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Copyright 2007-2010 - Chris Young Twitter Updates follow me on Twitter « The Rainmaker Fab Five Blog Picks of the Week | Main | The Rainmaker Fab Five Blog Picks of the Week » September 24, 2010 Possibility Maximizer: Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Each week I like to share a resource that I have found to be beneficial for my own professional development and feel can help you and your organization in its efforts to Maximize Possibility. 

Are you a Leader or a Lemming?

Great Leadership By Dan

Perhaps it starts within your organization, then within your industry? All of us have a peer group and within that group a select few are viewed as the role models and the others aspire to reach that level of peak performance. These individuals, Lemming Leaders, are less focused on adapting best practices to their specific setting and more concerned with being at the “industry standard”. My most recent peer review included a comment that I needed to get a better car.


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Possibility Maximizer: The Leadership Quarterly

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The Resource: The Leadership Quarterly What it is: The Leadership Quarterly is a peer reviewed journal that is published six times a year (four quarterly issues plus two "Special Issues").  While the topical nature of The Leadership Quarterly is quite broad, the articles it contains still maintain the highly focused scope that is required of inclusion in a peer reviewed academic journal.

Stop Treating B2B Customers Like Digital Novices

Harvard Business

If you have a problem with your industrial cement mixer, you usually have only two options: read the manual or call your sales rep. 97% of professional buyers believe that user-generated content, such as peer reviews and group discussion, is more credible than content provided by the company itself. The points are awarded by peers in appreciation of a contributor’s good content and insights.

B2B 44

Research: Women Ask for Raises as Often as Men, but Are Less Likely to Get Them

Harvard Business

When early reports of our work appeared in the press, the research was criticized by Sara Laschever and others, in part for not having gone through a full peer review. That peer review has now been done and the article is released this month in a major journal, Industrial Relations , published by Berkeley. yangleephoto/Imazins/Getty Images. It’s a concrete fact that women earn less than men do.

Simple Digital Technologies Can Reduce Health Care Costs

Harvard Business

Digital therapeutics are being increasingly validated in clinical trials published in peer-reviewed medical journals and are available or are being developed for most chronic diseases. The health characteristics of your workforce are distinct and vary by industry and region, as well as by employee age, race, educational level, and many other factors.

Are CEOs Overhyped and Overpaid?

Harvard Business

My focus was on peer-reviewed journal articles (academic papers) that included reliable measures of CEO attributes (e.g., I came up with three major conclusions from this literature review: CEOs Do Matter a Lot. Second, as a 20-year review from 1993 to 2012 showed, CEOs’ judgment affects key strategic and managerial processes , such as staffing, financing, and marketing decisions. How much do CEOs actually matter?

CEO 47

Focus on Keeping Up with Your Customers, Not Your Competitors

Harvard Business

They’ve redesigned their core processes in the area of procurement (online shopping), talent acquisition (marketplaces), collaboration (social networking), market research (peer reviews), finance (mobile payments) and travel (room and ride sharing). Customers’ expectations are also more liquid and no longer based on industry boundaries. It’s probably coming from outside your industry.

It’s Time to Make Business School Research More Relevant

Harvard Business

The first is what we called the “Lost in Translation” problem, which refers to the fact that almost no managers turn to academic journals (publications like the Academy of Management Annals, the Academy of Management Journal, the Academy of Management Review, the Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, to name a few) for advice on how to improve their skills or practices. spiderstock/Getty Images.

When Research Should Come with a Warning Label

Harvard Business Review

Just how big a problem this is for industry — and for one industry in particular — is illustrated by a recent study, which, ironically, claimed to uncover the kind of bias we don’t want to see when it comes to assessing the validity of data. The study, which appeared in PLoS Medicine , argues that industry funding has compromised the evidence on sugar. The researchers looked at systematic reviews conducted between 2006 and 2013. But what about peer review?

A Way to Gauge How Well Your Company Is Really Performing

Harvard Business Review

Just change the peer group, and a laggard becomes a leader, or vice versa. When Jack Welch was CEO of GE, he famously tasked each business with achieving number 1 or number 2 status in its industry, a goal-setting principle that echoes across the decades. For example, what if your industry has just a few key players, and they’re perennial poor performers? companies, as if yours and all the other firms were roughly the same size and in approximately the same industry.

