Influencing Creativity and Innovation


So what is your role in influencing creativity and innovation in others? We know it isn’t enough to simply add creativity to a list of values your organization espouses or to bring in consultants who get staff keyed up about innovating.

Four Roadblocks to Overcome for Effective Leadership Influence

Career Advancement

Maura wants to expand her influence in her company , but she’s realizing some major barriers have existed there for years. In any organization, you’re going to run into challenges to expanding your leadership influence. Without this information, the project is likely to flounder.

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How Successful Leaders Use Culture To Influence Behaviour

Tanveer Naseer

The authors of the year’s three best business books on culture, one of which is a novel, explore the elusive subject from widely divergent perspectives, but all end up confirming that it is the single most powerful influence on how people behave in organizations.

Four Roadblocks to Overcome for Effective Leadership Influence

Career Advancement

Maura wants to expand her influence in her company , but she’s realizing some major barriers have existed there for years. In any organization, you’re going to run into challenges to expanding your leadership influence. Without this information, the project is likely to flounder.

Quiet Time: The Introvert’s 5 Keys To Influence


Take a look at the new book by this author, Quiet Influence: The Introvert’s Guide to Making a Difference (Berrett-Koehler, April 2013); I find myself pumping my fist and saying “yes!” These scientists and engineers develop innovative products and breakthrough ideas.

How Digital Process Innovation Can Influence Organisational Change In The Finance Sector

Strategy Driven

Digital innovation is everywhere, from Big Data to risk management software, and it’s all coming to change in the way that the sector is organised and run. As digital processes innovate and change the way that the finance industry operates, CFOs will be under more pressure to perform.

Leaders Share about New Beginnings, Fresh Starts, and Project Launches: A Frontline Festival

Let's Grow Leaders

Our June Festival is all about new beginnings, fresh starts, and project launches. Next month’s Festival is all about leading through influence. ” This post will show you how to stop leaving projects half-finished.

Change and Innovation

Coaching Tip

At the root of all change and innovation challenges is a leadership opportunity,” argues Chris Laping, in his new book, “PEOPLE BEFORE THINGS: Change isn’t and end-user problem.”. While good change leadership needs project leaders to do their part, it requires enablement by executive leaders prior to the project team lifting a finger on the delivery work. The evidence is overwhelming. Why do so many organizations struggle, while others succeed at delivering change? “At

Braithwaite Innovation Group Presents the July 2015 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Bruce Harpham of Project Management Hacks shares How To Expand Your Job: The Pushing Boundaries Strategy. Michael Lee Stallard of Michael Lee Stallard shares Grassroots Innovation Contributed to WWII Victory. Welcome to the July 2015 Leadership Development Carnival!

10 Practices That Drive Innovation


Innovation means more than just new products or services. Perhaps my favorite definition of innovation is Scott Berkun’s : “Innovation is significant positive change.”. Promote Innovation as an Organizational Value. Tie Compensation to Innovation.

Education? Innovation? Do - Learn - Do - Learn

Mills Scofield

Victor’s Leap Year Project “Masters Program” is the wave of the future. Their influence was so great that I wanted my career path to follow their footsteps. I gave my self-made experiential education and the community project a title: The Leap Year Project.

How to Identify Your Project Stakeholders Interest

Mike Cardus

Design by 12GrainStudio How to Identify Project Stakeholders Interest Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 Posted by: mike Attempting to institute new projects and processes within an existing culture can prove to be Sisyphean.

Ideas Don't Equal Innovation | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

As a result of our conversation, I decided to dust-off an old post, give it a few updates, and pass along my thoughts, which can be best summarized as “ Ideas Don’t Equal Innovation. Be careful of high level, pie-in-the-sky projections.

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The Myths of Creativity: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

As I worked my way through Burkus’ lively and eloquent narrative, I was also keenly interested in his discussion Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s insights relevant to incubation in Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention (1997): “Once the incubation stage has run its course, which could be a few days or several years, it should […].

How to Navigate the Politics of an Innovation Project

Harvard Business Review

The innovation would boost efficiency by taking the excess inventory of one business unit and shipping it to units that had deficits, thereby reducing inventory-carrying costs companywide. Luckily, Denise, who was an executive MBA student of mine, took the time to understand the politics of innovation at play, and followed a series of steps to harness these dynamics to her benefit. The Politics of Innovation. The same goes for innovation. juanluisgx/Getty Images.

