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Top 16 Books for Human Resource and Talent Management Executives

Chart Your Course

It is hands-down the most popular leadership book of all time. He demonstrates that the ability to build trust is THE key leadership competency of the new global economy. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable (2002). The Innovator’s Dilemma (1997).

Five Ways Leaders Turns Doubters into Doers

Chart Your Course

Innovation has always been what makes good businesses great. And innovation does not happen without change and risk. It’s human nature to resist new responsibilities or rules. This past February Yahoo!’s s fledgling CEO Marissa Mayer made her first misstep.

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Is It Time For A Peer-Reviewed Bonus System?


Incentive compensation systems often seem just as likely to disappoint employees as to motivate them. If their perception is that the system is fair, everything works smoothly. However, if their perception is that the system is unfair, a motivational disaster can result. India-based HCL Technologies created a similar system , but removed the monetary compensation element from its program.

T.O.I.L.E.T. Training™ -- a breakthrough system to improve workplace learning

Great Leadership By Dan

PHILADELPHIA, April 1, 2014 -- Rapid Learning Institute (RLI) pulled back the curtain today on its latest innovation in workplace education: the T.O.I.L.E.T. Training System™ -- a new platform that promises to reshape how training is delivered in modern organizations.

Why Great Brands Lose Their Way

In the CEO Afterlife

Wouldn’t you expect more innovation? I am not suggesting restructuring the entire brand management system. Never in the history of marketing has there been so much talk about branding.

Brand 268

The Best Things in Business are Free

In the CEO Afterlife

Forget about throwing heaps of cash at such initiatives as computer systems, advertising, equipment, recruiting – even training. Leadership. Some companies thrive on innovative cultures.

Where (and When) the Magic Happens

In the CEO Afterlife

Magic can’t happen in cultures that don’t worship innovation. Innovation starts with leadership. Leaders must encourage creativity and teamwork, as well as processes and systems that nurture the concepts and execute the results. Every innovation is applauded.

Change is Bad

In the CEO Afterlife

I consider Google a tier-one innovator. At Zappos, CEO Tony Hsieh has set his cultural sights on a holacracy management system a radical change from conventional structures. Nestlé turned to product innovation to fulfill the convenience needs of coffee lovers.

The 5 Best Bargains in Business

In the CEO Afterlife

For a moment, I’d like you to forget about throwing heaps of cash at such initiatives as computer systems, advertising, equipment, recruiting – even training. Here are the 5 best bargains in the world of business: Leadership heads the list.

These Are the People You Need on Your Startup Team

Chart Your Course

Business leadership researchers tell us that the best traits for your CFO are emotional stability and global ethics. They need to be tech experts, navigating your cloud contact center , social media and customer management systems. Culture Growing a Business Human Resource Management

CFO 130

Leadership Lessons from Outward Bound

Skip Prichard

Reprinted with permission from the book, Outward Bound Lessons to Live a Life of Leadership by Mark Brown, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. Crafting purpose comes from a leader’s own value system. took over leadership from their fathers. This is an excerpt.

Why I cringe when people say “hire for fit”

Surviving Leadership

It’s your systems, your processes, your location, your parking habits, the industry, your policies, your leadership practices, the behaviors of managers, communication… get the point. It breeds innovation. Companies are constantly looking for differentiators.

Chief Leadership Officer: Disrupting the CEO Status Quo

Lead Change Blog

Chris and Bill are at two ends of the same CEO-led management system. The CEO user base is diverse, yet it can be compared to an almost 100% installed “operating” system matched with immeasurably supportive “hardware.”. The CEO System Exposed. Enter the Chief Leadership Officer.

CEO 277

The USPS Lesson

Women on Business

The postal situation is not unique and what it highlights is how the wrong type of organizational culture can kill even a giant like the postal system. You create an environment for innovative solutions, employee growth and increased morale. To really solve the problem you have to find the source and that means looking at the post office as a whole and creating solutions that address the whole system. The post office is nearly bankrupt, the cost cutting is not working.

USP 140

Making Progress Motivates Workers? Workshop for the Buffalo Niagara SHRM Conference 2012

Mike Cardus

How you can create a system of small wins and progress to increase motivation and creativity. The greatest factor for motivation and innovation of employees is Support for Making Progress (The Progress Principle; Amabile 2011).

HP Headed to Hotel California?

Women on Business

HP has not had a stellar track record when it comes to leadership and their choices have often gotten them into sticky situations. It isn’t entirely fair to heap all of the blame onto the CEO’s; there was another broken system at play, the Board of Directors. that focuses on customers and innovation. HP has made some controversial decisions lately, but is Meg Whitman a great strategic move or the kiss of death for this once great tech company?

