Stakeholder Engagement – Inform, Influence or Involve?

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Once you identify your stakeholders (see Three Main Impact Zones of Change ), it’s time to determine if you need to inform, influence, or involve them. Inform. Rather than surprising them later, make an effort to inform them before the change happens. Influence.

Leadership & Influence

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You cannot be a effective leader without influence. Let me make this as simple as I can – if you’re a leader, influence needs to be a competency. The key to developing influence is understanding that contacts and relationships are not synonymous.

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Influence is the Value Force of Leadership

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All leaders have a sphere of influence. It can be defined as the context in which influence is felt. In some cases, this sphere of influence is small, perhaps extending only to an immediate coworker, friend, or family member. Another common form of influence is intimidation.

4 Steps to Influence Change Through Resistance

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Author information Mike Henry Chief Instigator at Lead Change Group Mike is the Chief Instigator of the Lead Change Group and co-author with 20 other Lead Change Instigators, of The Character-Based Leader: Instigating a Leadership Revolution.

Five Communication Hurdles to Leadership Effectiveness and Influence

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Crucial information often doesn’t get shared; people often feel their voices aren’t heard. Building your influence and leading your organization to success means improving your organizational culture by overcoming these hurdles. Silos keep information from reaching all stakeholders.

Influencers Wanted

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are seeking out "influencers" among their employees who are particularly well-connected and trusted by their peers. The influencers reap benefits, too: more money, promotions and opportunities to rub shoulders with top executives. Influencer Traits. Influencers Sell Well.

How To Destroy Your Influence Through Social Media

Joseph Lalonde

It’s great to see the constant flow of information on Twitter. By using social media in the wrong way, you can begin to destroy your influence. And they can lead to destroying your career and influence. Question: How have you used social media to build our influence?

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The Problem With Information

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Information, when used to influence or sell, advise or share, has cost us untold loss in business and relationships. Information Causes Resistance. Certainly the ineffective behaviors continue regardless of the logic of the information we offer.

Leading through Long Term Influence

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Guest post by Great Leadership regular contributor Beth Armknecht Miller: Webster’s Dictionary defines a “leader” as a person who has commanding authority or influence”. I would argue that in the 21st century it’s all about influence, not authority.

How to Influence Without Authority

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8 Ways to Influence Without Relying on Authority. Character – Your own character is your greatest source of influence. You can influence by providing a clear logic, an explanation of the benefit, and reassurance that it is the right course of action. Don’t withhold information.

The 5 Smartest Strategies to Build Influence in the Workplace

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“Leadership is intentional influence.” Client Brianna asks: People often talk about the importance of influencing internal and external stakeholders. What makes a successful influencer, in your eyes? Career Advancement Influence Leadership Leadership Skills Q&A with Joel

Can You Manage Up? Eight Questions for Increasing Your Influence

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If you have been argumentative or combative each time your manager has made a decision or set a direction, then you probably don’t stand much of a chance of being heard or influencing the current situation. Don’t be surprised if the manager is already aware of the information you are offering.

Social Influence and Your Brand: Connecting the Dots [Webinar]

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Author information Meghan M. Leadership Development engagement HR influence Leadership Marketing networking recruiting Social Media TalentCulture Webinar “Don’t try to invent a tribe. Show up to lead one that exists.”

Social Media Influence | N2Growth Blog

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While anyone can have a social media presence, not everyone possesses social media influence. You might have something to say, but without influence, nobody will be listening. Put simply, having a social media presence without influence is little more than an exercise in frivolity.

How to Influence When You’re Not in Charge

Nathan Magnuson

It’s hard to influence when you don’t have any visibility for one reason: people give more credibility to folks they recognize. Having tunnel vision is the quickest way to limit your influence. If you do the work, don’t be surprised when your influence is accepted.

