HR Innovation is Best Achieved Internally


The book is available for free at Naga Siddharth heads HR for the Cloudnine group of hospitals in India and is a Human Technology Innovator according to him.]. While I started writing about innovation, my research methodology habituated thinking egged me on to check on the existing content on Innovation in Google. And then it occurred to me as to what could be the fatal flaw to aspired HR innovation. Innovation is fun!

Is It Time For A Peer-Reviewed Bonus System?


Incentive compensation systems often seem just as likely to disappoint employees as to motivate them. While both companies may have opened up the door to such systems becoming a popularity contest, the idea of distributing bonus power to all employees is a innovative idea for counter-acting our tendency to assess our work and compare it with others. Leadership bonus burkus Coffee & Power compensation equity HCL human resources incentives performance management


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The Difference between Strategists and Strategic Planners

In the CEO Afterlife

The ramification of this incentive is easy to deduce. Why don’t giant innovators like Apple, Google or Facebook have Strategic Planning Departments? Human Resources Leadership Strategy BC Hydro BCLC Business CEO consulting Crisis Management Crown Corporations ICBC In the CEO Afterlife John Richard Bell Leaderhip Strategic PlanningI’ve met both over my long career as an executive, a consultant, and a board member.

5 Keys to High-Impact Team Building

Chart Your Course

One such way to encourage friendly competition is by offering rewards and incentives in each team building activity. Google and other innovative companies show that giving employees time to work on personal projects motivates and contribute to their creative process. The fresh insight could give way to new perspectives and more innovative collaborations. Employee Engagement Human Resource Management Team Building team building teamwork

Inclusive and Innovative HR Policies for Disabled Workforce

HR Digest

The Human Resource department should insist on hiring people with disability in certain roles. Incorporate any innovative solutions that arise from any personal narratives and difficulties.

This Pharma Company Stays Innovative by Doing Two Things

Harvard Business

For industries that depend on innovation, sustaining it is a constant challenge. When one of us (Vivek) and his team launched Roivant Sciences in 2014 and began developing treatments for Alzheimer’s disease — they were determined to learn from the pharma industry’s innovation issues and build a more sustainable innovation engine. Roivant’s first response was to address misaligned incentives.

The Art of HR: Building REAL Social Networks


They both had a Starbucks inside the building (if there was ever an incentive to get me to work at a different company, that would be it) and strongly encouraged relationship building in meetings and interactions. Social acumen is essential to innovation, and requires a unique blend of tact, perseverance, skills and internal alliances. Tim Vanderpyl is a Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) with Canada’s largest catholic healthcare organization.

7 Tips for Embracing the 80/20 Rule With Employee Talent


One of the hottest trends in human resources over the past few years is to rethink the performance management process and abandon the forced ranking systems of old. Be sure to avoid creating an incentive for these unintended cobra farms (see #7 at this link).

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Complimentary Resource – Compensation Management in the Recovering Economy

Strategy Driven

Using incentive pay to drive retention and innovation. Complimentary Resources business management complimentary whitepaper employee compensation human resources management Plateau Systems strategydrivenCompensation Management in the Recovering Economy. by Plateau Systems. Adopt compensation practices that will improve retention, productivity and growth during the economic recovery.

A Better Way for Employers to Procure Health Care

Harvard Business

First, they often outsource design and management of health care services to brokers, consultants, and health plans that have little means or incentive to improve quality or affordability. Second, employers “in-source” accountability for health care services to Human Resources as a “benefit” rather than a service to be procured to maintain the health, well-being, satisfaction, and productivity of their workforce. Innovating for Value in Health Care.

Is This the Hospital That Will Finally Push the Expensive U.S. Health Care System to Innovate?

Harvard Business

As we explain in Reverse Innovation in Health Care , Narayana Health’s founder, Dr. Devi Shetty, wanted to disrupt U.S. ” Narayana Health brought innovative practices honed in India to HCCI to offer first-rate care for 25-40% of U.S. Reverse Innovation in Health Care: How to Make Value-Based Delivery Work. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Book. system to innovate.” Tim Robberts/Getty Images.