Hotels 133

Tough-Minded Ways to Innovate | In the CEO Afterlife

In the CEO Afterlife

Leadership. Tough-Minded Ways to Innovate. by John • May 16, 2011 • Leadership , Strategy • 3 Comments. But after Pearson’s corporate life atop PepsiCo, he became an insightful HBR contributor, particularly with regard to innovation. Human Resources.

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Review of “How to Be Exceptional: Drive Leadership Success by Magnifying Your Strengths”

The Practical Leader

Our organizations desperately want and need much stronger leadership at all levels. But a torrent of studies show most leadership development approaches aren’t working. But there’s been a huge vacuum around how to apply these findings to leadership development.

7 Principles of Leadership Development: Strategy for Leadership Development

Mike Cardus

An earlier post listed the 7 Principles of Leadership Development in no specific order of importance : Necessary Skilled-Knowledge. Education for Leadership. Strategy for Leadership Development. Strategy for Leadership Development.

Review of “How to Be Exceptional: Drive Leadership Success by Magnifying Your Strengths”

The Practical Leader

Our organizations desperately want and need much stronger leadership at all levels. But a torrent of studies show most leadership development approaches aren’t working. But there’s been a huge vacuum around how to apply these findings to leadership development. The opening reviews and quotations in the front of How to Be Exceptional tells the reader he or she is holding a revolutionary leadership book with a radical new approach.

How HR Can Help Managers To Become Better Leaders

Tanveer Naseer

Organizations in practically every industry are struggling to attract and retain great talent, especially in senior and executive leadership roles. How can HR improve leadership development in an organization? The following is a guest piece by Kelly Barcelos.

Top Leadership Bloggers’ Recent Best Posts

Michael Lee Stallard

Here’s a collection of the best blog posts over the last month written by top leadership bloggers. Thanks to Dan McCarthy over at Great Leadership for organizing it. Welcome to the November 7, 2010, early bird edition of leadership development carnival! We’ve got over 40 recent leadership posts from the best of the best leadership bloggers. Alice Snell follows up with More Human Than Capital posted at Taleo Blog – Talent Management Solutions.

Preview Thursday: Up is Not the Only Way by Beverly Kaye, Lindy Williams, and Lynn Cowart

Lead Change Blog

Beverly Kaye founded Career Systems International (CSI) more than thirty years ago, and it has become a global leader in developing and delivering innovative, action-based talent management solutions. Preview Thursday Leadership Leadership Development motivation

How Boards Can Innovate

Harvard Business Review

Governing boards might seem like the last place for innovation. They are, after all, the company’s steadfast guidance system, charged with keeping an even keel in rough waters. Some boards have taken the principle further by forming their own innovation committee.

Integration As Viewed Through The Lens Of The Uninformed

Lead Change Blog

The integration of our data systems into a data center in another part of the world will take place over the next 12 months.”. Clearly the next item on the agenda for the executive leadership team would be damage control.

Executive Managerial Leadership Coaching: Case Study

Mike Cardus

Below is an actual Executive Coaching and Managerial Leadership Training + Development process I facilitated. Situation: Currently there is an authoritarian style of management creating a decrease in morale, satisfaction with work and innovation amongst employees. There is a need for management to utilize and develop a wider range of management, innovation tools and systems that can be utilized at the proper times.

The Questions Most Leaders Have Never Asked

Great Leadership By Dan

Does management use performance appraisals to judge, blame, and rate individuals on their performance when instead, they need to be focused on how the system performs? What are the results of the system? Leadership! Marcia Daszko is the author of " Pivot Disrupt Transform " and a leading business strategist and catalyst for leadership and organizational transformation. She believes and teaches innovation in leadership thinking.

Your Quick Fixes are Exacerbating Your Organizational and Team Problems

Mike Cardus

Continually I see a ideas hap-hazardly put into organizational practice and managerial-leadership ONLY to make matters worse. The guess-work of how many managerial layers to have causes dis-trust and halts any innovation within the organization.

Team 138

Work in the Future Will Fall into These 4 Categories

Harvard Business Review

Work and workers (yes, humans) will always be essential to organizations, but organizations themselves will be more diverse, and work will be organized, structured, and done in new ways, increasingly through arrangements outside of regular full-time employment. Human-automation collaboration.

Uber Is Finally Realizing HR Isn’t Just for Recruiting

Harvard Business Review

Employees and other constituents should expect HR to hold leaders accountable for fiduciary and strategic risks, just as a CFO would be expected to hold leaders accountable for a risky pattern of using corporate funds or resources. All too often, however, startup leaders are less savvy when it comes to human capital, until it’s too late. Ultimately, boards, CEOs, and investors get the quality of leadership — and HR — that they demand and permit.

