3 Insights About Stress Every Leader Should Know

Michael Lee Stallard

Who experiences greater levels of stress: non-leaders or the boss? When I ask this question while teaching workshops on leadership, nearly all the bosses in the room respond that they are the ones under greater stress. Hard data makes it clear that non-leaders experience greater stress and in many instances it has a negative effect on their performance. Killer Stress and Challenge Stress . At the heart of these findings is the effect of stress.

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3 Practices to Protect Your People from Toxic Stress and Burnout

Michael Lee Stallard

Increased stress and complexity, and the demands to achieve higher productivity are taking a toll. greater employee participation in efforts to innovate. Each V provides a practice that protects people from stress and burnout. Unfortunately, because of the stress on people in healthcare organizations, most are not very strong at embracing the next two elements of a Connection Culture. He understood that walking the talk influenced his colleagues.

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To Handle Increased Stress, Build Your Resilience

Harvard Business

Wherever you live or work, stress is on the rise. For many of us, the initial response to stress is to look for external fixes. Managing stress over the long term requires cultivating your own resilience skills before seeking external solutions so that you can turn changes, stresses, and challenges into opportunities. To begin to shift the way you deal with stress and cultivate resilience, there are a handful of things you can do right now. Stress.

8 Key Lessons Learned on Being Social (Offline and Online)


Too much of social involvement can stress us out. Being social enables you to create or participate in communities of like minded people. Many people brag about being “influencers”, having thousands of followers or attending tens of conferences a year.

Change Your Story, Change Your Power

Tanveer Naseer

As much as negative people can influence us, we can influence them. My favorite study showing how quickly we influence others was done at the University of California Riverside. and they tested the participants’ moods before and after. Time after time, the most non-verbally expressive person was able to significantly influence the moods of the other two people in room. Positive Engagement measures your response in the face of stressful situations.

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Conversation with Walt Rakowich on Connection Culture

Michael Lee Stallard

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to participate in a LinkedIn Live conversation with Walt Rakowich, former CEO of S&P 500 firm Prologis and author of the book Transfluence.

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Master the 4 Powers of Presence

Skip Prichard

Problematic patterns are identified, and everyone is committed to reducing their influence. An Induction is an invitation, a request, or a compelling demand to join and participate in something outside of yourself. Cultivate Leadership Presence.

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Research: How You Feel About Individualism Is Influenced by Your Social Class

Harvard Business

Common sayings include “The world is your oyster” and “Your voice matters”; values such as uniqueness, self-expression, and influence take precedence. students whose parents do not have four-year degrees) report wanting to help their families and give back to their communities, yet they confront a college setting that stresses paving one’s own path and exploring personal passions.

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Top Leaders Communicate Authority Through Body Language.

The Empowered Buisness

Change your emotions after a stressful day? Your body language can enhance or destroy your business relationships and influence on others. For example, taking a few deep breaths can transform anxiety and stress to relaxation and clarity in an instant. He is a master at teaching participants – scared out of their minds — to walk over hot coals by putting “mind over matter.” A lower cortisol means lower stress. A form of influence. Are You?

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Introverts: 6 Ways to Maximize Your Natural Strengths

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

I am delighted to host this guest post by my colleague Jennifer Kahnweiller in celebration of the launch of her excellent new book Quiet Influence: The Introvert”s Guide to Making a Difference. It’s the highly effective quiet influencers: introverts who use their natural strengths to make a big difference without making a lot of noise. Tip: Don’t stress yourself out by trying to participate in every new social media technology. Guest Post by Jennifer B.

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Help Your Team Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout

Harvard Business Review

It can be tough enough to manage your own stress. But how can you, as a manager, help the members of your team handle their feelings of stress, burnout, or disengagement? Worker stress levels are rising, with over half of the global workforce (53%) reporting that they are closer to burnout than they were just five years ago, according to a Regus Group survey of over 22,000 business people across 100 countries. Leading teams Stress Organizational culture Article

Make Getting Feedback Less Stressful

Harvard Business Review

Its a critical skill, particularly for both leaders in flat organizations where giving orders is generally counter-productive and for anyone who needs to manage up or across by influencing their bosses or peers. First, we need to recognize that receiving feedback is inherently a stressful experience. Autonomy : You may feel required to participate in the conversation, especially if a manager has initiated it. This makes your participation feel less like a choice.

