How to Manage a Narcissist

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Although a very talented individual, he was seen as a nuisance within the group. It wasn’t surprising that most of group did not like George and found it very difficult to deal with him. This all creates challenges for those who would manage narcissistic individuals. So what can managers do? A group setting makes dysfunctional acting out more noticeable, more controllable, more discussable, and therefore less acceptable.

A Medical Innovation Factory in the Middle of the Desert

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But what happens when the same surgeon is promoted to manage other doctors, or in the case of Dr. Rakesh Suri, asked to become the CEO of the entire hospital? Do surgeons have a God complex? Are doctors stubborn, control freaks? Sometimes, yes. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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Five Ways to Equip People to Change

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Work with controlling managers to let go. For groups, facilitate difficult conversations so important issues are discussed and resolved. Manage conflict so it doesn’t hinder change. As change agents at work, we spend much of our effort on motivating people to change. However, even if someone is motivated to do something differently, they still need to be able to do it. Much of resistance is not a lack of motivation, but being daunted by the task ahead.

Executive Managerial Leadership Coaching: Case Study

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Below is an actual Executive Coaching and Managerial Leadership Training + Development process I facilitated. Situation: Currently there is an authoritarian style of management creating a decrease in morale, satisfaction with work and innovation amongst employees. This is developing a feeling of strife, hopelessness and contempt amongst management and subordinates. Set-up plus facilitation of monthly internal customer focus group meetings.

Integrative Listening – Is Anyone Truly Listening Anymore?

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Managers who model these skills and provide a trusting environment, position their teams and organizations for greater success and growth. In my book, How Not to Act Like a BLEEP at Work , we chronicle the development of Louise Jackson, a technically successful mid-level manager who struggles to be behaviorally proficient. She runs Wise Ways Consulting , which specializes in executive coaching, group facilitation, and high-engagement training.

Facilitation is Your Work, Use Your Judgment

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If you ask 100 different facilitators you will get 100 different answers. In the context of a ropes course program you can see how facilitation being “work” can be identified and defined in at least three different ways. Your effort …today I worked really hard facilitating that group 2. Your tasks or assignments …I worked all day facilitating trust building with a corporate group, and we had amazing breakthroughs.

LawNY Team Building & Leadership Program

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The team building & leadership method that created success for this group was the Solutions Future Focused Process , here are some of the outcomes created in our time together; Had Fun Learned about strengths and services offered by entire LawNY agency and other offices. ABOUT Contact Us Get Connected Facebook LinkedIn RSS Feed Log in Join and Receive 9 Team-Building & Leadership Activities:That work and allow people to learn from the experience.

From "Knowing" to "Doing" - The Problem with Leadership Training

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I once had the pleasure of training all the executives and middle managers of a city government in the basic skills of leadership. I was introduced to my own listening and group facilitation skills in a six-week course back in 1976. Many well-intentioned managers read books about leadership. A manager has to facilitate her own learning and development in the real world of work, every day. A smart manager takes cues from her interactions with people.

The Future of Leadership Development

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There are pros and cons to both group and individual leadership development. Groups facilitate networking and shared learning, and are efficient, but may miss the mark for some. I’m seeing more university based executive development programs incorporate both individual and small group coaching into their design (CCL’s been doing it forever). We do it with doctors, lawyers, electricians, and engineers – why not for the profession of management?

Don't Neglect Your Power to Bring People Together

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Out of the many ways that managers get things done, one of the most underused is what I call "convening authority": the ability to bring people together to share information, build alignment, or solve problems. To explain, let me share a quick example, in two acts: In Act One, the manager of a corporate engineering group was tasked with reducing the cost of common materials used by a number of different product teams. These factors alone can cause managers to hesitate.