Talent Management Best Practice 4 – Know Your Artificial Employment Retainers

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Every manager should seek to know the stay/leave propensity of his or her subordinates and certainly that of top performers. Recognizing these signs and factoring them into an assessment of employee loss risk is important to a manager’s ability to retain top talent. You just finished reading Talent Management Best Practice 4 - Know Your Artificial Employment Retainers ! Talent Management Best Practice 3 – Know the Organizational Value of Each Employee.

Offering Retirement Benefits to Employees: Pros and Cons

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Top-hat plans: This is a non-funded plan which is maintained by an employer to provide any deferred compensation to a specific group of management or highly compensated employees. Golden parachutes: This is an agreement between the companies and the key professionals.


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Fast Friday with Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com (and P. Diddy.

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From my perspective, chasing the dream not the paper is applicable whether you’re running a business or managing your career. On the flip side, people who I know who don’t love their jobs but make lots of money seem to spend a lot of time throwing around words like “golden handcuffs” and seem to be perpetually stressed and unhappy. RoundtableTalk Where ambitious leaders meet. Skip to content Home Welcome!

The Big Picture of Business – Business Lessons to be Learned from the Enron Scandal

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It was very ‘old school’ (a management style that was 40 years obsolete), though it pretended to be ‘new school.’ ’ It fostered a false sense of security for employees, paying higher salaries than the marketplace, thus keeping employees dependent upon the system via golden handcuffs. This archaic mindset flies in the face of progressive supply chain management, which successful companies now embrace.

The Top Five Career Regrets

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The group was diverse: I spoke with a 39-year-old managing director of a large investment bank, a failing self-employed photographer, a millionaire entrepreneur, and a Fortune 500 CEO. Whoever called them golden handcuffs wasn't joking. Career planning Managing yourself PDFWhat do you regret most about your career?

Using Supply Chains to Grow Your Business

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Manage culture by setting expectations appropriately. Manage the arduously long sales cycle. When one customer is responsible for the lion’s share of your sales, it’s like golden handcuffs. The challenge is to cast off the handcuffs while keeping the gold. When an opportunity arose to work on a financial audit and accounting contract, IBM helped Collins broaden its skill set and diversify its offerings into financial management.

Huawei’s Culture Is the Key to Its Success

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This employee shareholding system is referred to within Huawei as the “silver handcuff.” ” It is a system that is different from the more common stock option arrangement, which is often termed the “golden handcuff.” This innovative management structure is inspired by a book on new leadership called Flight of the Buffalo (authors James Belasco and Ralph Stayer).