Don’t Let the Pebbles Cover the Rocks

Great Leadership By Dan

So the important things to a company are those projects, decisions, meetings, employees, and external influences that will impact a company in getting to their long -term vision. Coaching Tip: Explore your stress triggers, what causes you to react emotionally versus logically? And, in turn have enjoy continued growth, success and less stress.

Applying the DISC Model: Breaking Through A Common Frustration

The Recovering Engineer

Today, I led a DISC communication skills workshop that ended with a role-play exercise to allow participants the opportunity to practice the skills we had been discussing. As a result, the participants attempts to connect with people with a different natural behavior style actually decreased the connection between them rather than increasing it. Using the DISC Model: How to Create Stress for Other People.

How to Become a Hyper-Learner

Leading Blog

It is not tense, chronically stressed, anxious, angry, fearful, or experiencing pain.” They can be influenced by certain meditation and deep breathing practices. S TAYING relevant in this Digital Age requires that we learn, unlearn, and relearn as a way of being.

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Why Some People Get Burned Out and Others Don’t

Harvard Business

Stress and burnout are not the same thing. And while we know that stress often leads to burnout, it’s possible to handle the onslaught of long hours, high pressure, and work crises in a way that safeguards you from the emotional exhaustion, cynicism, and a lack of confidence in one’s abilities that characterizes burnout. In our interviews with these CMOs, we found a common theme to what kept their stress under control: emotional intelligence.

Prevent Burnout by Making Compassion a Habit

Harvard Business

This kind of thing stresses me out to the max.” ” Stress a happiness killer. ” They’re burned out — emotionally exhausted and cynical, as a result of chronic and acute work stress. Why is stress on the rise? The answer lies in part with empathy, an emotional intelligence competency packed with potent stress-taming powers. Stress. Turning Stress into an Asset. The resulting conflicts cause a lot of unnecessary stress.

Simple Techniques to Overcome Negative Emotions When Negotiating with Others

Leading Blog

A 2004 experiment using sociometric badges in a mock negotiation (between a corporate vice president and a middle manager) demonstrated that “tone of voice” used by participants in the first five minutes predicted more than a third of the variation in the objective and subjective outcome of a negotiation. Still, other studies showed that similarity, also called affiliation, is a primary factor that influences personal human connection – the building of rapport between individuals.

Change Management Challenges

Lead Change Blog

The potential for change increases with our participation in the process. People can only handle a certain amount of change at one time; change can be exceedingly stressful for many people. It’s easier, less stressful and usually more successful to work your way into the change. One step to success as a leadership level community influencer: If you want things to change, you’ve got to change, too, by modeling the change.

When Managers Break Down Under Pressure, So Do Their Teams

Harvard Business

We asked more than 1,300 people in an online survey to describe their leader’s style under stress and the impact of that behavior on their work. The research found that when leaders buckle under pressure, it doesn’t just hurt their influence, it also hurts their teams. And when leaders fail to practice effective dialogue under stress, their team members are more likely to consider leaving their job than teams managed by someone who can stay in dialogue when stressed.

“Hybridity” – New Opportunities for 2021!

Decker Communication

The main obstacle cited by most remote sellers is access: how do I maximize the often-brief window to quickly connect and influence, and then how do I coordinate the best possible experience? The stresses and strains that employees are experiencing when working remotely amidst pandemic challenges are unfamiliar and formidable. I have a confession…I kinda love award shows. I don’t do anything fancy or social (which really works these days) – I just sit and watch.

4 Ways Servant Leaders Use Power

Leading with Trust

On the flip side, maybe the word power emboldens you with excitement, energy, or drive to exert your influence on people and circumstances in your life. After my presentation, a participant approached me to discuss how servant leaders use power. Power. The word itself evokes a reaction.