Communicate to Influence

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As authors Kelly and Ben Decker write, "This book shows that becoming a great communicator takes just two things: a smart game plan and a lot of practice." " Communicate to Influence " is the first step to reaching those goals. It's time to move from information to influence. Moving from information to influence will hopefully land your experience toward an emotional connection. Great communications skills are essential for business and personal success. .

Telling a Story that Influences Others

Kevin Eikenberry

You could tell a story to entertain, to inform, or to get a laugh. Influence Leadership Leadership Communication audience influence persuasion storiesThere are many reasons you might want to tell a story. You could tell a story to a friend, write it in a blog post, or include it in a presentation. While there are many situations when a story can be [.].

Ideas Plus Influence

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Home About Me About This Blog Starbucker’s Amazon Store Ramblings From a Glass Half Full Ideas Plus Influence by Starbucker on December 2, 2010 (This is Part 1 in a two-part blog series which I’ve worked on with a colleague, Denise Lee Yohn. We’ve each taken on the topic of influence in leadership and are exchanging blog posts. I need to ensure the organization embraces the great idea — and that takes influence.

Why do we gather information from buyers?

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Information, when used to influence or sell, has cost us untold loss in business and relationships. Information Causes Resistance. Certainly the ineffective behaviors continue regardless of the logic of the information we offer.

Four Roadblocks to Overcome for Effective Leadership Influence

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Maura wants to expand her influence in her company , but she’s realizing some major barriers have existed there for years. In any organization, you’re going to run into challenges to expanding your leadership influence. Without this information, the project is likely to flounder.

065: Influence 3.0: Upgrade from Leadership to Impact

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Also, information was no longer the domain of the corporate brass; everyone in the […]. The post 065: Influence 3.0: Also, information was no longer the domain of the corporate brass; everyone in the company could find out what they needed to know. For decades, Influence 2.0

069: 9 Telltale Signs of Influence 3.0

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New technologies make information accessible to everyone. The post 069: 9 Telltale Signs of Influence 3.0 New technologies make information accessible to everyone. Engaging Leader™ Influence 3.0 What used to work for leaders in the past is no longer as effective today.

Quiet Time: The Introvert’s 5 Keys To Influence


Take a look at the new book by this author, Quiet Influence: The Introvert’s Guide to Making a Difference (Berrett-Koehler, April 2013); I find myself pumping my fist and saying “yes!” Then sit back and watch as your efforts to influence take shape.

Influencing Powerful People

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Influencing Powerful People - Engage and Command the Attention of the Decision Makers to get What You Need to Succeed is the title of a book by Dirk Schlimm. I was attracted to it partly because I need to influence powerful people and partly because I have my own views of how to do it. I have also been on the receiving end of trying to be influenced - sometimes well and sometimes in an irritating way. The book has 17 rules for influencing powerful people.

Improve Team Communication with a Style of Influence Personality Profile

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A Style of Influence personality profile can improve your team communication and provide a deeper understanding of yourself and others. Everyone enjoys learning more about themselves – but you will be surprised to learn how much personality types influence teamwork.

Interview: Using the Power of Conversations to Influence Change

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In this episode, Ankit Patel, Managing Partner of The Lean Way Consulting, discusses how to use the natural information flows in your organization to influence change. Influence

12 Things That Can Really Influence What People Think of You

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Some researchers speculate that the human brain is hardwired to judge so it can evaluate and interpret important information. Here are 12 ways you may be unconsciously influencing what people think of you: 1. The post 12 Things That Can Really Influence What People Think of You appeared first on Lolly Daskal. Influence Leadership Management Success WorkplaceFrom the moment you walk into a room or meet someone one on one, you’re being sized up and judged.

7 Behaviors That Influence How People Judge Your Personality

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Think about whether your speech is measured and eloquent or quick-fire and sometimes scattered, how formal or informal you are in addressing others, even your word choices–do you tend to use absolutes like “always” and “never,” or are you a more moderate fan of words like “maybe” and “uncertain”? The post 7 Behaviors That Influence How People Judge Your Personality appeared first on Lolly Daskal.