The Ripple Effects of Parents Not Using Their Vacation Time

Harvard Business Review

Travel Association, which is naturally concerned about what all this overwork is doing to the travel industry.). Well, there’s longtitudinal, peer-reviewed research showing that the amount of time you spend with your kids doesn’t really matter. It’s the stress that hurts children, not the cause of that stress, according to the same peer-reviewed study. Andrew Nguyen/HBR STAFF.

Why the Future of Social Science Is with Private Companies

Harvard Business Review

The Reproducibility Project found it could substantively replicate the results of fewer than 40% of 100 high-profile experiments published in peer-reviewed journals. The incentives are such that research academics might be tempted to overstate outcomes in ways post-industrial researchers are not. In many respects, the ongoing eclipse of academic social science research by post-industrial innovators recalls and recapitulates—replicates?—the

Projects Are the New Job Interviews

Harvard Business Review

interrogatory genre; the real question will be how well candidates can rise to the "appliject" challenge and help redesign a social media campaign, document a tricky bit of software, edit a Keynote presentation, produce a webinar or peer review a CAD layout for a contract Chinese manufacturer. To my mind, this approach is an order of magnitude more ethical than the "free" and unpaid internship infrastructure that has gotten so out of control in so many industries.

The Risks of Health Insurance Company Mergers

Harvard Business Review

But if history is any guide , mergers in the insurance industry should give consumers (indeed, all purchasers of insurance) cause for concern. A collaboration of the editors of Harvard Business Review and the New England Journal of Medicine , exploring cutting-edge ways to improve quality and reduce waste. Indeed, I’m aware of no peer-reviewed, published analyses that show that insurance mergers, on average, benefit consumers.

Speed Up Your Product Development Without Losing Control

Harvard Business Review

Google combines automated testing with a related process that requires a human peer to review code changes. Together, the automated testing and peer review provide a high level of quality control that frees Google developers to actually work on the needed changes themselves. Every developer at Google has the power to make changes to any product – or multiple products – subject to the rules of testing and review.

Can Walmart Get Us to Buy Sustainable Products?

Harvard Business Review

In essence, TSC is a data amalgamator, gathering the best peer-reviewed science on the lifecycle impacts and “material” environmental and social issues for a given product category. As Unilever’s VP of Sustainable Living, Jonathan Atwood, told me, “the launch of the Walmart Sustainability Leaders Store is a significant moment for the industry and shoppers. We all want to buy the best products we can find and afford.

10 Tactics for Launching a Product Using Social Media

Harvard Business Review

The new launch landscape levels the playing field for brands of all sizes and industries when reaching consumers–yet the ability for consumers to share their opinions freely on social media can provide huge hurdles for brand messaging. Millennials are turning to Facebook and Twitter, while GenZ, or the iGeneration, is skeptical of brands and places more value on peer-to-peer reviews–even from strangers.

Brand 13

Make Your Knowledge Workers More Productive

Harvard Business Review

When we interviewed 45 such people across 39 companies in 8 industries in the United States and Europe, we found that by identifying low-value tasks to either drop completely, delegate to someone else or outsource, the average worker gained back roughly one day a week they could use for more important tasks. (We The analyst would then review each law and group them by similar characteristic.

Who's the Best at Innovating Innovation?

Harvard Business Review

Democratizing Entrepreneurship: Village Capital's Peer Selection Model. An exciting and powerful model for cultivating, evaluating, funding, and growing new ideas — and a detailed recipe for unleashing the power of peer review in any organization. by Lalgudi Ramanathan Natarajan, Titan Industries. Most companies put innovation at the top of their agendas.

How to Design a Corporate Wellness Plan That Actually Works

Harvard Business Review

To us, it’s similar to asking whether reviews, training programs, employee assistance services, or other company initiatives are effective for both worker performance and the bottom line. At Lincoln Industries , a manufacturer and distributor of trucking accessories, promoting workers’ health and well-being is embedded in the company’s core mission and values.

ROI 12

Strengths-Based Coaching Can Actually Weaken You

Harvard Business Review

I have seen no scientific studies (independent research published in peer-reviewed academic journals) to support the idea that developmental interventions are more successful if they ignore people’s deficits or provide no negative feedback. To date, I have yet to see any independent peer-reviewed studies providing evidence on this. (If