Open-Space Leadership: When Less is More

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Sometimes leadership is just about creating an open-space, and getting out-of-the-way. I love using Open-Space Technology with a large group to generate ideas. Participants essentially create their own agenda and self-organize into groups to discuss topics that matter to them. The post Open-Space Leadership: When Less is More appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. It’s an amazing, high-energy, low-cost way to hold a powerful meeting.

The Future of Leadership Development

Great Leadership By Dan

A colleague from another business school recommended the book, The Future of Leadership Development, Corporate Needs and the Role of Business Schools , edited by IESE Business School Dean Jordi Canals. Anyway, here are 10 current and potential trends for leadership development that shouldn’t creep anyone out too much, from the book and with my own embellishment: 1. The use of coaching in leadership development programs. Senior leadership development.