The Other Side of Innovation: Solving the Execution Challenge.


Business organizations are not built for innovation; they are built for efficiency.&# – Vijay Govindarajan In The Other Side of Innovation the authors demonstrate their absolute knowledge of an area that many organizations need more of, innovation! They have been studying over the past decade innovation within established organizations. In the process they have compiled perhaps the most extensive library of innovation case studies in the world.

How Leaders Can Help Others Influence Them

Harvard Business Review

He was talking about how to help leaders influence others. I asked him, “Do you also teach leaders how to be influenced by others?” We still believe that the essence of leadership is about influencing others to do what we want them to do.

Too Many Experts Can Hurt Your Innovation Projects

Harvard Business Review

In fact, my colleagues and I have found that innovation thrives when expert users make up about 40% of an invention team. We found that having too many doctors on the team — and in the wrong roles — was a liability for young companies trying to innovate. Most notably, we discovered that firms with physician CEOs were less innovative (based on the rate at which their products received approval from the U.S. Innovation Digital Article

Why Creativity Thrives Under Constraints

Tanveer Naseer

There’s always excitement around a new project. Just about every influence on our once new and exciting project also brings a constraint. We can lose interest or become frustrated by our once shiny new project. The following is a guest piece by David Burkus.

How to Design Work Projects for Maximum Learning

Harvard Business Review

That is why live business projects can be powerful vehicles for learning, especially when they aim for dramatic outcomes on a tight timeframe. While delivering millions of dollars in profits, these projects have helped develop a cadre of leaders who can inspire teams to achieve big goals.

The Art of Science

Mills Scofield

I have this thing about Blue Lobsters, seeing them in Maine and as a metaphor for innovation in that this rare phenotype results from serendipity and random collisions of genes. At first glance it is obvious that my work is highly influenced by science.

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Unleashing Your Leadership Presence …

The Empowered Buisness

Fill your space with an empowering color that signifies who you are and what you want to project to the world. When they allow energy to flow, they are alive, engaged, passionate, on purpose, creative, innovative, intuitive, clear, visionary, playful, relaxed and refreshed.

Essentials Of Executive Sponsorship (Part One)

Lead Change Blog

One of the main reasons that projects fail to launch, or realize long-term success, is the lack of executive sponsorship. In fact, a 2014 Research Study by Prosci indicated that projects with strong, effective executive sponsorship were 3.5

Better Leadership in 2015 (And Beyond): 9 Essentials


In this world of work, a leader derives power by engaging others, collaborating with them, build a positive influence and build an environment where people can thrive. Constant improvement (and innovation) in products and processes is one of the ways to maintain positive momentum.

14 Principles that Made Amazon

Skip Prichard

He is a leading authority on insurance, risk management, technology, and innovation. Members of the team are given responsibility for a particular metric (either standalone or one part of a larger project). My view is there’s no bad time to innovate.”

Lead by Example

Lead on Purpose

Here are five ways you can lead by example and influence your team to innovate and succeed every time: 1. This has been shown to improve innovation among teams. When each person shares their opinion openly, ideas come together and everyone plays an important role in the outcome of the project. Being able to admit that you are wrong for the greater good of the project and team success is a prime case of leading by example.

The Biggest Obstacles to Innovation in Large Companies

Harvard Business Review

It turns out that the word “innovation” is not a Harry Potter-esque magical incantation that, once spoken, renders companies more inventive, creative, and entrepreneurial. It can be emblazoned on the door to a new innovation center in Silicon Valley. Yes, even Toys R Us had a head of innovation.). To be constructive, we also asked about the things that foster innovation.) Are employees clear on what kind of innovation they’re supposed to be doing?

Selling Products Is Good. Selling Projects Can Be Even Better

Harvard Business Review

But increasingly, what companies sell are projects. Selling products limits the revenues you can make from clients: Unless you are innovating and continually updating your product offering, customer attrition tends to be high, and incentivizing repurchases can be hard. A focus on selling projects would mean helping someone do something more specific, such as running the Boston Marathon. The project would have a clear goal (finish the marathon) and a clear start and end date.

