Should You Share a Room on a Business Trip?

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Every manager has a P&L that he or she is responsible for," he says, "and while we don''t make sharing rooms a hard and fast rule, it''s our sense that when people have their own budgets and ownership for their profits, they''ll continue to operate that way.".

Your Career Needs to Be Horizontal

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Look," he said, "I currently have 10,000 people reporting to me and responsibility for the largest P&L in the company. The head of Human Resources even asked the CEO whether Bill's job-grade and performance bonus should be reduced. Like it or not, most of us think about career success in terms of moving up the hierarchy. Let me illustrate with a story: I once worked with the new CEO of a well-known global firm which was barely breaking even.

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It's Harder than Ever to Be a Senior Executive

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Technical and functional knowledge are vital to making good judgment calls, being legitimate in the eyes of your people, and making resource allocation decisions. The CIO has to know what's going on in finance and marketing, for instance, and P&L experience is important even for support functions like human resources.

Case Study: The Gentleman's 3

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Between the inner and outer doors of Circale Corporation's headquarters building, human resources VP Nils Ekdahl crossed paths with CFO Anita Fierst as he was leaving for lunch. "We The best way to evaluate an employee is to look at his unit's P&L. If there's no relevant P&L, you're pretty much flying blind.". Employee retention Human resources

Bring Back the General Manager

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These are the executives who run discrete businesses and control all of the resources associated with them. Two decades ago, organizations were designed around stand-alone business units, so all managers had to understand finance, technology, manufacturing, sales, marketing, strategy, human resources, and more. Have you noticed that general managers are scarce these days?

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