5 Ways to Avoid Groupthink

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In modern workplaces, we have seen very destructive examples of groupthink. Many companies and organizations were down because their team members were part of groupthink, and that is why we need to avoid groupthink and improve the decision-making process. .

Creating and Leading High Performing Teams

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That can result in groupthink. Some basic operating rules related to communications include: One person speaks at a time. Some basic operating rules related to making decisions include: Fully consider all options. A team is a small number of people who are committed to working together to achieve the desired goal. Working together includes talking, sharing ideas, debating issues, collaborating, making decisions, establishing goals, providing feedback, and celebrating success.

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Are You Ready for Recovery?

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A Transpersonal Leader operates beyond their own ego and personal drivers and balances the needs of all the organization’s stakeholders.

July 2021 Leadership Development Carnival

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This is why the Imposter Syndrome bedevils us more and more as we rise higher in an organization or move out farther away from organizational groupthink into entrepreneurship to take on more accountability and (potentially) make more costly mistakes. they can see the flaws of their operation, but often their focus is so exclusive to results and productivity and performance that the way people treat each other doesn’t appear on their radar screens at all.

Originals or How Non-Conformists Move the World

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Dealing with Groupthink. Cohesion in a group doesn’t cause groupthink. There’s a fine line between having a strong culture and operating like a cult.” T HERE ARE SO FEW originals in life. “We We find surface ways of appearing original—donning a bow tie, wearing bright red shoes—without taking the risk of actually being original. When it comes to the powerful ideas in our heads and the core values in our hearts, we censor ourselves.”

Being the Boss’s Favorite Is Great, Until It’s Not

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You can get trapped in a version of groupthink, with a single set of shared relationships. If you’re feeling forced to function too much as a trusted sidekick and not enough as a whole person, it may be time to consider looking for a new opportunity, one where you can operate more independently and succeed through your own efforts. We’ve all been in situations where the boss has a favorite.

How Structured Debate Helps Your Team Grow

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Many of us are familiar with the hazards of Groupthink - when teams or organizations operate on autopilot and feel a general false sense of invulnerability. Groupthink happens because of basic social and interpersonal dynamics that include a wish for group harmony, pressures for conformity, increased commitment to ill-advised or outdated strategies, and punishment of dissenters.

How to Make a Team of Stars Work

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” Some are huge project teams, like the 600 Apple engineers who successfully developed the revolutionary OS X operating system in just two years (compared with the five years it took 10,000 Microsoft engineers to develop, and eventually retract, Microsoft’s Windows Vista). Teams low in diversity often succumb to groupthink; they agree with each other too quickly and fail to consider novel courses of action.

You Don’t Need to Adopt Holacracy to Get Some of Its Benefits

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Without cohesion, there is no common purpose, but without diversity groupthink will set in and eventually that purpose will lose relevance. So you need a healthy amount of both in order to be able to both operate efficiently and adapt to new information in the marketplace. In hierarchical organizations — whatever their failings — leaders can change direction and combat groupthink.

Create Better, Collaborate Better

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In business, this is a sure recipe for groupthink. A good example of operating in this box is discussing politics with someone who agrees with you: easy, pleasant, and rewarding in an opiate sort of way, but not much of a way to learn, grow, or move the world forward. This post is part of the HBR Insight Center Making Collaboration Work.

Can Bigger Be Faster?

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This change first developed inside the special operations community whose leaders faced the reality of being out-paced by a new type of networked challenger in Al Qaeda, and therefore focused on building the density and diversity of their own friendly network. Conformity creates groupthink, stifling innovation and organizational resilience. In nature, there's a tradeoff between size and speed. Whales are slow. Birds are fast. But organizations today need to be big and fast.

India Remakes Global Innovation

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To best leverage worldwide creative talent, Reliance MediaWorks operates a global network of creative centers located in Burbank, San Francisco, London, Tokyo, and across India. Polycentric innovation won't work in organizations that promote groupthink. You can't run your global R&D operations from headquarters in Mumbai. TMETC has full operational autonomy even though it collaborates closely with Tata Motors' Indian R&D unit.

An Organization-Wide Approach to Good Decision Making

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And in operations, where decisions are made almost daily, the result was, in effect, continuous improvement. However, as anyone who has ever seen groupthink in action knows, any number of otherwise intelligent people can come to agree on nonsense. Behavioral economists and psychologists have uncovered scores of biases that undermine good decision-making.

What Great Social Media Campaigns Get Right

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Pepsi Refresh failed because it had no relevance to the brand’s operations or heritage. Given AmEx’s operations, consumer base, and resources, it’s well positioned to do so. Without cohesion, there is no common purpose, but without diversity groupthink will set in and eventually that purpose will lose relevance.


Four Keys to Thinking About the Future

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He was convinced that this otherwise entirely pleasant socializing and socialization led invariably to a kind of groupthink among the community of experts. Yet how do you actually do it, when life and livelihood generally depend on operating inside a box? A publishing company has discovered that one of its well-known authors has plagiarized. The publisher has pulled the title. But does the publisher’s responsibility end there? Does one disclose the transgression to the public?

Want to Build Resilience? Kill the Complexity

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Today's armed forces confront circumstances of enormous ambiguity — theatres of operation with many different kinds of actors — NGOs, civilians, partners, media organizations, civilian leaders, refugees, and insurgents alike are mixed together, without a "front line." This July, aviation officials released their final report on one of the most puzzling and grim episodes in French aviation history: the 2009 crash of Air France Flight 447, en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.