Links for Digging Deeper Into “Leading a Peak Performance Culture”

The Practical Leader

Review of The Culture Cycle (James Heskett) and key frameworks from it. This follow up session is reserved for senior executives and support professionals such as Health and Safety, Human Resources, Training and Development, Lean, Organization Development, Quality, Customer Service, and related support professionals.

How to Ignite and Sustain Organizational Growth

Skip Prichard

James Heskett and John Kotter found that organizations with strong corporate cultures realized over eleven years revenue growth of 682 percent, employment growth of 282 percent and stock price growth of 901 percent. Culture Spark. Organizational culture is often seen as an elusive topic.

Retail's Winners Rely on the Service-Profit Chain

Harvard Business Review

The article, written by a leading group of service management thinkers (Jim Heskett, Tom Jones, Gary Loveman, Earl Sasser, and Len Schlesinger) is a great example of both the power a management idea can have, and how much work is required for an idea to become reality. That gives the organization more resources, which it can use to improve employee and customer satisfaction even further. Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, and Operations—at least—need to be involved.