How to Choose the Best Accounting Software for Your Small Business

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While only 1 in 100 small businesses get audited each year it is still a good idea to have top-notch accounting software to document your business activities. Read on to learn how to choose the right accounting software for your small business.

No Brilliant Jerks: How to Deal with Maverick CEOs

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But these days a maverick CEO is often at the center of board and executive consternation and investors’ claims that leadership failed to protect the company. Travis Kalanick 's brash operating style and the toxic working environment he created led him to be tossed out of the company.

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How to Hold onto Your Customers in a Crisis

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S UBSCRIPTION-BASED businesses seem to be the most resilient during this time of crisis. With predictable recurring revenue, they have greater flexibility to withstand the storm. But there’s more to it than just revenue.

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When to Use Off-the-Shelf or SaaS vs Bespoke Software Solutions in Your Business

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When growing a business, dealing with software can be a headache. You need certain tasks to be completed, and off-the-shelf software often doesn’t quite hit the mark. For small businesses especially, it’s difficult to figure out what to do. Off-the-Shelf Software.

How to Evaluate Whether You Made an Effective Career Decision

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Tom made a major career decision 3 months ago: he decided to leave his position as chief information officer at a large manufacturing firm to become an entrepreneur and start a company to provide software that helps manufacturers improve the quality of their manufacturing process. He made his choice after talking to his friend Dave, who left his chief technology officer position in a high-profile manufacturing company to become an entrepreneur six months ago.

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How To Deal With Unpaid Invoices In Business

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If you have a lot of customers that are not paying up on time, that will soon lead to cash flow issues and it could mean the end of your business if you are not careful. The good news is, there are some simple ways that you can get your customers to pay up on time.

How To Lead Worldwide

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I had saved up for a month, which was a miracle back then and ready to enter the “digital age.”. Driving home with my new pager on my hip was exciting, people now had the ability to reach me anywhere. Great, now I had to save for a cell phone! How old? How cool is that?

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How to Balance and Reclaim Your Time

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If you’ve tossed and turned at night wondering how on earth you’re going to get to the bottom of tomorrow’s to-do list, you’ll doubtless have asked yourself if it’s possible to strike a better work-life balance and reclaim some of your time.

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Applying W. Edwards Deming’s Ideas in Software Development

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Poorani explains how the management system drives behavior that is not useful to the organization. The business team asks for estimates for software development. Of course this creates fear and pressure to make sure work can be completed within the 110% * estimate.

Software Code Reviews from a Deming Perspective

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Software code review is the practice of reviewing the software code written by colleagues on your software development team. Edwards Deming stated in Out of the Crisis: Cease dependence on inspection to achieve quality.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Business Software

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When it comes to building up a business, there are many different factors that will determine your overall success. In particular, one problem area that they fail to notice is the use of software. Now, it’s not to say that companies don’t use software.

How To Start Next Now

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Bob co-founded Faithlife Corporation (formerly Logos Bible Software) at 19 years old. In just 24 years, he’s landed on’s Top-25 CEOs list, won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and led the company to a Top-10 Best Employer on

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How to Improve Your Human Resources Department: 5 Key Steps to Success

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The HR department is responsible for all aspects of your workforce, whether it be the hiring process or providing opportunities to develop for existing staff members. If your staff members don’t possess the necessary skills to do the job, this will impact overall productivity levels.

How To Be Constantly Improving Your Business

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Your business may be getting by currently, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to achieve or sustain long-term success. The reality is that nothing is promised to you, and you must stay ahead of the game and curve if you’re going to be able to retain customers and win over new ones.

How to Equip Your Employees to Work Remotely

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When you’re forced to shift the operations of your business to a completely remote format for your workers, as many companies have been recently, you might not know exactly where to begin. Read on for tips on how you can best equip your employees to work remotely.

How to Make the Most of Productivity Apps

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If there’s one regular complaint about apps that are designed to help you get things done, it’s that they often do the exact opposite; you spend so long configuring and tweaking them that you simply run out of time to complete the tasks you’re making note of. This is true of any business software application; the more time you spend fiddling, the less time you’ll spend doing. Productivity apps are usually packed with features, most of which you simply won’t need to touch.

Saving Face: How to Preserve Dignity and Build Trust

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Develop Your Ability to Influence. If want to be a great leader, it’s not only about hitting your goals. Great leaders are constantly working to develop their ability to influence and inspire others. Spilled water is hard to regain.”

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How to Streamline Your Business Communications

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Without clear communication, things just don’t get done, and start to fall apart. Whether your business’s communication is good or bad though, there’s always room to streamline, and doing so can have huge benefits for your company. Communication is one of the key tenets of any business.

Why You Want to Lead a Team with Transferable Skills and How to Build One

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When companies talk about talent development, retention, and succession planning, words like “cross-training,” “knowledge transfer,” and “redundancy” tend to crop-up. So why is it that when it comes to the hiring process, too many companies seem to overlook the value of transferable skills?

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How To Write Effective Performance Appraisals

Eric Jacobson

Today''s guest post is by: Peggy Pedwano Solutions Specialist at Halogen Software As performance appraisal time draws near, managers are all too likely to be dreading the exercise. Ask your employees to send you their own written thoughts about their performance.

How To Safeguard Your Company Data

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It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, you will need to take steps to safeguard your company data, and that of your customers, from cybercrime and data loss. Therefore, it makes sense to put in safeguarding measures to protect the information and yourself.

How to motivate yourself

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You must define action plans to ensure that your objectives are attained – and you must also execute these action plans. You need to become more efficient! Let us assume you need to be more efficient. The e-mail software is shut down for the rest of the day. Tweet.