The Case for Investing More in People

Harvard Business Review

” There is a virtuous cycle between productivity and people: Higher levels of productivity allow society to reinvest in human capital (most obviously, though not exclusively, via higher wages), and smart investments result in higher labor productivity. All of this raises a chicken-or-egg question: Are we suffering from low productivity because we have underinvested in human capital? Our careless treatment of time represents a shocking level of underinvestment in human capital.

Managing a Negative, Out-of-Touch Boss

Harvard Business Review

The most frequent question I get asked by the 250,000 people enrolled in my MOOC on leadership is, “How do I deal with my boss who is not only dissonant, but quite negative?” Conflict Human resources Managing up

Why Doesn't HR Lead Change?

Harvard Business Review

It's hard to find leaders of the human resources (HR) function who are active in helping their organization improve the way it works. In 2009 Tony Scibelli, Vice President of Human Resources and Operations at Faxton-St. When I talk with leaders of process improvement activities about the role of HR in change, however, I generally hear that HR is bureaucratic and a brake on innovation. Rewards : Reward systems can change and reinforce behavior.

Photo Inquiry Friday: Main Useful Function?

Mike Cardus

Main Useful Function is the purpose or purposes for which the system was made. Once people, organizations, leadership can chart and explain the Main Useful Function of what they do, to those they do it too-then insights into innovation and improvement can be made.

Focus HR on Process Improvement

Harvard Business Review

To deliver more value, the human resources function needs to spend more time accelerating operational improvement and less time on its traditional administrative and compliance activities. Luke's Healthcare implemented a new HR system to eliminate much administrative work. in a group called "Talent Development and Performance/Innovation/Productivity Improvement"). Human resources Operations Productivity

IBM Focuses HR on Change

Harvard Business Review

It's rare to find a corporate human resources function that accelerates change by actively finding ways to help drive new strategies. But in a world in which bringing managers in every year for a week of offsite training is so 1960s, how do you make the leadership development process relevant to the global economy? Randy MacDonald: "We observed that 80% of leadership development is based on work experience. Change management Human resources Operations

How to Innovate When You're Not the Big Boss

Harvard Business Review

Given the unrelenting pace of change surrounding organizations in virtually every industry, companies are looking for executives who know how to innovate and introduce change, not simply caretakers who can manage the status quo. When ambitious managers one or two levels below the C-suite hear that they need to demonstrate the ability to lead innovation and change, this feedback typically triggers howls of protest, often preceded by "They won't" or "They don't."

Do Not Split HR – At Least Not Ram Charan’s Way

Harvard Business Review

Much of Charan’s recent work has tilted towards organization and people (books on strategy execution, leadership pipeline, talent and advice on intensity, change, leadership traits, performance management, governance). Charan (intentionally or not) lambasts the entire HR profession (“It’s time to say good bye to the Department of Human Resources ” ). Capability: identifying the organization capabilities (called culture, system, process, resources, etc.)

How IBM Is Changing Its HR Game

Harvard Business Review

To maintain high worker morale, productivity, and loyalty in such a diverse and changing conditions, IBM has placed new emphasis on the "resources" component of HR in four directions. By extending same-sex partner benefits, IBM earned 100% rating from the Human Rights Campaign and has received similarly high ratings from international women's labor groups. To maintain its leadership position, the company has been willing to experiment with bold new methods.

An Interview with Diane Gherson, CHRO at IBM, on Driving Organizational Transformation

HR Digest

Companies often find it difficult to find common ground when it comes to incorporating AI with human relations. The CHRO of IBM, Diane Gherson however, has different views and she has translated the term “human+machine interaction” into HRM practices. Human Resources has traditionally been very process driven. Diane Gherson is a trailblazer when it comes to introducing agile technologies in the gamut of Human Resources.

The CEO as Chief Brand Custodian | In the CEO Afterlife

In the CEO Afterlife

Leadership. by John • October 17, 2011 • Branding , Human Resources , Leadership , Marketing , Strategy • 3 Comments. Wouldn’t you expect more innovation? I’m not suggesting restructuring the entire brand management system. Human Resources.

Brand 189

Why Are 2013 Graduates Considered Unprepared?

Chart Your Course

When you invest in job benchmarking , you focus on the objective factors that the job itself requires, eliminating any unwanted human bias that can prevent hiring the candidate who will truly excel in the position. By Ashley Bowers. College Graduates Not Ready for the Workforce?

How Deloitte Made Learning a Game

Harvard Business Review

"Training is a funny thing," James Sanders, Manager of Innovation at Deloitte Consulting, told me recently. "No And yet, by using gamification principles, Deloitte has seen use of its Deloitte Leadership Academy (DLA) training program increase. Since the integration of gamification in to Deloitte Leadership Academy, there has been a 37 percent increase in the number of users returning to the site each week. Human resources Leadership development Talent management DLA