A Guide to Winning Support for Your New Idea or Project

Harvard Business Review

“It’s very hard to start a new initiative,” says John Butman, author of Breaking Out: How to Build Influence in a World of Competing Ideas. “Organizations need to keep changing, adapting, and innovating,” he says. Influence Collaboration

10 Principles For Developing Strategic Leaders

Tanveer Naseer

Systems and Structures The first three principles of strategic leadership involve nontraditional but highly effective approaches to decision making, transparency, and innovation. Instead, create a variety of channels for innovative thinking.

The Biases That Keep Good R&D Projects from Getting Funded

Harvard Business Review

The project focused on how to design rooms in intensive care units to minimize sleep disruption and facilitate healing. Gerhard, from the infrastructure group in Munich, started the discussion: “This project is just too out there. ” Gerhard noticed that the R&D budget was nearly spent for the year and suggested that the project was “a nice-to-have, rather than a need-to-have.” Projects aren’t simply evaluated on merit.

Leadership May Not Be the Problem with Your Innovation Team

Harvard Business Review

Last November we published an assessment on to help readers diagnose the extent to which their organizations create conditions that favor successful innovation. Condition 1: Constant Energy is productive tension that keeps people in the innovation zone.

Innovation Needs a Lingua Franca

Harvard Business Review

The importance of speaking a "foreign" language was reinforced recently when I needed a new slide depicting the gears that drive innovation for one of my speeches. Why cross-disciplinary collaboration drives innovation. Sprechen sie the language of innovation?

Shape Your Company’s Future

Skip Prichard

Planners, and this is a stereotype, tend to spend their time producing spreadsheet forecasts, things-to-do checklists, and complicated project diagrams. Their projects focus on efficiency. Create the Best Possible Future. Are you confident in your company’s future?

Companies Are Now Making Innovation Everyone’s Job

Harvard Business Review

In the past few weeks, three corporate innovation clients have moved to — or had their roles expanded to include — their company’s training function. As one remarked, perhaps ruefully, “Now I’ve got to get the people who actually do the work to innovate.”

Eight Communication Traps That Foil Innovation

Harvard Business Review

Most leaders are interested in growing their businesses through innovation, but it's risky business: most innovation efforts fail. Innovative ideas, initiatives, products, culture transformations, you name it, have little chance to succeed if they aren't enabled by smart communications.

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To Foster Innovation, Connect Coworkers Who Share Aspirations

Harvard Business Review

We suggest that HR leaders make minimum interventions in trying to influence communities of growth. Collaborative: CCAs are not solo pet projects, but require employees to work together. The company issued innovation challenges related to its strategic plan.

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Lessons in IT Innovation From Silicon Valley

Harvard Business Review

Innovation is always infectious. “I can tap into that rich source of innovation and startups and find creative solutions. Learning from Innovation in Silicon Valley. Loura began to use visualization tools to show managers why other projects rose further up the queue.

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Open Spaces, Open Minds


Yet for some innovation tasks, being in the same room is the best solution. Toyota uses the big open room as a way of bringing together large diverse groups to focus on creating innovative improvements to products. In the typical company, project teams spend very little time together.

Leadership & Change

N2Growth Blog

Agility, innovation, disruption, fluidity, decisiveness, commitment, and above all else a bias toward action will lead to the creation of change. If your entity doesn’t innovate and change in accordance with market driven needs and demands it will fail…it’s just that simple.

The Making of an Innovation Master

Harvard Business Review

A workshop attendee asked me this seemingly simple question: "So, what else should I read to learn more about innovation?". But in thinking it through, I did eventually end up with a highly personal list I call " The Masters of Innovation " (which appears in my latest book ). Michael Mauboussin doesn't write about innovation, but his clear writing that blends finance, strategy, and psychology puts him on my list. Innovation

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What The Marshmallow Challenge Can Teach Us About Fostering Team Success

Tanveer Naseer

As seen in the results of this study, such an environment and attitude is key to encouraging the kind of innovative thinking which not only leads to developing ideas, but to creating tangible results.

First Look: Leadership Books for November 2019

Leading Blog

Contagious You : Unlock Your Power to Influence, Lead, and Create the Impact You Want by Anese Cavanaugh. They influence culture, opportunity, risk-taking, and risk aversion. The Unicorn Project : A Novel about Developers, Digital Disruption, and Thriving in the Age of Data by Gene Kim.

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