June 2020 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Marcia Reynolds of Covisioning Transformational Leadership provided How to Revive a Brain Attacked by Stress. Marcia shares: “ Brains shut down when attacked by stress. Diana Peterson-More contributed Communication How-to’s for Virtual Meeting Participants. misunderstandings and hurt feelings, this blog focuses on important tips to follow while participating in these virtual meetings. Welcome to the June 2020 Leadership Development Carnival!

Boost Connectedness to Reverse Rise of Suicides in America

Michael Lee Stallard

Stuck in a state of stress response, we are more likely to feel unwell and to experience anxiety, numbness or depression. Positive relational connection helps us cope with stress. People are under a lot of stress and a lot of people are stressed out.

Does Your Email Inbox Dictate Your Day — And Should It?

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Dianna Booher: A reporter for Newsday called recently for a comment about his story on executive stress and the connection to email. In the earlier mentioned University of Northern Colorado (UNC) survey, a whopping 69 percent of the participants identified clutter as their biggest email problem. As with meetings, the larger the group, the lower the individual participation.

Feeling Ambivalent About Your Boss Hurts Your Performance Even More Than Disliking Them

Harvard Business

and the rest of the participants were undergraduate students at a UK university who engaged in a business simulation. Measuring Ambivalence Participants indicated how strongly they agreed or disagreed (on a 5-point scale from 1= “strongly disagree” to 5= “strongly agree”) with the following statements: I have conflicting thoughts… 1) Sometimes I think that my working relationship with my manager is very good, while at other times I don’t.

What to Do When Your Boss Won?t Advocate for You

Harvard Business

On the other hand, many of us know firsthand that having a bad boss can cause a lot of drama, headaches, and stress. There are other influencers who can give you the boost you need. Raise your hand to participate in organization-wide task forces and cross-functional teams. Managing up Influence Career planning Digital Articlebaranozdemir/Getty Images. Having a great boss is a potentially life-changing gift.

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March 2017 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Unlimited provided Three Ways to Have a Less Stressful Day. Beth recaps, “Beth Beutler gives us three practical tools for reducing stress in our days.” Bill recaps, “Your influence can help make a positive and lasting impact on people’s careers and lives. In this post, Chris explains three powerful influences over a leader’s behavior. The stress that comes with being ‘too busy’ is inescapable – or is it?

The Power of Listening in Helping People Change

Harvard Business

This can make employees stressed and defensive, which makes it harder for them to see another person’s perspective. In these studies, we asked employees to talk about their colleagues, their supervisor, or about a meaningful experience at work, before and after participating in a listening intervention known as a listening circle. attitude towards a manager) in comparison to employees who participated in one of the control conditions that did not involve trained listeners.

Why Relational Connection Is So Important During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Michael Lee Stallard

This connection deficit may exacerbate the negative effects of stress and diminish physical and emotional resilience that people will need to fight the COVID-19 virus. In cultures of control, the people with power, influence and status rule over others.

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Ego Free Leadership

Leading Blog

Each of us has beliefs and fears about our value, and they cause defensive and/or self-promotional behaviors when under stress. When we don’t, we feel uncomfortable, stressed, often afraid. Worse when we do this, our mindset and behaviors actually influence others to be less than their best selves, either because they don’t feel safe or because we simply don’t allow them to participate. E GO IS A CONSTANT preoccupation with our self-worth.

2015 Leadership Predictions:

The Empowered Buisness

Of all the skills a leader develops, the capacity to lead and influence people is ranking higher every year amongst CEOs. It’s about inspiring employees to participate and “own” their contribution in future company direction. 4. Higher cognitive impairment, burnout and stress amongst leaders is escalating due to information overload. More creates more crises and escalates stress to levels beyond what leaders know how to control.

Restore your sanity: how Gen X and Y need to step up on work/life.

Roundtable Talk

← Peer to Peer: managing sideways relationships Fast Friday with Jody Thompson, co-founder ROWE → Restore your sanity: how Gen X and Y need to step up on work/life balance Posted on November 2, 2010 by LeaderTalker | Leave a comment Stress kills us. Or, once Gen X’s and Y’s get to the influence table, will we succumb to the status quo and continue to grind people out like our predecessors? RoundtableTalk Where ambitious leaders meet.

