Offering Retirement Benefits to Employees: Pros and Cons

HR Digest

The employer has the right to change as well as terminate the qualified retirement benefit plan or even discontinue operations; thereby abandoning the policy restricting it for only business requirements. Golden parachutes: This is an agreement between the companies and the key professionals.

The Big Picture of Business – Business Lessons to be Learned from the Enron Scandal

Strategy Driven

’ It fostered a false sense of security for employees, paying higher salaries than the marketplace, thus keeping employees dependent upon the system via golden handcuffs. Enron did not demand enough accountability, fairness, ethics and operational autonomy from its outside auditor. Capitalization is stretched beyond limits, and operations advance in a cash-poor mode. Morale wavers and becomes uneven, per operating unit and division.

The Top Five Career Regrets

Harvard Business Review

Disappointment doesn't discriminate; no matter what industry the individual operated in, what role they had been given, or whether they were soaring successes or mired in failure, five dominant themes shone through. Whoever called them golden handcuffs wasn't joking. What do you regret most about your career?