Simple Digital Technologies Can Reduce Health Care Costs

Harvard Business

Innovating for Value in Health Care. While pay-for-performance is an attractive structure because it generally aligns incentives and ensures that resources are allocated efficiently, it may not be a feasible model for all diseases and services. Human resource management Technology Digital Article

How Leaders Can Fix a Negative Company Culture

Great Leadership By Dan

And add incentives for going with the flow or above and beyond typical demands. Hire to innovate. Business and HR leaders can cover all the bases by keeping innovation in mind as they select new hires. It may feel good to have a homogeneous staff, but this stifles innovation.

7 Qualities Of Outstanding Leaders

Lead Change Blog

They know if the accounting department is lowering the company’s effective tax rate by using tax credits and incentives. They understand if Human Resources is hiring the right people, nurturing talent, and building an engaged workforce. They should source resources and streamline processes. In a world of rapid innovation, it’s easy for a new company to become a market leader. Leadership is putting a face to management science. A good leader is an able manager.

2019 HR Leaders of the Year

HR Digest

The Human Resource industry has seen some significant changes in the last two decades. Here is a list of HR leaders who are bringing in diversity, engagement, and innovation to their jobs. There are many formal and non-formal recognition awards and incentives.

Corporate Wellness Programs Lose Money

Harvard Business Review

PMPM, although that excludes incentives, consulting fees, internal staff costs, extra medical expenses, and several other items. Preventive Medicine, has achieved recognition from the Validation Institute (part of the Intel-GE joint venture called Care innovations) for reducing PPHs considerably faster than they would have fallen on their own. Human resource management Managing organizations ArticleEvidence that wellness programs lose money has been accumulating.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Executive Education

Harvard Business Review

They authentically want to be better innovators. I’ve discovered that the summer short course is a great laboratory for learning how human capital revitalizes, renews and retools. In my class, people revisited what kind of innovators they wanted to be and what kind of innovation they wanted to encourage. The surer their insight into their own innovation priorities, the more clearly they could communicate and motivate.

The Cure for the Common Corporate Wellness Program

Harvard Business Review

But human resources departments can reconfigure their offerings so they are embraced, not resented. First, even though wellness is allegedly supposed to empower employees (there are at least six wellness companies with the word “empower” right in their names), it has become an employee control tool, heavy on financial forfeitures (“incentives” have doubled since 2009 to $521 ) while light on both scientific support and actual health improvement or cost containment.

To Change Employee or Customer Behavior, Start Small

Harvard Business Review

This approach to improving outcomes is a central theme of behavioral economics, the discipline that combines lessons from the fields of psychology, judgment and decision making, and economics to generate insights into human behavior that are more accurate and robust than any one of those fields could provide on its own. When financial incentives for adopting home delivery caused only about 5% of these employees to switch, the company tried a different tack.

Companies Should Take the Lead in Fixing the Middle-Skills Gap

Harvard Business Review

One-stops are the main federal vehicle for assisting unemployed workers, but they typically lack the resources or capabilities to focus on sector-specific needs. That will take leadership and innovation from various constituencies — business (individual firms, but especially industry associations), education, and labor — and targeted federal funding and incentives. Collaboration Human resources Managing people

The Myth of the Intrapreneur

Harvard Business

These products are all held up as legendary examples of the power of intrapreneurship — entrepreneurial creativity and innovation within large, established organizations. Since the term was coined in the 1980s, intrapreneurship has been sold to companies as a catch-all solution for fostering innovation. It’s been promoted to workers as a way to capture the creativity and excitement of entrepreneurship, but with more resources and less risk. xefstock2/Getty Images.

Employee Engagement Articles

Chart Your Course

The Innovation Catalysts Harvard Business Review, June 2011. Economical Employee Engagement Human Resource Executive Online, January 2011. Keep On Engaging Incentive Magazine, December 2010. General Employee Engagement Articles. How to be Happy at Work Business Insider, July 2014. Three Ways to Actually Engage Your Employees HBR Blog Network, June 2014. Thirteen Signs of a Disengaged Employee (Infographic) Entrepreneur, June 2014.