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How Joe Torre Gained the Trust of His Players

Michael Lee Stallard

In workshops and seminars I teach, I ask participants to think about leaders they followed by giving their best effort and to share what it was about that leader that made them engaged. I also hear stories of leaders who had the backs of people who were experiencing health issues (whether their own or a loved one’s), divorce or other situations outside of work that were stressful and found ways to help people navigate the difficult season.

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How to Moderate a Panel Discussion

Harvard Business

As you rise in your career and your visibility grows, you’ll likely be called upon to participate in a panel discussion. It’s a powerful way to share your ideas and become recognized in your field, but there’s no question that preparing to speak on a panel can be stressful — you have to figure out what to say, practice being concise, and worry about overlapping with your colleagues. Presentations Influence Digital ArticleRichard Newstead/Getty Images.

How to Make Room in Your Work Life for the Rest of Your Self

Harvard Business

For example, in one of our studies we talked to people participating in athletic events that raise money for a charitable cause (e.g., One of our participants, an observant Jew and an avid cyclist, told us: “It is the perfect confluence of all my passions—biking, giving, and Israel.” For example, a participant a different study explained that all of his various jobs—IT engineer, journalist, and entertainer—converged around the skill of writing.

“Hybridity” – New Opportunities for 2021!

Decker Communication

The main obstacle cited by most remote sellers is access: how do I maximize the often-brief window to quickly connect and influence, and then how do I coordinate the best possible experience? I have a confession…I kinda love award shows.

March 2017 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Unlimited provided Three Ways to Have a Less Stressful Day. Beth recaps, “Beth Beutler gives us three practical tools for reducing stress in our days.” Bill recaps, “Your influence can help make a positive and lasting impact on people’s careers and lives. In this post, Chris explains three powerful influences over a leader’s behavior. The stress that comes with being ‘too busy’ is inescapable – or is it?

Experts Chime in on Bold and Innovative Leadership: A Frontline Festival

Let's Grow Leaders

Bob Whipple of The Trust Ambassador encourages us to try this very different method of erasing executive stress. Too bad – they are more stressed than they need to be. Michelle Cubas of Business Influences! New participants welcome. Welcome back to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival. Our September Festival is all about Bold and Innovative Leadership. Thanks to Joy and Tom Guthrie of Vixwerx for the great pic and to all our contributors!

How U2’s Extraordinary Team Culture Helps the Band Thrive

Michael Lee Stallard

When people feel these connections, they thrive, individually and collectively, and are more resilient when coping with the inevitable challenges and stress in work and life. While you might expect a band’s mission to be achieving commercial success measured by #1 hits and concert attendance, U2’s mission is to improve the world through its music and influence. U2 is further unified by its participative, consensus-oriented decision-making style that gives each member a voice.

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The Power of Believing the Best | Thoughts for the Everyday Leader

Nathan Magnuson

Back in 2007 I had the pleasure of participating a 16 week leadership coaching training course with an organization called the Center for Coaching Excellence (CCE). ” Wouldn’t it be unfortunate to never take the opportunity to significantly influence the lives of others? In Communication , Influence , Inspiration , Personal Effectiveness , Values. Article Preview: Stress Test. Influence (13). Home About Coaching Contact Guest Posts Archives.

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Coaching and Mentoring – The Need For Accountability


It is virtually impossible to delineate between the ‘home’ and ‘work’ person, with situations, personalities, values and other traits being a consistent influence on coaching success. One of the additional paybacks is that as a participant, your own coaching and mentoring skills develop along the way. Leaders often feel isolated, unable or unwilling to share information with team members and they feel as though they need to have all the answers, which can be quite stressful.

Mentor 127

Inconsistent Bossing: A Surefire Way to Disengage

Great Leadership By Dan

Or we take our stress out on others. Between friends, a simple “I’m sorry, I’m just stressed lately” can repair these missteps. For the study, she assigned 94 business school undergraduates to 29 different groups ranging in size from two to four participants, including one ringer (otherwise known as a confederate), an actor from the drama department. Barsarde found that the participants acted differently, depending on the actor’s performance.

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