failure? The goal was to complete the Mile Run Trail Challenge Half Marathon on April 1 st in under two and a half hours.

Goal 19

Quality: Setting Right Goals


Most improvement initiatives are heavily focused on internal goals – increasing productivity/efficiency, eliminating waste, reducing defects/costs and so on. Processes around these goals are written and implemented. People are trained, tools are implemented, energies are directed and everyone starts working hard to meet these goals. This happens often because of the “internal orientation” of goals.

So, you think you're productive?

Jason Womack

It's important to take a step back and assess each of these factors that contribute to your productivity -- or lack thereof. Where do you go when it’s time to do big-deal thinking about your product, your service, your customers and your goals for next year?

Frontline Festival: Leaders Share Goal Setting Strategies for their Teams (and Themselves)

Let's Grow Leaders

This month’s festival is all about goal setting (especially with your team) for the new year. Jon Verbeck of JonVerbeck.com suggests that you set five shorter term quarterly goals with the correct specific numeric targets. As Mike Tveite says: “ I achieved my goal but not my aim.”

Remarkable TV: One Key to Goal Achievement

Kevin Eikenberry

It’s that time of the year when many of us either start thinking about setting goals for the next year or are right in the middle of setting our goals. The post Remarkable TV: One Key to Goal Achievement appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning.

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Beyond Typical S.M.A.R.T Goals in 2013

Leadership Freak

The former CEO of Southwest Airlines, Jim Parker, told me, “Don’t set artificial goals for yourself.” Set people goals. Production and profitability are useful and necessary but never enough. Goals Leadership quotes Marks of leaders Personal Growth Taking others higher Leadership DevelopmentBegin with noble ends: Leadership is about people. Increasing profits by 6% is important but not noble. Two questions beyond artificial: How do you want to [.].

Goal 48

A Simple Habit That Can Boost Productivity

Tony Mayo

Repeat Back & Report Back Here is a simple habit that can boost productivity in your organization. The post A Simple Habit That Can Boost Productivity appeared first on Tony Mayo. For Executives How to Set Goals Leadership Development Stress Management Team Manager Skills Conversation Executive Leadership Leadership Skills Development Listening Management Stress in the Workplace TeamworkTony Mayo Executive Coach.

New Year’s Development Goals for Leaders 2016 Edition (Added Bonus: How to Keep Them!)

Great Leadership By Dan

We say we’re going to lose that 10 pounds, quit smoking, change jobs, read more, be more positive, be more productive, etc… and start off all Tigger-like with energy and great intentions. Let’s set our yearly leadership development goals and put some best practices in place to help us achieve those goals. We’ll start with 10 goals. Then, make sure you include the three “goal boosters” at the end. leadership development goals new years goals

The Ability To Inspire People Towards a Common Goal

Lead Change Blog

A successful and productive team works together to achieve the same goal; this is also often the reason as to why the team is successful – because each individual is working towards achieving the same target.

Why Most Leaders Don’t Understand Their Goals

The Leadership Advisor

I don’t know about you, but when I don’t reach a goal it really annoys me. As much as I don’t want to admit it, there are a number of unfinished goals in my past. Learning how to accomplish goals is as much of a process as is learning to do leadership well.

Goal 76

How Successful People Set Goals and Follow Through

Marshall Goldsmith

The typical advertisement or “infomercial” – designed to help people “get in shape” – provides a great example of what not to do in goal-setting. The message is almost always the same, “For an ‘incredibly small’ amount of money – you can buy a ‘revolutionary’ product – that is ‘unbelievably easy’ and ‘fun to use’. This product will produce ‘amazing results’ ‘in almost no time’ and you will ‘have the body that you always wanted’.”

Goal 59

How The Six Goal Genres Resolve the Conflict of Goals vs Goallessness

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

I don’t think I have any goals right now. I am a goal-setter, always have been, and have achieved almost all that I have set…. So…is it a problem to feel goal-less in my life and career? Am I being less productive than I could be? How is being goal-less affecting my work…?