Most industries forced to turn furloughs into permanent cuts

HR Digest

The initial wave of job cuts were staved off with government stimulation packages and incentives, but with the pandemic prolonging, most government subsidies have lapsed, forcing some corporations to take the drastic step. ” Whether you want to stay up-to-date on HR news, read in-depth insights on Human Resources trends or find new ideas on strategy, innovation, and leadership, The HR Digest Magazine is here to suit your needs and help you stay more informed.

Southwest Airlines’ Julie Weber on What It Means To Create a Purpose-Driven Culture

HR Digest

A desire to act with courage, persevere and innovate; the ability to put others first, and a fun-LUVing attitude – these are the values that Southwest Airlines, the World’s Most Loved Airline, looks for in its employees and fosters through its talent management. I believe that Human Resources is my calling. We also have a great program for recognizing Employees doing good work in the moment with incentive-type awards. Living the Southwest Way!

Retain Your Top Performers

Marshall Goldsmith

Innovative high-technology corporations are currently paying employees large bonuses to recruit top talent. We must manage our human assets with the same rigor we devote to our financial assets. Many downsizing packages give all employees with similar experience the same incentive to leave. The CEO of a leading telecommunications company recently embarked on an innovative approach.

How Labor Standards Can Be Good for Growth

Harvard Business

Nike is a leading example of how both anti-sweatshop campaigns and labor standards in trade agreements can be good for innovation and growth in developing countries. To attract Nike’s business, Silver Star created a new set of human-resource policies, including the minimum-wage guarantee, health and old-age benefits, and an implicit promise to continue employing workers made redundant because of technological changes.

Which Job Perks Do Employees Value?

HR Digest

job market the tightest it has been in half a century, human resources managers are struggling to attract and retain top talent. In a remarkable interview with The HR Digest, Capgemini North America’s Head of Talent, Kate Savage, discusses the value of promoting employee well-being through innovative and cost-effective initiatives. The HR Digest: How can SMBs with limited resources integrate employee benefits and perks? With the unemployment rate dropping to 3.6

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The Top Five Dashboards Every CFO Should Review Daily

The Kini Group

The CFO’s responsibilities have migrated far from the typical numbers focus and cost analysis to growth strategy, sales tactics, and even human resources. Are your sales incentives working? Monitoring sales performance is even more important if you’ve recently launched a new sales incentive program. Changes in resource costs. Earlier this week, a friend of mine made a joke about how CFOs seem to be responsible for everything these days. And he’s not wrong.

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The Big Picture of Business – Business Success Checklist

Strategy Driven

An inefficient operation results in unproductive activities which often miss the point and worse yet, result in wasted time and wasted resources. It is important to identify swings and trends so that innovation can remain a strength of your business. Human Resources program is active, professional and responsive to the organization. Incentives-rewards-bonus plan is annually updated, with realistic, measurable goals.

Pursuing Entrepreneurial Companies: Grad Advice | In the CEO.

In the CEO Afterlife

by John • April 11, 2011 • Human Resources , Strategy • 0 Comments. When a company has clout, there isn’t much incentive to re-invent. Sixty-five innovative operations - four in the state of California alone. EA says that would stifle innovation. Check their market cap and reputation for innovation. you must not rest until you find a workplace passionate about innovation. Human Resources. In the CEO Afterlife.

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The Big Picture of Business – Quality is Important for Business: Real Quality vs. Arbitrary Metrics

Strategy Driven

Educational and incentive programs should be implemented. Faster innovation. The human relations component is strong, but quality programs are substantially communications-driven. This is not something that can be conducted alone by internal human resources departments. There’s this thing that websites do. They use the term ‘metrics’ out of context.

How Tribalism Hurts Companies, and What to Do About It

Harvard Business

Centers of expertise are set up to create long-range, big-picture, innovative strategies to assist client-facing, front-line employees who typically want immediate fixes for customer pain points. ” A lack of productive collaboration between teams is much more likely to be caused by clunky processes and structures, foggy communication, or misaligned incentives than to stem from from dwarves or Alexander Pushkin.