How to Matter: The 5 Key Ways Companies Win

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I N TODAY'S ECONOMY of volatility and velocity, the lifespan of a Fortune 500 company has plummeted from an average 50 years to a mere fifteen. When constant disruption is the new normal, how do companies succeed? They find a way to matter.

How to Get the Most Out of Virtual Team Meetings

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The MFH (meeting from home) trend had to follow WFH. Further, in the past, organizations have used conference calls, teleconferencing, and telecommuting as ways to partly support their operations and offer flexibility to employees. You need to do the same thing virtually!

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How to Overcome Business Challenges

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It is how they manage the problems that will determine their success or failure in their industry. To ensure you successfully handle every problem, simply read the following advice on how to overcome business challenges. Listen to Your Gut.

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How To Discover Your Organization’s Next Big Growth Opportunities

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Today’s corporate leaders are under intense pressure to deliver continuous business growth. But where exactly is this growth supposed to come from? What most companies understand now is that the only way to drive profitable growth and wealth creation over the longer term is to innovate.

How to Think Like a Futurist

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Being a futurist means paying attention to new patterns or trends that are slowly percolating up through the market and/or society that have the potential to catch on in a major way. Organizations will also need to rethink their relationships with customers.

How to Create a Winning Referral Program That Works

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There is a reason why big brands are using referral systems to promote their websites. The best part is it continues to work despite all the search engine algorithm changes that happened. This means that you can expect it to work even in the years to come.

How to Improve Your Website’s SE Ranking

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Trying to capture your customer base’s attention is fiercer than ever, with companies trying to offset their in-store income entirely online. First things first, if you want to improve where your website is located on a Google search, you will need to hire an SEO agency.

How to Grow Your Ecommerce Startup in Year One

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As many proud business owners can attest, the growth cycle for ecommerce businesses doesn’t necessarily adhere to older principles related to the growth of physical stores. The only physical part of your ecommerce business is delivering parcels to customers.

How to lead without blinders

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In my “day job” as a product manager I create software products that help companies fight against internal fraud. I was recently given the honor of publishing an article in Wired Innovation Insights— Blinders at the C-Level Can Cost You Billions —which discusses the perils of the “not-in-my-company” attitude, and the importance of incorporating active risk-management strategies to mitigate the insider threat. Several years ago I wrote that you can’t fake leadership.

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How to Deal with Debt and Keep Your Business Afloat

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When cash flow is skewed and there’s not enough revenue being generated, this will lead to companies descending into debt. The debt hole is one that many will fall down and fail to escape from. While the position is difficult to come back from, it’s not impossible.

How To Improve Your Business Operations

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Effective business operations are key to the short and long-term success of any institution. That is why this article is here to shed some light on what you can do, as a business owner and entrepreneur, in order to improve these operations in the first place.

How to Improve your Productivity

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Treating yourself to a small break or snack after you finish a task will keep you pushing forward. Setting yourself goals gives you something to work towards. This can be great for keeping you motivated with a larger task, as you can split it into smaller tasks to keep you on track.

How to Develop a Successful SEO Strategy for Your Business

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The importance of SEO has surged in recent years, and if you’re looking to attract more customers to your website, you simply can’t afford to ignore it. With that in mind, below you will discover how to develop your very own successful SEO strategy.

How to Overcome Any Challenge Your Business Faces

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A mistake is too costly to make, and as a result, your entire future is put into question. From customer complaints to new policies. From budgeting to sourcing. You cannot prepare for all of them because there are simply too many to predict. To start?

How To Disrupt the Tech World

Mills Scofield

Three years ago, Whitney Johnson asked me how I felt as the only female partner in my VC firm. From how I was raised through my education and my career at Bell Labs and AT&T, I never felt any gender bias. ALS) I am privileged to see changes first-hand.

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How To Ignite Your Inspiration At Work

Eric Jacobson

You’ll learn how to: Overcome the common fears of failure, change and criticism. Embolden yourself to take more risks. One of my favorite parts in the book is the list of nine ways to negate the fear of change. He teaches you how to: Turn resistance into resolution.

0801 | How To Work With Millennials with Brad Szollose


Brad Szollose is the foremost expert on cross-generational leadership development strategies and the award-winning author of Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia. Why Autonomy Leads to Working Harder. How to Separate Presence from Productivity.

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How to Compete Like the World’s Most Innovative Leaders

Skip Prichard

A great idea may not be enough to build a great business. That’s why I enjoyed talking with Jeff Dyer who, along with Nathan Furr and Curtis Lefrandt, wrote a new book, Innovation Capital: How to Compete and Win Like the World’s Innovative Leaders. to 6 p.m.,

How to Write a Compelling Resume Objective

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Employers spend around six seconds on an average to scan a resume. The resume objective is meant to grab the attention of the reader and highlight the information employers need to qualify candidates for the job profile. Steps to creating an attractive Resume Objective .

How to Simplify Your Business’s Finances

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It might sometimes feel as if your business needs to choose between keeping its customers happy or enjoying healthier finances. A few new tactics and tools could provide the solution you have been looking for, so keep reading to find out how to simplify your business’s finances.

How to Create Persuasive Presentations with PowerPoint

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Laura Brown : According to one estimate, 30 million PowerPoint presentations occur every day throughout the world, and most of us are pretty jaded by now. You may be really excited to tell your listeners all about your new idea or product, but you''ll serve your audience better if narrow your material based on their needs. How can you solve their problems? What questions are they likely to have? Be willing to trim content if necessary.