Creating a Work Space That Promotes Your Productivity

Kevin Eikenberry

The goal of this article is to help you make sure those places are the same. Achievement Leadership Learning productivity remote work telecommuting work environment working remotelyEveryone reading these words has a place where they work. And most of you have a place where you work best. As a business owner, I have more degrees of freedom to consciously create a space that works for [.].

Achieving Goals

Marshall Goldsmith

Today, sustaining peak performance requires a commitment to developing leaders who develop other leaders--helping people set and achieve meaningful goals for personal change. Often, however, goals are not set in a way that ensures the followthrough needed to turn great plans into successful outcomes. By understanding the dynamics of goal-setting and the challenges of goal achievement, you can better see why people often set great goals, then lose the motivation to achieve them.

Goal 27

Be More Productive Now: Mindful Strategies for Increasing Performance

Strategy Driven

In fact, if you take a close look at the data, it’s amazing how bad many of us in business are at utilizing our time and staying focused on our goals. The consequence is we tend to focus on short term outcomes and lose sight of larger goals and objectives. Within the context of business, mindfulness offers simple – but extremely effective – ways for leaders and their teams to increase productivity.

Two Resources for a Great Productivity Tool

Kevin Eikenberry

One of the top resolutions each year is to be better organized or be more productive. Books Learning Setting Goals Success evernote organization productivity

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10 questions to improve your productivity

The Organized Executive's Blog

Productivity coach Bruce Lee recommends regularly asking yourself these questions: How well does my use of time match my priorities? What should I focus on next week in order to move toward my personal goals? What is the next action I must take toward my goal?

10 BIG Development Goals for Leaders for 2012

Great Leadership By Dan

That includes individual development goals. In a business context, individual development goals should be closely aligned with your short and long term job responsibilities. No, these are the big, hairy, audacious, goals (BHAGs). Marshall Goldsmith says one of the biggest regrets old people have with their lives isn’t their failures – it’s that they didn’t at least try to pursue their goals.

How to Host a Productive Generational Conversation

Nathan Magnuson

Here are some ways to make the conversation a productive one. Make the goal better understanding and collaboration. Invest the time and planning now to hold productive, meaningful and engaging generational discussions.

Setting Effective Organizational Goals


Sean is a Certified Human Capital Strategist and Senior Product Analyst at Halogen Software, whose performance management software makes best-practice goal management simpler for leaders and employees. One of the important roles of leaders is to set goals for their organization. Goals are what keep the organization moving, changing and reaching for more. Ideally, organizational goals should be what direct the efforts of every employee.

Goal 27

Leveraging Respect to Align Team Goals

Joseph Lalonde

The strength, level of respect and communication between a leader and the people they work with are instrumental to maximizing productivity and effectiveness. A key skill a leader needs in order to establish productive relationships is to know how to win friends and influence people.

Team 35

Goal Setting: Crash Test Dummy Edition

RapidStart Leadership

But too often these goals fall by the wayside before the snow has had a chance to melt. With all the writing I’ve been doing recently on goals, I thought it might be fun to put my money where my mouth is, set a New Year’s goal of my own in a public way, and see if I can stick to it.

Goal 11

Is Facebook damaging your productivity?

Chartered Management Institute

Research has shown that taking brain breaks is actually good for productivity, allowing employees to mentally recharge before ploughing on with their task. The first step is to determine the purpose of your policy, how it will interact with your social media strategy and what goals you'll have in place to measure things. Lets get the caveat out of the way right from the start. I'm a big advocate of social media and the positive impact it can have on our workplaces.

Strategizing for Success: Keys for Planning Annual Sales & Marketing Goals, part 2 of 2

Strategy Driven

What goals did you accomplish? Here are some examples of questions to help you perform this evaluation: Based on your annual goals where should your results be right now? Use this list of questions to develop questions specific to your own industry, business, and product and service lines. You just finished reading Strategizing for Success: Keys for Planning Annual Sales & Marketing Goals, part 2 of 2 ! The Strategy of Creating a Space for Success.

Goal 31

Does accountability for goals run deep in your organization?

The Organized Executive's Blog

Many executives think that because they have set high-level organizational goals and are regularly reviewing progress and designated metrics for these, their whole organization is working toward and accountable for achieving those goals. This is a guest article by Sean Conrad.

Goal 21