Why We Need to Update Financial Reporting for the Digital Era

Harvard Business

Financial capital is assumed to be virtually unlimited, while certain types of human capital are in short supply. Digital companies, however, consider scientists’ and software workers’ and product development teams’ time to be the company’s most valuable resource. Furthermore, the operating managers cannot take their eyes off day-to-day operations to focus on innovation. Martin Konopka/EyeEm/Getty Images.


Stop Trying to Control How Ex-Employees Use Their Knowledge

Harvard Business Review

The free flow of workers between companies is central to economic growth and innovation. Although it might seem that greater control and stronger enforcement are beneficial—it is important for firms to protect key trade secrets, after all—the evidence shows that these changes critically undermine employee incentives to learn and innovate. Employees’ incentives to learn on the job are weaker if they cannot use that knowledge later in their careers.

B-Schools Aren’t Bothering to Produce HR Experts

Harvard Business Review

And in the 1990s, our companies began to learn more from innovations at home, particularly in the area of high-performance work systems. Typically, management is based on a model of formal authority and “hard” incentives: Bosses get bonuses when their units succeed, they get fired when their units fail, and they push employees to hit the numbers in whatever way they see fit. A few decades ago, U.S.

How the Navy SEALs Train for Leadership Excellence

Harvard Business Review

Human capital champions in higher education and industry typically prize knowledge over skills. ” When I see just how difficult and challenging it is for so many smart and talented organizations to innovate and adapt under pressure, I see people who are overeducated and undertrained. It is more “box ticking” than human capital investment. This links directly to his second theme around “getting the incentives right.”

What Amazing Bosses Do Differently

Harvard Business Review

You can’t rely on incentives like bonuses, stock options, or raises. A 2013 Society for Human Resource Management survey of managers in the U.S. They reward innovation and initiative, and encourage everyone in the group to do the same. We all know that job satisfaction often hinges on the quality of the relationships we have with our bosses.

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Employee Engagement Drives Health Care Quality and Financial Returns

Harvard Business Review

Both are core criteria in meeting incentive goals under value-based purchasing. MedStar leaders also knew that improving employees’ engagement could not be a one-time or one-off activity — or, as one cynic referred to it, the human resources “flavor of the month.” Follow the Leading Health Care Innovation insight center on Twitter @HBRhealth. Leading Health Care Innovation. Bringing Outside Innovations into Health Care. Hospital systems in the U.S.

How a Public-Private Partnership Is Saving Lives

Harvard Business Review

On one level, they need to learn and implement basic business essentials such as financial management and human resource development. To this end, Merck for Mothers is funding programs that help teach these small businesses franchise design, accreditation strategies, performance-based incentives, and supply-chain management to help address the persistent problem of inventory stock-outs, for example. Pursue scientific innovation.

How to Design a Bundled Payment Around Value

Harvard Business Review

The procedures and resources in the bundle would include pre-op appointment and testing, use of the operating room and facility services on day of surgery, surgeon, anesthesiologist and support staff, clinic visits, in-hospital drug and laboratory tests, and post-surgical physical therapy. Such outcome-based guarantees and incentives are rare in traditional top-down bundled-payment contracts created without the input of frontline physicians. Leading Health Care Innovation.

End the Religion of ROE

Harvard Business Review

The lesson: Return on Equity, like peacock tail splendor, is a very poor guide for allocating resources. First, fixating on ROE fails to maximize the benefit of business to society because it measures value in terms of returns to only one stakeholder; second, it allocates human resources as if maximizing the efficiency of financial capital were critical to growth of social welfare. The number of people affected by an innovation.

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The Rebirth of the CMO

Harvard Business Review

And when customer data showed that first-time applicants were more likely to move forward when there was a human touch to the process, marketing helped assign a sales person to individual customers. Companies across the spectrum are grappling with change as new technologies, innovations, and customer behaviors disrupt old business models. To affect changes in culture, some CMOs are partnering more closely with human resources. The CMO role is undergoing a renaissance.