Balancing Power and Influence as a Leader During Change

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Two of those elements are power vs. influence. On the other side of the scale are all the other ways to influence, for example, tapping into values, inviting people to participate, communicating the vision and “the why”, or understanding and helping people through their resistance and fears.

New Webinar Series: Design & Influence Irresistible Change™

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In this 5-part webinar series, you will learn the steps and gain the tools to design and influence change without getting stuck. Click the titles for more information on individual events. Sharpen Your Influence.

Leading Without An Education

Joseph Lalonde

Leadership college degree encouragement influence informal leadershipLeadership doesn’t require you to obtain a college degree or formal education. There are many leaders who never completed college. Some never completed grade school.

4 Informational Interviewing Tips (Part 15)


Be Informed about Informational Interviews: 4 Key Tips. The purpose of an informational interview is to get information about a field of work from someone who has firsthand knowledge. Unfortunately, some people approach informational interviews as informal interviews and don’t do enough advance preparation. They agreed simply to provide you with information about their position, organization, and/or industry.

4 things that get in the way: Influence, Community, Leadership and Productivity

Jason Womack

I''ve watched that interview three times this month, and I''ll share three things I''m sure of: - Influence : “Who” we spend time with changes “what” we believe is possible. 18:13 - The “who” we spend time with WILL positively & negatively influence how we are as leaders.

Checklist for Influencers: questions for sellers, coaches, leaders, change agents

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Most of you are really good at what you do: as influencers, sellers, coaches, change agents, or leaders, your intuition, excellent skills, and history of success guide your ability to facilitate change for your clients.

Listening Biases: How Influencers Unwittingly Restrict Possibilities

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Employing biases, assumptions, triggers, memory tricks, and habit (filters that act as information sieves) our brains take a habitual route when listening to others, alter and omit at will, and don’t even tell us what’s been transformed, regardless of our desire to be neutral.

Does Your Influence Need a Boost?

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All you have to do is enter your information below by May 15, 2011 to be entered to win. Boost your own personal influence in your organization. This is a unique opportunity to partner with me to help influence change in your organization – for free!

Leadership Lessons from the United States Naval Academy – Staying Informed of Current Events

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Organizations necessarily adapt to ever evolving market conditions; influencing the ultimate success of the business. You just finished reading Leadership Lessons from the United States Naval Academy - Staying Informed of Current Events !

Choosing Words That Influence And Inspire

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Move from information to inspiration. The number one reason speakers fair to inspire their audiences is that they focus on information rather than ideas. Leadership is not based on transferring information; it is based on transforming people.

StrategyDriven Podcast Episode 33 – Making Change Work: What are Systems and How Do They Influence Change?

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Episode 33 – Making Change Work: What are systems and how to they influence change? Additional Information. Episode 33 – Making Change Work: What are systems and how to they influence change? Additional Information.

SHRM Top 20 Indian HR Influencers Active on Social Media 2013


Social media is at the center of how people connect, consume information, drive conversations, initiate movements and promote brands. At a time when everyone seems to be on social media, the challenge for those who wish to make a difference is to generate influence.

Implement Change with More Influence, Confidence and Impact

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Would you like to implement change with more influence, confidence and impact? Here’s how you can get the boost your change initiative needs : Influence Accelerator. Increase your personal influence while still being yourself.

How Digital Process Innovation Can Influence Organisational Change In The Finance Sector

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The concept is simple – the finance sector needs to be able to deliver insight and risk analysis around the world, which could see them becoming integrators of information in as little as three years. The finance sector as we know it is being transformed by new technology.

Kick Off 2014 With the Design & Influence Irresistible Change Webinar Series

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In this 5-part webinar series, you will learn the steps and gain the tools to both design change in advance so it has the best chance of succeeding and influence change as you go so your initiative can keeping going even when it hits those inevitable bumps along the way.